Most millennials prefer a job with career growth prospects over salary: TimesJobs Survey

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2nd Aug 2019, New Delhi: Millennials are often labeled as a generation that prefers easy-going regimes at work, however, TimesJobs survey findings indicate that the millennials are rather an ambitious generation who pick jobs carefully, in-line with their future interests.
A new survey from TimesJobs highlights the ambitious side of millennials, where about 70% of surveyed professionals said that they will continue with their present job for another year at least
The TimesJobs survey of 1,427 freshers and millennials revealed that about 70% of them want to continue with their present job for another year at least. About 85% of surveyed professionals said that they found their work meaningful and described themselves ‘happy’ with the present work.
Other key findings from this survey are:
• About 72% of millennials claimed that their present work was in-line with their passion
• When considering a new job, most (65%) would prefer future career growth prospects, as compared to salary (17%) or other factors
• About 58% of professionals said that they would prefer working from offices, as compared to co-working space (18%) and home (15%)
• About 69% spend their earnings for paying for basic necessities, followed by fulfilling other requirements as debt, travel, and retirements plans
• Stating the drawback of new-age jobs (YouTubers/bloggers), 49% surveyed millennials said most such jobs lacked financial stability
“The TimesJobs survey findings highlight the latent ambition of the millennials. About 70% of surveyed millennials want to stick to their jobs, 72% claimed that their jobs were in-line with their passion and 85% of them described their work as ‘meaningful’. This clearly indicates that the millennials pick and choose their jobs thoughtfully according to their interest and future prospects. These findings break the stereotypes associated with the millennials and show a different side of their psyche,” said Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig.
9 to 5 jobs v/s Flexi-timing:
When asked about working in fixed working hours or flexi-time, about 65% of respondents said they would prefer work that allows Flexi-timing.flexitiming | timesjobs
Reasons for choosing a full-time job:
TimesJobs survey asked the millennials about the factors that they would consider when choosing a job. About 65% cited career growth opportunities over other factors as fixed salary (17%) and fixed working hours (11%). This breaks another myth that salary overweighs other factors for the millennials. It also emphasizes that the millennials are a future-focused generation.
reason for choosing a full time job | times job
Drawbacks of working full time:
The millennials were asked about the factors that disappoint them the most. Most (55%) said that they often had to sacrifice personal time for work, followed by professionals who said that personal achievements and talent is often sidelined at work. About 10% stated that they had to unwillingly comply with others and that was a big put off.
drawback working full time | Times job
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