S. A. Automation Pvt. Ltd.: A pioneer in Automation Solutions

Ankit Patel | Technical Director | Shanish Pandey | Managing Director | S. A. Automation
Ankit Patel | Technical Director | Shanish Pandey | Managing Director | S. A. Automation

Today’s growing competitiveness of market is demanding high quality and authentic products. To meet this challenge, many companies are manufacturing innovative various new products and new integrated technique. One such leading company, S. A. Automation Pvt. Ltd. (SAAPL) offers industrial automation solutions and focuses on innovation and economy to the core.
SAAPL provides the latest technological solutions and infrastructure, domestically and globally. It has a PAN India network backed by residential engineers to cater the local services.
A Quick Glimpse  
SAAPL is leading with intelligence to understand the meaning of “SYNCHRONISATION, REGISTRATION & INSPECTION IN CONVERTING”. These three simple words have given an opportunity to the company to work with leading companies. Also, SAAPL’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made it one of the most respected names in the industry.
An authorized system integrator of Siemens, SAAPL has successfully completed the work order SAAPL CPMS 2400 (Till June 2019), SAAPL WVIS 400 (Till June 2019), SAAPL DM 76 (Till June 2019). The customer feedback has made the company proud to expand its infrastructure to get more opportunity.
With the mission to “Achieve Automation Excellence”, SAAPL does everything which is geared towards enabling their customers to increase productivity reduce cost and improve quality. The company focuses more on the opportunity that are most relevant to them. And, then it achieves Automation excellence by delivering results and financial benefits to -its customer.
Proficient Duo of SAAPL
Having profound experience of over two decades, the duo – Shanish Pandey, the Managing Director and Ankit Patel, the Technical Director is leading the company. Having proficiency in Business Development, Marketing, and Technical as well during their career has helped them with the multifaceted engagement in printing and packaging industry.
The social circle and personal relation has always given a boost in the rhythm of market. This professional duo, even though having vast working experience across different leading Printing, packaging, and converting companies, they continuously update their skills with each passing day to give their contribution to the growing technology.
Rich Infrastructure and Resources

    1. Adequately equipped design office with well experienced design personnel.
    2. Well equipped & widely spaced workshop for production of various types of electrical control panels.
    3. Trained & Experienced production team comprising of various level of personnel to cater all types of electrical & pneumatics panels.
    4. Development team with back up by the principal

Incredible Products
Range of products are:

  • CPMS ® : Control panel with Multidrive System for Multi Axis Synchronisation / Off Line Register, Front & Back Register, and Automatic Tension Control
  • WVIS ® : Web Viewing and Inspection System
  • CPCS (ARC): Color printing control system
  • TURRET: Automatic reel changeover system- Customized design from SAAPL
  • DUOS MIXER ®: Mixer and special purpose application for solvent less and other application.
  • OFFLINE RGISTER SYSTEM: Motion control concept with register control for offline register like COLD SEAL, Registered UV, Registered Cast N Cure, Registered hot / Cold foil stamping.
  • STATIC AND STROBOSCOPE: supply and Solution for static and stroboscope.
  • ATC-MB: Automatic tension control with magnetic particle brake.
  • ATC-PB: Automatic tension control with pneumatic brake.
  • F N B SYSTEM: Automatic front and back control system for BOPP in extrusion machine. We also do complete machine control.
  • SAAPL-GP: General and special purpose customized control panels.
  • MECHATRONICS PRODUCTS: Supply of mechatronics products like servo motor, geared motors, gear box etc.

Upcoming Future
By providing quality-environment, SAAPL has decided to deliver state-of-the-art technology & infrastructure to its network. Also, the company aims to provide its clients with support to solve their problems and ensure quick response.
“We are highly confident in our Promises to serve you better. Our focus is to build long term Relationship with our Customer, not Simply and Quick sale!” – states the profound duo of SAAPL.
Website:- www.saautomation.com

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