Bhala Netra Super Speciality Eye Hospital: A ‘Visionary’ Eye Care Facility

Bhala Netra Super Speciality Eye Hospital

Superior vision technology has transformed the world of eye care right from diagnosis and treatment to equipment and recovery. It has witnessed some amazing scientific breakthroughs in the past few years. The advance studies and technologies are rapidly changing the future of those with chronic eye conditions.

Bhala Netra Super Speciality Eye Hospital(BSEH), is working towards bringing patients out of darkness embracing advanced technology and making eye care accessible to people across society. With high quality and affordable ophthalmic products and treatment Bhala Netra is following a low cost high volume approach.

The Super Specialty Ophthalmology Hospital

Bhala Netra is born out of the vision to provide honest and rightful opinion to the patient’s condition and give them the best possible treatment it can. The hospital headquartered in Bhandup, Mumbai has all the support and infrastructure to cater the patients needs.

Prioritizing patient’s concerns, immediate medical and infrastructure ensure constant comfort and quick recovery. From the minute patients walk in through Bhala Netra’s doors, they are not just treated but also cared for. The specialized doctors and the entire supporting staff, ensure that the patients get nothing less than the finest.

Healthcare Par Excellence

Bhala Netra Hospital established with the sole purpose of providing all eye care treatments under one roof, facilitates the required expertise promptly. It caters first-class resources to achieve the principal standards and norms of NABH.  The hospital is well equipped with a large operation theatre and with two functional operation theatres for the ease and convenience of doctors and surgeons.

The hospital employs some of the most highly qualified doctors and staff, each possessing considerable expertise and experience in their respective field.  Consultants and ophthalmologists veterans in their disciplines visit the premises to cater the patients’ needs. Practically all the essential surgeries required for maintenance or salvaging vision are performed in the hospital.  The hospital has employed experienced staff also, to cater to the needs of the patients.

The team performs advanced surgeries for Cornea, Glaucoma, Retina, Cataract, Oculoplasty, Aesthetics, Paediatric population and squint like diseases. The hospital follows a thorough preoperative preparation in order to ensure the safety and care taken for after the surgery also.

A Renowned Eye Surgeon

“Some heroes don’t wear capes, we call them doctors.”

Dr. Indeevar V Mishra, the Chief Proprietor of the Bhala Netra Eye Hospital has completed Diplomat of National Board(DNB) from the prestigious and world-renowned Sankara eye hospital, Tamil Nadu.

He has served as Medical officer in the Aravind Eye Hospital, Tamil Nadu where he underwent a training in art of Advanced Phacoemulsification. He has also worked as Anterior & Medical Retina Consultant at Agarwal Eye Hospital, and has spent several months in Africa serving the downtrodden.

Later, he joined as a glaucoma trainee in one of the oldest eye hospitals of India, MM Joshi eye hospital, Karnataka. Later, he held other administrative responsibilities in the hospital including principal of the College of Optometry, and a junior in-charge of the community eye health in the hospital.

Dr. Indeevar has a long medical career. He is well-experienced performing thousands of eye surgeries of Cornea, Glaucoma, Cataract, Refractive, and Oculoplasty. He potentially and vigilantly performs difficult and complicated Cataract and anterior segment surgeries.

He has received numerous accolades and has presented various papers in national and international conferences. Groomed by his father Dr Vimal Mishra and a strong belief in practice, Dr. Indeevar is well known for his truthfulness and direct nature.

Glancing Back at The Journey

The idea to serve the patients in the metro city like Mumbai striked Dr Indeevar V Mishra while he was practicing as a trainee in the prestigious Aravind eye hospital.

Post founding the hospital, the early days were demanding. Since, the hospital was built on the fundamental principle, ‘low cost high volume’ approach, the consultation charges and the surgical costs were unable to lessen its financial burden..

But as the time passed by, and as the patients realized that Bhala Netra provides world class facilities at affordable rates, the revenue started to pour in as large number of patients started opting the services been provided at the hospital. Since then Bhala Netra has never let down the patients in providing affordable and effective surgeries that can potentially cure the eye diseases and light the darkness.

Surviving Adversities

Tending to grow strong along the way, the team was struggling to materialize their potential in the initial years. Arranging funds for securing the premises in the big city like Mumbai was the hardest challenge. In the initial days, Dr.Indeevar invested much of his time to overcome the financial constraints and served his best in all the possible ways he can to establish the infrastructure.

Ultimately, facing these challenges individually and collectively, a moderately large hospital with expert surgeons and convincing ability to treat the patients was set up on 2nd of December, 2018.

To this day, the hospital has catered over 2500 patients and has screened over 10000 patients through various camps arranged across Mumbai and beyond.

Leading the Way with Campaigns and Awareness Programs

BSEH has been conducting regular camps for general masses at regular intervals in association with various organizations and NGOs. These programs emphasize more on the general population suffering from sight threatening diseases.

BSEH has also been associated with AIOS in spreading awareness about various diseases, most notably Diabetic Retinopathy. Their motto through these campaigns is has been to spread awareness and educate the general population and guide to take proper care of their eyes in a better way.

BSEH envisions to grow into a chain of hospitals where the services and quality of a private hospital would be provided at charitable rates.

“Your future can be colorful and full of life just by making sure you see your oculist as recommended,” says Dr. Indeevar.  The experienced eye doctors at Bhala Netra Super Speciality Eye Hospital (BSEH) are ready to help the patients in  preserving and protecting their vision.

Contact them today or visit, or schedule an eye exam.

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