Mobile Programming LLC: Simplifying Customer Landscapes with Compulsive Innovations and Delightful User Experiences

“Digital transformation” – When it comes to success in business, if not modern life itself, it’s paramount that one reinvents themselves in order to stay competitive in our ever progressing digital world. Fact is, businesses have always had to disrupt themselves, but now, in order to revolutionize their industries, they must infuse their business with technology — essentially becoming technology companies themselves. Every day, we encounter companies looking to make this transformation. It’s because the Internet of Things (IoT) has swiftly become a reality which cannot be avoided. Especially if we plan for success. Need proof? Look around you.

Artificial Intelligence and other smart devices are everywhere — on our wrists, in our cars, around our homes and offices, and in our factories. Digital Transformation is the need of the hour. It is a complete shift towards making businesses automated and creating experiences with a human-centric approach.

For an incredible product experience successful companies keep the design process at the heart of product development.

Delightful user experience is a unique competition of ideas. Driven by inspiration and passion, UI/UX experts should be quick to respond to market trends and innovative ideas. A quick design process will help digital transformation companies in producing multiple iterations to deliver the best in class user experience. For that a design process innovation is needed. It will not only make the business fast and market responsive but also keep them ahead of the competition.

So how does a design process ensure that UI/UX experts have the freedom to design a product that fulfills client visions?


The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space. A strong design process accounts for participation of non-designers/end users throughout the project.


Design process offers a structured way of researching, developing, testing, and moving design ideas towards production quickly and consistently.

Quicker Time to Market

Keeps the project team aligned so that downtime is minimized and up time is used more efficiently so that product reaches the market quickly.

Risk Mitigation

By its very nature design process integrates controls like design briefs, change orders and sign-offs at critical phases to help manage these uncertainties.

Mobile Programming LLC ( leading digital transformation solutions provider, is at the epicenter of this proliferation. With almost two decades of experience in software development and consulting, this global leader is transforming the way thousands of global organizations do business by developing the most innovative technologies in Big Data, Internet of Things, and AI & Experience Design.

Craig Ford, the Managing Director of Mobile Programming LLC, believes that “successful digital transformation will require careful collaboration, thoughtful planning, and the inclusion of every department for all the businesses out there.” All of which has been made possible due to the continuous evolution of digital technology.

During recent years, they’ve seen shifts in how traditional leadership roles operate. As silos break down and the scopes of various roles widen and change, digital transformation has morphed from a trend to a central component of the modern business strategy. The mobile industry itself is undergoing a major shift with the cost imperatives of clients on the one hand, and significant and rapid advancements in technology on the other.

Digital Transformation companies have to be at the forefront of it all, developing breakthrough innovations, transforming user and consumer experiences, creating new business models and opportunities, and leveraging data in entirely new ways.

Change is going to happen whether you pursue it or not—you only need to look at how the role of cloud computing in 2016 has evolved. AI is following the same trend and the possibilities are tremendous

For Mobile Programming LLC it all begins with a strenuously followed work culture. A culture which enables them to stay true to their prime purpose: Making the world a better place through the continuous development and innovation of technology.

Some examples of methodology include: 

Harnessing DevOps in every Enterprise Imaginable.

In contrast to traditional IT, the use of DevOps methodology opens the gates to a smooth and flowing freeway to success. It does so by providing guard rails, road signs and rules of the road. And not only does DevOps power the development of projects, it can also transform an organization’s culture. The company now hosts DevOpsDays for its internal teams, featuring demos, open labs, lightning talks, breakout sessions, and guest keynotes. No wonder it is already being employed by 25 Percent of their clients.

The trending software development approach has many quantifiable technical and business benefits which include shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, and faster time to market. Mastering DevOps toolsets, enables them to continually grow and serve their client’s needs. And the DevOps trend goes way beyond implementation and technology management. It’s actually changing the dynamics under which operations and development teams interact.

Innovation Labs

Every Innovation Lab is composed of business and technically-minded innovators who work at the intersection of digital transformation and technology. It’s at this intersection that techniques are perfected in order to help your business discover previously unknown opportunities, which, in turn, can move your company toward realizing its highest potential.

