Nintendo Switch Patent Indicates at Possible Virtual Reality Headset Support

Nintendo’s forthcoming gaming console, “Switch” will be rolling out early next year and the new patent suggests that it might be also getting VR support. The patent shows a VR headset related to the ones that are being used with smart phones today that will enable the display to slide in at the front for 3D viewing experience.
Nintendo has also filed the patent with the US Patent Office. Though the patent is no guarantee of a concept coming to life. This patent application even if fully granted will not necessarily mean that the concept will be assimilated in shipping products, and might just be an application to dissuade a competitor to develop upon the same idea.
According to the concept Nintendo Switch sits on a dock that is connected to the TV. While connected to the dock, Switch works like a regular console that can be played on using a dedicated controller. The two controls on the side of the controller can slide off, known as Joy-Con controllers and attach to a portable screen on the sides.
The controllers slide onto a grip fixture, which looks like a regular console controller. If you want to keep the screen down on a table, the Joy-Con controllers can slide off and used as a wireless joystick in each hand to control the game.
Nintendo recently launched Super Mario Run, a mobile version of its popular indie game. The 175 mb download capacity game needs an active internet connection to run, and for time being its exclusively launched  for iOS only.

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