MG Cooling: Leading HVAC Consultants and Engineers

Almost any business or government agency has the potential to realize significant savings by improving its control of HVAC operations and improving the efficiency of the system it uses, to avail this MG Cooling Solution offers HVAC as their core service. It’s an MEP Company and they are HVAC Consultants & Engineers and take care of Design, Consultancy, Supply & further execution. They are also an EPC Company and take care of complete turnkey HVAC solutions. EPC stands for Engineering, Procurements & Construction, hence, they take care of complete EPC work for all of their HVAC projects all across India.
Visionary Behind  the MGCS
Mr. M. L. Sharma is the Director at MGCS. He is a mechanical engineer by profession. He started MGCS with an aim to provide solutions which are technically advanced. With his guidance and mentorship, he has earned and achieved many prestigious awards in the same field.
MGCS Made Clients Understand ASHRAE’s Importance
Previously, Indian market was not well versed with HVAC guidelines taken from ASHRAE. Indian market was not aware of HVAC system and they would always talk about split or window air conditioners where centralized air conditioning solutions are required. And few people who would know about it, used to work only on the basis of thumb rule.
ASHRAE stands for American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioners Engineers and this handbook is followed worldwide. MGCS’s marketing team went to major corporates and other companies and made them understand about international global guidelines. Company’s team has made various presentations to show the reduction on high power bills by replacing the existing air conditioning system with HVAC i.e. Centralized Air Conditioning. Company’s extremely professional consultants showed their clients that there is a huge energy saving by making precise and accurate calculations as per ASHRAE’s guidelines.
MGCS got Highly Proficient Team   
MGCS proudly declare that their HVAC Consultants are extremely professional, experienced and qualified. Since design is the backbone of any kind of construction project, their consultants make sure that their engineering help their clients in saving money for a longer run. To achieve this, the company follows ASHRAE guidelines to calculate on tonnage, cfm etc. for all the HVAC equipments. This helps the client in purchasing HVAC equipments which are relevant to their project only, otherwise, it will lead to higher capital expenditure and operating expenditure.
MGCS’s engineers, draughtsman, quality engineers, safety engineers, technicians and foreman are highly talented and qualified in their respective fields. Backed by highly proficient Project Managers, the company makes sure that all their projects are completed within stipulated time and with a satisfactory note from their clients. MGCS has received several satisfactory work completion certificate that too, from clients like  Reserve Bank of India  and applauded the company’s work.
Making HVAC Industry Environment Friendly
HVAC Industry is flourishing because HVAC is required in all the types of industries that we can think of. MGCS is contributing to make it more environment friendly. They always use refrigerants which are environment friendly and do not cause any harmful impact to the nature. Some refrigerants still prevailing in the market are extremely bad for nature as they have chlorofluorocarbons which causes global warming. MGCS’s quality team made sure that no such refrigerant is used.
MGCS also contribute in sharing exact tonnage capacity machine to their customer which helps both client and nature. For example, in case a bigger tonnage machine is purchased than the desired one, it will lead to higher power bills which is detrimental to our natural resources which are limited. The company also make periodic audits to make sure that all the machines, pumps etc. are running at their utmost efficiency to save on energy. This is how they contribute to society and save Mother Earth.
Maintaining Uniformity Among Employees
First and foremost, MGCS never use any thumb rule calculations. All of their calculations are scientific based with maximum inputs to make the design and project super successful.
All the employees are well versed with ASHRAE guidelines and strictly follow them staring from beginning of the project till its complete execution. All of the employees subscribe to latest HVAC technologies through blogs, magazines, seminars, webinar, workshops etc. to keep their knowledge updated and thereby, passing on the same updated knowledge and information to all of their clients.
MGCS, Always there to Assist Client
MGCS is a progression company. Following a client centric approach, company’s financial charts are growing year by year. The company firmly believes in delivering extremely quality work to all their clients and always ready to cooperate with their clients.
MGCS never follows traditional policies and customized machinery, they do detailed engineering and analysis depending on what their client’s industry portfolio is. According to the industry type, the company has vehement approach and analyze all their suppliers or OEMs requirement to customize the design of AHU’s, Air Washer, etc. depending on what could be the best solution for their clients’ to make sure that MGCS has got an edge over others.
MGCS Plans for Venture into Energy Reducing Consumption Projects
HVAC industry promises a good future. This is evident from the fact that MGCS gets call from various MR companies much frequently, almost every month. They are approached by many international companies for setting up a manufacturing plant for HVAC equipments. Through MR (Marketing Research) companies, they have seen many companies from Japan, China, Korea and Europe wants to venture in Indian HVAC Market as the scope is huge.
Now, MGCS looks forward to capture more market share and more evolving technologies which can help their clients in saving huge money. The company would also venture into a project which can significantly reduce the energy consumption of HVAC system to save on natural resources.

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