Zealous Services: Disrupting the Outsourcing Industry Since 2007

Vijay Raj Founder and Director Zealous Services | Insights Success | Business Magazine

A recent research states that ITeS organizations have rolled out over one thousand global delivery centres in about eighty countries. India grabbing this opportunity to the fullest has successfully created its niche as a digital capabilities hub across the globe. The outsourcing industry is rapidly transforming India’s image on the global platform alongside fuelling economic growth by empowering higher education sectors. Employing masses and contributing to social transformation, the Indian ITeS service providers are energizing various companies with efficient and streamlined business process. They are playing a vital role in delivering cost-effective RCM solutions leading to smooth day-to-day operations resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and robust claims submission & returns.
Established in 2007, Zealous Services is one such ISO 9001 – 2008 QMS certified Contact Center which is disrupting the Outsourcing Industry for the betterment of the masses. It is a premium International Contact Center that consistently focuses on offering comprehensive inbound and outbound programs across a full range of B2B and B2C markets. Its forty years of combined experience, state-of-the-art facilities, and competent staff quench the needs of the client organizations with utmost excellence, irrespective of the stature of the project. Increasing revenues, reducing costs, capital utilization, maximizing customer satisfaction, and enhancing the client’s overall competitive position is its forte.
Zealous’ twelve years of hand-on experience in providing Business Process Outsourcing has helped it to craft a platform, which flawlessly combines Business Transformation Services, Knowledge Services, Front Office Services, Back Office Services, and Technology Enabled Services.
Behind the Scenes
An influencer with the aspiration of building an empire of own, Vijay Raj is Founder and Director of Zealous Services. He has been instrumental in leading Zealous and transforming it from a ten employee company to more than 2500 employees, today. He has more than one decade of experience in Corporate Development, Strategic Planning, Executive Leadership, and leading large scale BPO operations across India. With Vijay Being the Polestar guiding the Zealous family, the company will keep achieving milestones and touch new horizons with paramount prominence. A foreseer of success, who has a heart of a ‘Phoenix’, blended with strong industry standards which have made him a megastar of the Call Center Industry.
Apart from setting, building, and achieving goals with ease, Vijay is a hardcore cricket enthusiast who always finds time to play and enjoy life to its best.
Zealous – Living by its Name!
Over the years, the company has benchmarked its presence by offering exquisite services with its zeal to outperform own milestones. These allied business services include Lead Generation, Healthcare Services, Legal Process Outsourcing, Digital Conversion, Call Center Services, Customer Support, and RCM Services. Since its initial days, the company has been focusing on performance improvement across multiple aspects of the client’s business processes with its integrated BPO – one of its key elements that separate it from its competitors. Additionally, the core competencies which helped it to make a global footprint consist of:

  • Work culture – Keeping the client and employees at the centre of the operations
  • Partnership-based approach towards the clientele
  • Emphasis on Conferring Value beyond Cost Reduction
  • Comprehensively Investing in Human Talent
  • Leveraging Latest Technology

Being at the Forefront
Tech-enabled advancements have emerged as the transformers of workplace, making digital awareness and technical skills crucial for every sector. But, Team Zealous believes that technology can never replace the need for leadership skills and communication, rather it is the perfect podium to enhance business leadership. “The leadership skills are more important than ever in order to develop new strategies and solutions,” adds the founder.
Zealous Services constantly focus on treading an extra mile by embracing innovation and maintaining a hassle-free work environment. Flexibility across in-house operations gives it an extra edge to motivate the employees and bring the best to the table. Acknowledging the changing times and trends, the company is proficiently leveraging technology in order to create a positive, innovative, productive, and profitable environment for its client organizations. Besides, the tech initiatives which help the company to gain insights, make informed strategic decisions, set goals, and improve market intelligence include:
Better Communication | Efficiently Training Employees on Technology | Using Online Training Tools | Leveraging Data Analytics
A Note for the Beginners
Recognizing the current industry scenario filled with complexities as well as opportunities, Zealous advices the young minds to:

  • Do proper research on their Idea/ Market and Target audience
  • Put in their time
  • Build a great team
  • Leverage technology
  • Be 100% involved in whatever they do

Aiming to Achieve More
Zealous Services is all set to cross the horizons and grow by twenty-five per cent year-over-year. With its successful venturing into the RCM space in the first quarter of 2019, the company is planning to spread its wings and expand its employee headcount to 3000 by 2022.

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