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Mas Callnet
Mas Callnet

Started in 2003, Mas Callnet India P. Ltd. is India’s only 360 degree CX focused ITES Company.
The organization combines their deep industry knowledge in contact center operations and integrated feet on street solutions utilizing innovative technology to offer phenomenal AI led solutions to over 250 clients across all the major domains.
Its unique methodology of using People, Process and Technology in the most innovative manner has enabled them to provide exemplary customized cost smart solutions.
With years of experience into providing customized solutions to their clients, the organization is always striving to innovate for every client’s specific needs.
The flagship company offers their services under three verticals:
Mas Callnet India Pvt. Ltd.
This is the vanilla BPO arm which is more of a Knowledge process outsourcing partners. The wide range The Company is disrupting the Vanilla BPO segment with its Inbound and Outbound contact channels in an AI led environment coupled with strong CX strategies. Not many ITES companies can boast about this in the country today. Offering robust customer life-cycle management services are its forte. Mas Callnet is an even mix of best of the IT infrastructure and phenomenal people and process driven policies.  The in depth experience of handling clients in all domains and fields are evident from the huge list of top business houses in the country today who are their clients.
Offering Field fulfillment services under the flagship of Isparkindia, it (FOS Solution) consistently focuses on Background verifications, Competitive benchmarking, Market intelligence gathering, Business opportunity analysis, Surveys etc. in order to generate profitable outcomes. This arm of the business does all the above mentioned activity and delivers the following:

  1. Capture: Capturing of data| Image |Video |Google co-ordinates |Spirit | Opportunities.
  2. Validate: using Artificial Intelligence |Data base | Manual audits.
  3. Analyze: To help take informed decisions on market opportunities |Taking decisions |
  4. Measured outcome

Living 24/7 by Pay as you Go, the company ensures that the MSMEs pay only as per their usage. Its unique product – Dialdesk is a foolproof, customizable and ready-to-use package empowering critical customer interaction tasks with a prime focus on consumer experience. Adding an extra plus to this product is its AI and Cloud-based CRM, and an eye on close looping.  In past few years a lot of IVR based solution providers have cropped up who claim to be customer solution providers but They offer services limited to just few aspects. Either, cloud based CRM or IVR solutions etc.
Dialdesk does it all:

  1. Cloud based CRM
  2. 24/7 Human support
  3. Artificial Intelligence Enabled CRM
  4. Social media Integrated CRM
  5. Delivering value beyond cost reductions.
  6. Intelligent business insights.

Breaking Shackles, Building Empire
Like any other BPO organization, Mas Callnet also faced various challenges related to infrastructure, internet connectivity, power back up, etc. during its initial years of establishment.  Another major challenge was getting a resourceful manpower for smooth functioning. Starting from the scratch without proven credibility and engaging customers was not an easy task.
But, the company created its niche in its sector by surpassing each hiccup with consistent dedicated endeavors. The grit, determination, keen eye for IT innovations, and trust of the employees enabled Mas Callnet to break the traditional shackles and build its own empire.
Deepak Kashyap: An entrepreneur with a relentless mission.
With over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, fascination to technology and innovations, zest to learn and move forward is Deepak Kashyap, the CEO of the company. He has done his Master’s in Business Administration (Sales and Marketing). A frontrunner in the Customer Service Experience segment, Deepak is a true visionary and one of the masterminds to craft out an all-inclusive first-of-its-kind BPO solution – Dialdesk. Today, from effectively identifying CX gaps to plugging them using PPT (People Process & Technology) & CEC (Customer Experience Culture) technology, and other engagement tools & strategies, this platform is considered as one of the most respected CX platforms in the world.
Deepak has been instrumental in formulating and executing world-class CX practices to attract business and retain customers in the longer run. He is a co-founder of a novel customer experience platform – CXREFRESH, which builds an ecosystem of business leaders by creating global CX strategies and help businesses to thrive and move out from their current orbit of growth to the next level. Believing in the mantra of Gain by Giving, he empowers employees to go beyond their comfort zones in order to create a strong culture of learning in the organization.
Apart from all this, Deepak is an author of an upcoming book ‘Junoon Jarurat Jugaad’, talking about the entrepreneurial voyage of entrepreneurs who have reached a commendable position after going through all the pains, anxiety, frustrations, roller coaster ride and now are stuck in an orbit of no growth. He talks about the key  three elements  Junoon, Jarurat and Jugaad which has taken them to a position of respect but are now stuck in a loop of Survival, struggle, Stability or Growth.
He enlightens about the fourth element CX, which can take them to the next orbit of growth. Deepak writes about the scientific way of designing an appropriate CX strategy for businesses, the implementation of it and methods of continual refreshing of them to stay ahead of competition.
Mas Callnet is all above about enabling businesses to focus on their core business aspirations through:

