CorpTeaser Animation and Films: Innovative and Effective Communication Solutions

Darshan Sanghavi | Leena Sanghavi | Kush Kalwani[Animation Solutions, films solutions, Graphic Designing, content marketing, digital marketing, advertising industry, Customer Relationship Management]
Darshan Sanghavi | Leena Sanghavi | Kush Kalwani

Digital Platforms are today considered to be the best way for brands to get in touch with their current and prospective clients. Marketing mavericks suggest that high-quality videos directed towards target audience can boost revenues, Return on Investment (ROI), and sales in a business. With in-depth knowledge and wide expertise, CorpTeaser Animation and Films can provide services that can go beyond a client’s criteria as well as industry standards. The following excerpt showcases how they make it happen.

Kindly brief us about your company and its initial journey.

CorpTeaser deals into Animation & Live Action Video Production, Branding, Advertising & Digital Marketing services. It’s a venture by a Veteran IT company Horus Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd. We started as an animation studio in 2014 and expended our services over the period of time. Since the start of our operations, we have been making business communication simpler and more effective. From using 2D character animation, spoke persons, whiteboard animation to stock footages, we can create business explainer videos that cannot only capture attention but also tickle people’s interest. Engaging in the business world, you will be a few miles away from your competitors with our more innovative and comprehensive services.

At CorpTeaser, we provide an array of services that any business can take advantage of. We have delivered services to over 1000 clients of all different industry segments and verticals from all across the globe.

Brief us about the Founder/CEO and his/her motivation behind choosing Graphic Designing?

CorpTeaser was co-founded by Darshan Sanghavi, Leena Sanghavi & Kush Kalwani with the aim to make business communication quick and effective through innovative visual ideas. The basic idea was to help brands better engage, educate, acquire and retain customers in today’s content marketing and digital era.

Darshan is an experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. He is skilled in Negotiation, Requirements Analysis, Software Implementation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Management.

What are the key points that you consider while developing the content?

Our creations in15 different styles has impressed a clientele coming from more than 50 countries worldwide and spanning across all sizes from SMEs to Multinational. While creating content for a client we take care of essential points like:

  • Brand theme (i.e. color palate, font palate)

  • Target audience

  • Cleanliness in design

  • Size and design utilization for different medium such as print / web.

  • Uniqueness with consistency

Brief us about the services that the company offers.

Our Services include Branding, all type of design work (digital & print), animation, Live action videos & digital marketing. We also create:

Explainer Videos in various different styles ranging from animated explainer videos to whiteboard to live action videos. Explainer type videos are one of the most engaging content over internet these days.

Corporate Film making includes end to end solution. Our team of business side combined with creative artist delivers unimaginable results with very quick turnaround time. We have all native skills and expertise of making any type of corporate films.

Ad Films designed by us are concept based service for local to national TV ads, cinema ads etc. We do ads in different languages in various styles as well.

What are the challenges in the Designing Sector in India?

Understanding client’s brief and communication is we believe amongst the most challenging aspect. Quality check and quality control need to be taken care more seriously. Time constrain and clients awareness about the art work details is another challenging factor

Please share the latest technology that the company is utilizing to offer better solutions.

We manage and control all our operations through customized CRM. We also reward top performance with customized KPI tooll. Im order to deliver the best services to customers, we utilize all major online / offline designing platforms.

How do you maintain the creativity running in employees. Mention perks, special events etc.

Our team comprises of talented and skillful professionals who have become a part of our culture, where they are given not just challenges but also opportunities to create great content. The best designers, the engineers, the artists, as well as startup staffs know how to get the job done on their own and know how to work together. In order to maintain the creative atmosphere at work:

We reward creativity and performance on a monthly basis

We learn from other people’s work in a group meeting

Rather than an individual assignment and we work in team for idea multiplication

What would be your advice for the budding start-ups and entrepreneurs in the industry?

Develop consistent source of revenue for survival

Keep on learning new techniques and skills

Develop a skill to understand your clients needs well

Brief us about the company’s future perspectives.

CorpTeaser is going to offer one stop professional audio and visual communication services in an innovative retainership model. We work as a team to capture the most creative solution. It has been our pleasure to create a difference and we’ll continue to do so.

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