Netflix to Mitigate Telecom Network Congestion


On Tuesday, video streaming major Netflix said it will reduce the traffic on telecommunications networks by 25 percent. This is being done as a part of its efforts to help mitigate network congestion amid the coronavirus pandemic, while maintaining the quality of their service for the Indian Users.

Amazon Prime Video and such companies are lowering their bit rates. This is a measure of how much data is being transferred. This will ease the pressure on telecom network infrastructure. As almost the entire country is forced to stay indoors due to the lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19, the consumption of digital content has gone up manifolds.

In an emailed statement, Netflix VP Content Delivery, Ken Florence said, “Given the crisis, we’ve developed a way to reduce Netflix’s traffic on telecommunications networks by 25 percent while also maintaining the quality of our service. So consumers should continue to get the quality that comes with their plan – whether it’s Ultra-High, High or Standard Definition.”

This will provide significant relief to congested networks, he added. This measure will be deployed in India for the next 30 days.

In India, Netflix has a significant number of Mobile Plan Users which has Standard Definition.

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