The Design Thinking Creative Studio

HEXA is the creative studio that is dedicated to creating and delivering unparalleled experiences with the user at the core of everything they do. From design thinking to core engineering, clients experience the continuity of working alongside a unified team for every step of their digital evolution.

Big Data & AI Services

Their Big Data and Analytics team uses the latest techniques in artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical analysis and predictive analytics in order to best serve the big data needs of organizations both large and small. It’s a range of mobility solutions that also includes iOS Programming, Android Programming, Custom App Development, Internet of Things, HTML5 Development and Windows Programming. All of which empowers clients to stay on the cutting edge of mobile technology. In addition, other consulting solutions include, mobile app marketing, mobile best practices, digital detailing, and mobile cloud computing.

The​ ​Veracious​ ​Partner​ ​for​ ​an​ ​Absolute​ ​Lucrative​ ​Return

The fast-paced world of innovation and ideation is where Mobile Programming thrives best. Due to their commitment to forward thinking creativity, not to mention their passion, spirit and drive, it’s no wonder that Mobile Programming has been a trusted product development partner to many of the most innovative and respected companies in the world for more than a decade; successfully delivering end-to-end solutions that address business problems, strengthen IT infrastructure, and enrich the user experience.

Providing consultation before, after, and during the application development process to fully tap into the technological potential of their client’s company or firm, Mobile Programming’s seasoned experts always bring their experience in technology leadership, speed, scale, transparency, and predictability in order to give your businesses the critical advantage it needs in order to bring norm breaking, out of the box products to market.

The​ ​Sales​ ​Veteran​ ​with​ ​a​ ​Command​ ​over​ ​the​ ​Future​ ​Trends

That’s Craig Ford. Throughout the years, Craig has recruited and managed the top teams necessary in order to generate impressive sales figures — for both the company and, most importantly, his clients. He is largely credited for Mobile Programming’s leadership status in the web/mobile development and IoT development sector, leading the way in influencing many businesses to not only implement, but modernize and expand their digital strategies.

With a vast knowledge of, and expertise in, Health, Supply Chain, Automotive, Logistics, Entertainment, Insurance, Interactive Media and Marketing Industries, Craig provides a strong, innovative and passionate hand in the field of Sales/Marketing. But his talents and experience go beyond that to also include SOW/Contracts/RFP’s, Resource Planning/ Management, Salary Negotiation, Requirement Gathering, Lead Generation, Market Strategy and Technology trends. He has also designed and implemented training and Internship programs. In addition, throughout his career, Craig has earned a sterling reputation for Operational Improvements and as a Coaching Professional.

Spreading​ ​Camaraderie​ ​from​ ​Associates​ ​to​ ​Patrons

No tool or technology can be effective without the careful consideration and a deep understanding of the user, and their needs. Guided by a strong belief in the fundamentals of the user experience, it is important to consider the relationship between the business and their customers in every interaction.

Which is why the CEO and the executive leadership team make sure that all employees are aligned with the company’s vision and are always inspired to contribute. It all begins by maintaining a healthy work environment. Which is what Craig has done. His leadership strategies are noted in the industry for the unique affinity, and strong rapport, the employees display towards one another. Part of this comes from the company culture which encourages experimentation and free flow of ideas — all of which helps all employees feel as if they have a stake in the company’s mission and success.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, with such an attractive and positive company culture, Mobile Programming have been SAP’s Preferred Vendor Worldwide for nearly a decade now.

Mobile Programming has been credited for conceptualizing and structuring various products built on SAP’s breakthrough in-memory data platform, as well as accelerating SAP’s development processes, bringing a deep and laser sharp focus on design and user experience.

Expert​ ​Insight​ ​into​ ​the​ ​Upcoming​ ​Trends

Looking towards the not too distant future, Craig firmly believes that the bulk of any future investments are bound to occur in AI — encompassing anything from Google’s search algorithms to self-driving cars to autonomous weapons. So it’s of paramount importance to nurture resources who excel at internal communications and articulating processes, as well as lead bot scripting and development. That, Craig believes, should be the main focus of tech strategists today.


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