Moving Pixels: Delivering Seamless Communication Solutions

Manish Bardia | Founder | CMD[Designers, Directors, Copywriters, Content and Research Experts, Cameramen, Motion Graphics Experts, 2D/3D Animators, Video Editors, Production managers, Support Staff and Digital Media Experts]
Manish Bardia | Founder | CMD

Utilizing media to reach out to the audience is the new routine. Media Production houses develop creatives that are impactful, engaging and stay in public memory for long. Creating such an effective media product requires people who are expert at what they do. It takes a team of Designers, Directors, Copywriters, Content and Research Experts, Cameramen, Motion Graphics Experts, 2D/3D Animators, Video Editors, Production managers, Support Staff and Digital Media Experts. With over 70 such professionals who work together as a team Moving Pixels Private Limited has been delivering seamless media solutions since 1993. Very few production houses can boast of such an experienced in-house team. This helps Moving Pixel to develop media solutions without delay that comes due to dependency on external factors. It also lends more flexibility in project execution

Finding Niche

In 1993, Manish Bardia Founded Moving Pixels armed with a degree in fine arts from a reputed University in Gujarat and dreams to make it big in the industry. Manish started the operations from a small workshop in Ahmedabad. In its foundation years, the company found its footing as an animation service provider to various leading advertising agencies and National organizations like ISRO. Working mainly in the government sector initially had its own set of challenges. Longer lead times, steep deadlines and very sketchy brief were some of them. Delivering creative products in such circumstances was akin to a nightmare.

However, the speed, agility and precision with which Moving Pixels was able to deliver content for various top-level government organizations soon became unparalleled in the industry. It is precisely this unique strength that Manish has imbibed in the organization over its 25 years journey and the very strength that sets the company apart from other organization in the fields.

Capitalizing on Strength

Understanding the target audience and deriving the right communication is at the heart of any content development. Moving Pixels today attained a very unique position in the industry owing to Manish’s vision. Today Moving Pixels can boast of a client list that spans right from State government to Central Ministries to the Prime Minister’s office. The company is proud to have been a part of the communication and branding campaign of one of the most respected personalities in the world today, Shri Narendra Modi. The association started right from the first month in the office as Chief Minister of Gujarat and continues to the present day as the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, India.

Over its 25 years journey, Moving Pixels has gradually diversified from being just an animation provider to 360-degree creative communication provider. Today, it provides Audio-visuals production services, Interactive technologies, Event Management and Exhibitions designs and designing and producing Broadway shows.

One of the key pillars to Moving Pixels success is its huge back-end infrastructure. The company has continuously invested in infrastructure and today boasts one of the biggest infrastructures in the segment that it operates. Its video library spanning various sectors of government runs into thousands of hours and the storage capacity is almost a Petabyte.

Moving Pixel has a fully equipped production facility with 24 hours of operational readiness. It has 5 Editing Studios (Broadcast Quality), Video servers with Fibre-channel Connectivity, Back-up servers with LTO Tape Library. Its equipment includes Multi-format HD/ 4K / Hi-Speed Cameras with Lenses, Lights, Sliders, trolley, accessories and more. These equipment enhance the company’s ability to execute multiple projects at any given point of time. It lets it meet the most stringent deadlines and a dedicated data backup ensures that it never puts the clients’ business on tenterhooks.

Employees – The Core

Moving Pixels always believed that people are the core of any organization and built an organization that boasts of a complete line of talent in-house. Having an end-to-end in-house team and infrastructure allows the company to operate on a 24/7 basis and respond to client requirements in the least possible turnaround time.

Moving Pixels strives to provide its employees with an environment where they can experiment beyond their defined roles. It has a non-linear hierarchy that allows employees with the talent to rise through the ranks and pursue their goals. One more unique aspect of the organization is experimenting with employees by entrusting them with responsibilities which allows them to gain experience and learn their way up the career ladder. Moving Pixels can proudly say that many of its employees are today very successful entrepreneurs.

More to Offer

The advent of technology and the internet have opened up the flood gates for the creative communications provider but at the same time increased competition. For startups and entrepreneurs, Manish advises, “The one thing they must not lose focus on is delivering value and innovation to the client. The second important point would be to nurture talent and create win-win partnerships.”

Moving forward the company aims at developing its own IP and expanding its foot-prints outside of India in a big way. It has already done a few international events and digital multimedia content for a few International clients. Moving Pixels has now started experimenting with its own version of Broadway shows in partnership with other stakeholders from the field.

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