Lindsay Group Intends to Increase its Footprint in Goa

Lindsay Group

Lindsay Group is set to embark on a strategic expansion plan by opening multiple unique stay options in Goa. These accommodations will provide guests with local experiences, insights into the region’s history, and opportunities to savor local cuisines. Building on the success of 3102 BCE Goa, a designer boutique resort in Vagator, Lindsay Group aims to tap into the market potential and broaden its presence in Goa through the development of additional properties.

Taking inspiration from the well-received 3102 BCE property, which pays homage to Vedic culture and the Indus-Saraswati Valley Civilization, the new properties are designed to offer guests distinctive and memorable stays. In the dynamic hospitality landscape, there is a growing demand for unique and immersive accommodations, reflecting travelers’ preferences for culturally enriching experiences.

The group’s financial performance for the fiscal year 2022-23 has been noteworthy, with a turnover surpassing the 20-crore mark. This represents an impressive 80% increase compared to the previous fiscal year. Ishaan Bhutoria, Director of Lindsay Group, emphasized that the expansion strategy is focused on identifying and leveraging existing investments in real estate. The investments are geared towards value enhancement rather than extensive capital expenditure.

As travelers increasingly seek out experiences that go beyond conventional stays, Lindsay Group aims to meet this demand by offering properties that not only provide comfortable lodging but also immerse guests in the local culture, history, and flavors of Goa.

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