  1. Offering values which are beyond cost reduction strategies: The unique and tailor made strategies we deploy ensures that the optimum revenue is generated for our clients and also ensuring the brand value of the business is enhanced.
  2. Enabling Controlled and measured business outcomes: By delivering Superior business insights and intelligent analysis we enable our clients to take calculated and informed decisions and create strategies in accordance with the market pulse.
  3. Enhancing CX: By delivering superb customer experience at every interaction which is customized as per the business requirements at every interaction point, we create an ever lasting impression on customers which results in retention and increase in sales for our clients.
  4. Superb IT innovations: IT automations and the AI enabled environment ensure that seamless delivery of services is done which is of global standards.
  5. Standing out from the competition: Our unique methodology of delivering services and intelligent analysis ensures that our clients can stay focused on their core business and grow phenomenally.

More about Mas Callnet
Backed by superlative innovative technologies developed by the in-house IT team, the company stands tall as it outshines its competitors and has benchmarked its presence with utmost prominence, nationally. It consistently invests in automation to deliver unparalleled customer experience. The company primarily focuses on offering solutions related to Market Research. These unified efforts help Mas Callnet in staying relevant and be a trustworthy partner for its customers, today and tomorrow. Its in-house customized technologies include:
The company follows a unique culture of ‘Learn and Teach’ and ‘Teach and Learn’. This culture genuinely defines, identifies, and enhances employee roles and the knowledge required to fulfill those roles. The trainings are conducted either using an in-house expert or through external agencies. “We conduct workshops on a regular basis to upgrade our skills and ensuring the domain expertise is as per the global standards,” adds Deepak.
Over the years, the company has collected various jewels in its pocket. It has been awarded for ‘Innovation & Technology’ by Franchise India and has also been entitled as ‘Pioneering Spirit’ by Lufthansa ET now. Adding more starts to its shoulder is its recognition in the ‘10 most recommended productivity technology solution providers 2018’ by CIO Insider Magazine. Additionally, Mas Callnet has been featured in the Business Connect Magazine as one of the ‘The 10 Most Trusted BPO solution Provider Companies in India’.
The Existing Picture
The global outsourcing industry has come a long way through continuous evolution. The players in the Asian countries are rising to shine with a commendable pace. Apart from being a continent that’s rich in culture and history, Asia is a prime location for business, particularly when it comes to technology development and startup companies. As such, it’s no surprise that a lot of foreign businesses are clamoring to have jobs outsourced to this superpower region.
In this digital age, the key point to note is that a BPO, no matter which region it is operating from, would be able to survive and grow only if it has the strongest of the CX design and is able to pass on this to its clients. This scenario coupled with innovative technologies would be the driving force for companies to grow like never before. AI Led environment
Embracing Innovation and services with the base of an AI lead environment
For Mas Callnet, Constant and controlled Innovation is the name of the game. Since inception, it has been a technology-oriented company which believes in constant upgradation matching the international standards. Investing heavily in technology, the company has a separate Research and Development team which consistently monitors the latest technologies, develops and strives to incorporate it.
What Next?
We believe that the CX design and periodic refreshing of it will become the game changer for all businesses to stand out from competition. Unfortunately there are very few platforms which addresses the needs, problems and desires of SME/MSME’s to develop these phenomenal CX designs and help them to implement them.
Mas Callnet aims to be the best in its chosen field. It will keep promoting the CX culture which is the base of its exponential growth. It is placing its best foot forward to take consumer experience to the next level. The company is striving to sculpt cutting-edge CRM tools in order to quench the needs of the clientele comprehensively. With each passing day, it is gearing up to go global with its innovative product called Dialdesk, which is one of the unique pay as you go customer service solutions available in the market. This revolutionary product is and will keep empowering the SMEs and MSMEs segment to avail top-notch customer service at a nominal cost while continuously increasing the customer experience quotient of the business.
Mas Callnet is already conducting consumer experience workshops through its CX arm CXREFRESH, emphasizing the significance of consumer experience. The company is all set to disrupt the Information Technology Services industry by implementing these consumer experience products and services.

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