Mahesh Lingareddy to achieve new heights with Smartron

Mahesh Lingareddy, the Telugu entrepreneur’s confidential development of another company focusing on computing and phone devices is gaining media’s interest. His previous company Soft Machines was acquired by Intel for $300 million.
Lingareddy has co-founded and built the California-based Soft Machines, developed a chip which grabbed the attention of global semiconductor giants. Aimed to become next Huawei or Samsung of India, two years ago, he started to work on Smartron with a co-founder.
He sees a lot of disturbance happening on Internet of Thing (IoT) space. Smartron is showing interests in various IT innovations which could be called ‘Made in India’ and contributed by developing phones, notebooks, IoT devices and app store ,also completely designed here. One phone and an ultrabook are the two products recently launched by the company. To have excellent quality products, they opened research and development centres in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.
Soft Machines decline to give a statement about getting sold to chip-maker Intel. Several websites reported that the chip-maker is buying Soft Machines for $300 million.
Narsi Reddy Posham, Managing Director of Smartron stated that there are chances to manufacture the products in India. The company will launch an IoT Hub that will help connect all the ‘smart’ devices in a house or office.
The company will provide employment to 300 people in a year. Their target is to have 500 employees at end of next year.
“At present, we are selling the products on Amazon. We will be available on Flipkart and Snapdeal too in some time. We have tied up with Redington for offline sales,” Narsi Reddy said.

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