RURASH Financials Pvt. Ltd.: Building a Better Path for your Wealth and Investment

Ranjit Jha | CEO | Rurash Financials Private Limited.
Ranjit Jha | CEO | Rurash Financials Private Limited.

It is very important for any individual to choose the right investment people and processes. An expert backed mechanism ensures the growth of their financial assets through guided money management. RURASH underlines their motto through their tagline, “Invest Wealth, Build a Legacy.”

When it comes to wealth management it is difficult to choose the right investment partners. RURASH with its array of financial concierge services brings along a vibrant history of several success stories of investments in unlisted stocks and shares. This is one reason why our editors picked RURASH while searching for the dedicated stock broking companies that help their clients in wealth management services.

Rurash Financials Pvt. Ltd., established in 2019, is an emerging wealth management company based out of Mumbai, India. The company focuses on providing unbiased and hassle-free financial services to its clients across the globe.

Rurash has a proven track record with its team of insightful wealth custodians who handle global accounts across Middle East, Kenya, USA, and UK for NRI Investments in India.

The very purpose of creating the brand RURASH is to bring about a difference in the current financial services ecosystem by offering customer-focused investment services. The company believes in the mantra, ‘client is the king’. Accordingly, it works on bringing the best products to the clients as per the investor’s financial goals and risk tolerance.

Percipient Leadership

The person leading RURASH from the front is none other than Ranjit Jha, the CEO. He is a seasoned asset and investment professional with a proven track record of delivering strong ROI and performance on financial targets. Mr. Ranjit has more than 18 years of experience with financial concierge services for multinational clients. His international associations go as long as 12 years with some of the leading business groups and NRIs.

His significant expertise includes asset management, sell side equity, and fundamental equity analysis in Indian equity markets. Mr. Ranjit has a vision for democratizing the financial distribution sector and simplifying wealth management via fin-tech innovation.

Dedicated Services

Rurash not only promotes growth with seamless collaboration, but also serves as many clients as possible and assists them in building a long-term legacy of steadily growing wealth. As for long-term goals, the company is striving to become a publicly limited and then listed company.

In the future, Rurash Financials Pvt. Ltd. plans on expanding its NRI services in the Middle East, East Africa, UK, USA, etc. Loan against securities is a less-known concept but an upcoming one in the Indian sub-continent. The company is planning to foray in the loan against securities segment. In the initial phase, 5 broad categories of financial instruments will allow asset holders to take a loan against securities. These include: Listed Equity shares, Listed/Unlisted Preference shares, Unlisted Equity Shares, Mutual Funds and Insurance policies.

Challenges along the Way

Rurash Financials Pvt. Ltd. has overcome its fair share of challenges on its journey towards achieving excellence. Mr. Ranjit says, “I am 39 years old and have never seen this kind of pandemic in my entire life”. “It was a confusing chaotic situation, and everything was under lock down. Like the entire world we didn’t know what to do, we were just 1 year into the launch and all we did was to keep my nerves in check,” he adds.

The company decided to stay in the status quo. Fortunately, it was falling in essential services, but as a business decision, the team decided to work from home. Mr. Ranjit opines, “since the culture entails people first, I am glad to share that there were no pay cuts or layoffs at RURASH.”.

To keep the spirits up, the company opened its offices in the midst of pandemic because it wanted to lead the way as a responsible business. Team Rurash believes that they are here to take good care of people and that should be practiced as a culture in their brand. It also managed to grow and moved to a bigger office in the toughest time. “We were sure that this is a clear runaway for us and that looks promising,” Mr. Ranjit added.

Embracing Technology for better Outcomes

Rurash Financials Pvt. Ltd. catered believes that the digital transformation in broking industry has accelerated the opportunities.

The team believes that technological advancements certainly offer easy scalability, cost effective solutions, and time-saving client servicing. Post Covid19, the way end user embraced flexibility is something that was never seen before in fin-tech sector.

This signals that we are on the right track. Our technical team is consistently working on creating more robust and secure systems. We believe that now is the time to live our ultimate goal of being a fin-tech leader.

Fostering an Energetic Work Culture

The company survived the pandemic with the hard work and dedication of the employees, and managed to grow. The bonding within the team is fantastic and flows from the top to the bottom of hierarchies. The company does not leave its employees during tough times; rather, it strengthens their spirits. Flexibility and openness towards employee ideas is another factor that boosts Rurash Financials Pvt. Ltd. as an employer in the financial services domain.

Prepared for the Future

As a brand, Rurash wishes to bust the myth that innovation comes from the top level of the organization. The team believes that one needs to be open to ideas and they would see a free flow of executable things. As key players in the finance sector, the company believes in taking calculated risks. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, Mr. Ranjit knows how much risk to take and how to mitigate them.

The company has evolved in terms of technology, people, and clients. It is already going places and reaching out to NRIs far and beyond. Rurash has achieved a happy graph that is moving upward.

Advice for the Emerging Entrepreneurs

Mr. Ranjit advises the up-and-coming entrepreneurs to find what they love and love what they are doing. He says, “Your passion for your work keeps you driving so sign up to be an entrepreneur once you know what you love. Once on the road of entrepreneurship, patience and consistency is the key”.

He suggests them to remain persistent, no matter what the situation is. Mr. Ranjit adds, “You will be discouraged by so many things happening around you – keep focus. My professional self has seen the 2008 recession, a monstrous year that was and then the recent pandemic. See them all as learning and evolving opportunities”. He advises them to learn how to be accountable and grow as individuals.

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