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Chirag Ajmera | Director | NCC Telecom | Automation Company | Insights Success
Chirag Ajmera | Director | NCC Telecom

In the era of automation, the businesses are hugely investing in technology. It is that time, where humans can’t live with it or without it. It’s a boom for businesses. Automation is fast moving in and businesses, today, want to ensure a distinct place in the market. In this rapidly evolving market, NCC Telecom was established in the year 1989, with the goal to make systems that are simple to use while being affordable and modular.
Headquartered in the City of Dreams –Mumbai, NCC Telecom is a boutique technology company designing and developing indigenous products such as home/lighting automation, building/video intercom systems in India.
Meet the Profound Director
The company has three directors. This trio of the company are all technocrats with masters and bachelors in engineering and an average experience of two decades. All three of them work in harmony with an honest approach towards client satisfaction and to develop something very unique in the technology segment to be always ahead of others.
One of the owners of the company is Chirag Ajmera, the Director of Technology & Business at NCC Telecom. Chirag holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai as well as a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. His only purpose behind joining NCC was to continue the growth of the home company and to maintain profit margins.
Chirag’s extensive understanding of the latest technology trends provides foresight for future product development. His technical and problem resolution management skills, coupled with his dedication to customer service have proven to be a true value-added asset to the organization.
The Exclusive Products and Services
NCC is a one-stop solution to unify all the lifestyle products human love /to create an enriching experience. By integrating everything from lighting, AV, HVAC, security—even smartphones and tablets—Digital Dreams –which is a brand name of NCC telecom, enhances your everyday world to be more convenient, intelligent, safe, and efficient.
Diverse Offerings – Smart home solutions are confined to a certain range of products, eg. Only switches, centralized solutions, etc. With NCC, it is different; it has a wide range of product offerings which can cater from a single room to a mansion.
The company has many unique products, which includes:

  • Voice Controlled platform Integration with Siri / Alexa / Google
  • Smart Switches made of various materials like Wood, Marble, Brick, Concrete, Brass, Copper, Graphite, etc.
  • Simple and most Intuitive user-friendly Designs

This list will go on increasing by adding many more such exclusive products like Lighting Module, gateway, IR Remote, Multi-room Audio/Video Server, etc. The speciality is that these products help clients to improve productivity and efficiency. Ideally, Home Automation is Luxury and Comfort segment solution. But, off-course it helps in saving energy.
Key Factors behind the Success

  • Honest Approach
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Being innovative and Use the latest technology to be ahead of others

More about NCC
NCC Telecom started working on Home Automation a decade back. Its presence -among Developers & Builders was prominent due to its Intercom and Video Apartment System. The ready clientele and new upcoming technology segment was motivation for the company to enter in a new era of Home Automation.
“Today with more then 6000+ homes with the automation, and we think it’s a realy good success story.” –says Chirag. Furthermore, he also says, 6000 + more home on Automation is the biggest ever achievement.”
A Long Way to Go
The company is constantly upgrading the hardware and the software used for smart home solution. The team of vendors and suppliers are bringing new and innovative products in the segment. Also, the company is planning to innovate in the periphery of smart home with increased intelligence in the system such that user/consumer actions are automated and are transparent without requiring user intervention thus increasing convenience of using a smart home system.
“If we grow at the same pace, maybe we will be one of best solution company in India for sure.” –stated Chirag.

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