Madhavbaug: Facilitating Ayurvedic Treatment for Patients

Dr. Rohit Madhav Sane | Founder & CEO | Madhavbaug

In this era of the busy lifestyle and no time for taking care of themselves, people are facing numerous health issues. When people don’t focus on their health, inevitably they are exposed to diseases and most common of them are heart-related. High cholesterol and an increase in blood pressure is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and unbalanced eating habits. Inherently people then require to opt for medical facilities that are quite expensive and sometimes put a heavy toll on the body while undergoing heavy treatments.

To contemplate the same, there are a few healthcare facilities that are enabling therapies and treatments that are natural and less strenuous on the body. One such healthcare facility is Madhavbaug. Headquartered in Thane Maharashtra, it was established in 2006. Its tagline, “Whatever it takes” signifies the dedication that the team of Madhavbaug puts in to help cater to the needs of the patients that come to the hospital. The hospital employs around 1000 people who work tirelessly to ensure that the services provided to the patients remain uncompromised.

Here is the story of Madhavbaug in the words of Dr. Rohit Madhav Sane, Founder & CEO of the esteemed healthcare facility in an exclusive interview with Insights Success:

ISBrief us about the journey of your healthcare facility– origin, inception, early issues, and success stories.

Dr. Rohit – Madhavbaug was started with a mission to tackle the growing epidemic of heart disease in India by providing a nonsurgical and safe solution. Madhavbaug opened its first Hospital at Khopoli in 2006. The hospital did very well, there was a large demand for growing patients which the Hospital alone could not meet, and also Khopoli was a bit inconvenient to travel for a lot of patients. Keeping in mind the growing needs of patients, I decided to make the therapy more accessible and opened Madhavbaug’s first 5 clinics. Today Madhavbaug has over 200+ clinics across 7 states in India

ISEnlighten us about your journey as a professional spearheading Madhavbaug along with your contribution to the medical and healthcare space.

Dr. Rohit – I founded Madhavbaug in 2006 and have successfully established it as a dependable option for treating heart ailments with its unique approach of using non-invasive, multidisciplinary and pioneering therapies. I have been carrying out its operations as the CEO ever since. Just recently I have won India’s Greatest Leader award by 12th Edition of Asian Business & Social Investor Forum 2018–19 & 4th Edition – India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2018–19. I completed my MBBS Medicine and Surgery and also Fellowship in Cardiac Rehabilitation (FCR), Apollo Hospital. I was the first one to conceptualize the idea that ancient Indian medical science, Ayurveda can play a big role in chronic cardiac disease.

ISKindly talk about the multi-specialty medical services provided by the hospital. How is it an apex institution for the best medical services?

Dr. Rohit – Madhavbaug’s Apex Beat programs allow specialists to use cutting-edge technology to recommend specialized diets, physiotherapy, and lifestyle modifications to patients in order to minimize the risk of heart disease. The main focus is on controlling the risk factors of heart disease and prevent its further progression into full-blown heart disease.

Madhavbaug’s heart disease reversal programs cover treatments for patients with all stages of heart disease and even previously undiagnosed patients with a high risk of developing heart disease.

The treatments are target driven and help improve the VO2max levels and MET value of patients which results in increased exercise tolerance, reduced risk of chronic heart failure or heart attack, and improved quality of life. Our treatment Sampurna Hruday Shuddhikaran has helped over 10 lakh+ patients reverse chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and obesity

ISWhat kind of challenges has the hospital faced industry-wise?

Dr. Rohit – High competition has been the biggest challenge that most hospitals are facing in urban areas. However, the smaller markets are still relatively untapped. We have a strong network in both the urban as well as rural markets and looking at expanding in both the markets.

IS How have technological advancements and innovation in the medical and healthcare industry affected your methods of delivering services?

Dr. Rohit – Yes, our belief is that technology will be the biggest differentiator in the coming future. We are a tech-first company, and use the best systems across delivery as well as management/operations. Healthcare delivery is currently at an inflection point where newer applications that are coming in are making the whole delivery process much smoother and transparent.

ISHow is your facility contributing to affordable healthcare in India?

Dr. Rohit – Our SHS treatment is easily accessible and affordable. In fact, our treatments go beyond affordability where we actually save medical expenses for our patients. We have helped lakhs of patients avoid surgeries such as bypass and angioplasty when it comes to diabetes and hypertension, we have helped our patients get rid of medicines that they were consuming on a regular basis with an improved quality of life.

ISName a few awards and accolades received by the facility since its inception.

Dr. Rohit – Our services have received accolades by noted luminaries such as Mr. Nitin Gadkari, and Anna Hazare Ji among others. Among many accolades globally as well as in India, Madhavbaug has received awards such as:



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