Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory: A Prominent Leader in Stock Market Expertise and Advisory 

Manish Goyal | CEO | Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt. Ltd.
Manish Goyal | CEO | Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

Every person aims to opt for the right investment mechanism which would assist them to ensure a growth in their financial assets. However, once they opt for the best means and the best option to invest, they face the question- which stock broker or mediator to choose, who can help in investing the finances properly? To answer this question, emerge the dedicated stock broking companies, who help their clients in making the right decisions to expand their hard-earned money.

One such prominent name in the stock broking industry is Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt. Ltd. The company was established in Feb 2017 with the aim of bringing quality in the fields of equity research and advisory.  It is a SEBI Registered investment advisor which puts special emphasis on identifying Multibagger Stocks.

The firm believes that stock investment and trading is a gamble rather than a science and as such, it does not provide any intraday trading tips. In a span of four years since its inception, the company has grown steadily, while earning both domestic and international clients.

Delivering a Plethora of Investment Services

Multibagger Securities mainly focuses on equity research, while particularly focusing on Multibagger stocks. Accordingly, instead of looking for stocks that may provide 30-40% returns, the company focuses on stocks that have the potential to become Multibaggers. Throughout its impressive tenure, it has successfully identified some major miltibaggers such as such as Swiss Glascoat, Chaman Lal Setia Exports, KPR Mills, Mold-Tek Packaging, Maithan Alloys, and so on. In 2017, the company received the exclusive right to use the word ‘Multibagger’ from the trademarks department of the Govt. of India.

Currently, the company specializes in only one type of service for long-term investors. Through this package, the clients can avail of 12 undervalued quality small-cap stocks which has the potential of huge re-rating in a few years. The company also plans to launch different variations of this service in the future, which would suit different kind of investors.

Overcoming Challenges Efficiently

One of the most important task and challenge for Multibagger Securities in the beginning was to change the mindset of investors from gambling to investing. Majority of investors looked at the stock market as a casino and most of them were engaged in intraday trading or short term trading to make quick money. The company tried and succeeded in educating investors that stock investing is a science and one should take stock investing as a business instead of treating it as a gamble.

Percipient Leadership

The person responsible for taking Multibagger Securities to the heights of success is none other than Manish Goyal, the CEO of the company. A chartered accountant by profession, he has a long-term vision and a passion to excel in whatever he does. After completing his CA, Mr. Manish worked as a Finance Manager in Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. from 2006 to 2010. However, he soon realized that quality time and life is more important than just money. Hence, he quit his job embarked on the professional journey of stock market investing.

Manish is a fundamental/ value investor, who does not believe in technical analysis and opines that charts cannot decide a company’s future. He feels that various factors such as PE, ROE, ROCE, dividend yield, and so on can play an important role in deciding whether a certain stock is undervalued or not. To get investing ideas, he starts with a stock screener to filter out overvalued stock, and then carries out further research to identify the best and safest undervalued stocks.

Dedication and Success

Team Multibagger Securities believes in the saying that ‘numbers don’t lie’. Hence, it focused on making wealth for investors with consistency and then its past performance spoke itself. With the every passing month and year, the company’s track record kept improving as a result of which investors showed high confidence in its services.

Helping the Customers with Dedication

Multibagger Securities assists the aspiring customers/ investors in many different ways. First of all, it has provided information regarding a lot of ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ of stock market on its website. This helps investors to avoid making some typical rookie mistakes. It also offers a few great books at the website free of cost which helps investors in learning the basic science of investing.

Moreover, the company directly communicates with its customers through Whatsapp and gives them personal guidance whenever required. It assists the customers to ignore the unnecessary noise of the stock market world and focus on what is relevant.

An Employee-Focused Company

The company believes that a happy mind is more productive and efficient. Hence, it provides a good quality of life to its employees and provides them with a good working environment to bring the best out of them. It also offers them work from home facility if required. “The thing which makes my team unique is that I choose people who have a passion for research and investing. So they enjoy their work and this increases their efficiency and success ratio”, says Manish.

Keeping the Clients First

Multibagger Securities dedicatedly serves its clients. As a result, its clients are very happy with its services. “Only complain they have with us is that they found us very late”, says Manish. Because by the time some investors had come into contact with the company, they had already lost a lot of money in intraday and FNO trading on the advice of fly by night tips provider. “I get a lot of emotional emails and messages from investors after they read my website and how it changed their financial life”, he further adds.

Embracing technology for Better Outcomes

The company emphasizes on using cutting-edge technology to deliver lasting services. Multibagger Securities believes that the partnership of technology and the finance industry can do wonders for the stakeholders in terms of accessibility, profitability, and reliability. The company has also launched a mobile application to provide further impetus to their excellent services.

The Success Factor

The company is of the opinion that truth is infectious. The team has always kept focusing on quality equity research, as a result of which the clients were satisfied. This, in turn, led to word of mouth publicity for Multibagger Securities.

Opinions about the Industry

Team Multibagger Securities believes that the Stock market has changed a lot in last 15-20 years. A lot of new regulations and checks & balances heva been introduced by SEBI to protect the interest of investors. The company also believes that retail investors also have become more intelligent with the passage of time.

Reaching the Mountain Top Steadily

Manish states, “the company graphs are on the uptrend similar to our stock picks ever since we started the company”. He states that the company is catering to clients in approximately 12-15 countries now and its AUM is increasing exponentially.

Towards a Future of Endless Possibilities

Marching ahead, the company aims to transform itself into a one stop solution for many financial services. Team Multibagger Securities is planning to launch PMS services in near future and after that, it will also foray in other areas of capital markets.

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