Nivshakti Bioenergy:  Delivering Innovative Agri-Solutions for a Greener ‘Poison Free’ World 

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Sandeep Jalan | Managing Director | Vishroot Jalan | Nivshakti Bioenergy

Industry experts and economists claim that agriculture’s share in Indian economy has progressively declined. However, it still directly or indirectly occupies nearly 50% of the country’s workforce and contributes towards nearly 17% of Gross Domestic Product.

Looking at the present global scenario and how population is growing, and rising income in various cities of the country will consequently result in a higher demand for food.

However, a point to be noted here is that the radical technological changes, innovations, discoveries, and societal upheavals of the present century has left marks on food as well. Therefore, it has fallen upon the agriculture sector to develop new ways to meet the increasing demand and produce more products in terms of both, better quality, and quantity.

So, what does this situation call for? It demands precise agri-solution providers for site-specific crop management. These solutions should integrate real-time data from sensors, farm equipment, weather stations, farm performance record and give accurate analysis and plausible solution to the problem.

This way the agri-solution providers can help farmers in making strategic decisions including starting from investment in farmland, crop rotation, soil repair, using fertilizers to even water management.

Recognizing this opportunity at the earliest and entering the agriculture market with a new approach, Nivshakti Bioenergy started its journey intending to improve crop yield and farm productivity.

The experts at Nivshakti Bioenergy mitigate risks and implement targeted crop management programs. “Our focus is to provide comprehensive solution to farmers”, quotes Sandeep Jalan, Managing Director of the company.

Nivshakti Bioenergy is the largest biotech company in North-East India. It is prime input manufacturer and supplier of Bio-Pesticides, Bio-Insecticides, Bio-Fertilizers, and Bio-Fungicides. It also deals with PGR (Plant Growth Regulators) and Agriculture Enzymes.

Nivshakti Bioenergy today exports its products to 19 countries. The company provides a vast range of products based on all kinds of Beneficiary Microbial Formulations which are manufactured using world’s latest Solid State Fermentation Technology, Lyophilize Technology and Nano Technology.

Why Nivshakti Bioenergy?

Now that we have established a purview of the company it is important to analyse what makes this company different from others.

  • Botanical Formulations are derived from the Secondary Metabolites of Plant Extracts
  • Microbiological Products are manufactured using World’s Latest Solid State Fermentation Technology Lyophilised Technology.
  • Provide Fresh Stock with Localized strain
  • Oxy Packed for better Shelf Life
  • Strains are Hardened Every time
  • All the products are free from Residue.
  • All the products are simultaneously tested from TRA and SGS India Pvt Ltd and NABL accredited labs.

Frontrunners of Nivshakti Bioenergy 

Nivshakti Bioenergy is the output of the intellectual thinking of Sandeep Jalan. Having founded the company, Mr. Jalan also serves as the Managing Director. He is the catalyst of the company who spearheads overall business and operations and is responsible for the strategic and growth initiatives of the organization.

A master’s degree holder in Commerce discipline and a first generation Entrepreneur in Biotechnology, he has been heading the Group in diverse development and industrial activities all over the globe.

Mr. Jalan’s philanthropic actions are set as an example for others to follow. He is an active contributor and activist at various social charitable organizations. He is linked with few International Organizations such as IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, Bonn, Germany), Chemexcil (Govt. of India), IMO (Institute for Market Ecology, Weinfelden, Switzerland), ICCOA (International Competence Centre for Organic Culture, Nuremburg, Germany) etc.

Aiding Mr. Sandeep Jalan in achieving the company’s goal is Mr. Vishroot Jalan who with his technical and business knowledge is strategically planning new breakthroughs for the company. Mr Vishroot Jalan son of Mr Jalan has joined the organisation after doing his MBA. His vision will take the organisation in new hights. Mr Vishroot vision is to “act fast before other think”.

Promoting the ‘Ayur’ Way of Farming

The company believes in making the world ‘Poison Free’ by manufacturing high quality products with world’s most advanced technologies. All the products of are Nivshakti Bioenergy are formulated based on ancient Vedic knowledge of PRANA (energy) & PANCHAMAHABHUTA (five basic elements) such as Prithivi (earth), Jal (water), Agni (fire), Akash (space) and Vayu (air).

The company conceptualized adhering to the values given in Vriksh Ayurveda, Knowledge of life of plants. Ancient agriculture scientists recognized various pests and diseases as major causes for poor growth of plants. They developed organic agents and locally available materials to treat the plant related problems. Adhering to the same, the lab technicians at Nivshakti Bioenergy are always geared up to provide E3 Solutions (Eco-friendly, Economical and Effective).

Reaching Every Farmer in the Country

We can thus say that the company was founded out of necessity by Mr. Jalan who desired to apply his collective farming knowledge and manufactures bio-fertilizers in a niche market where positive environmental impacts could be made. However, that is not the only thing that the company addressed too.

Considering how bio-fertilizers are not common among conventional farmers, Nivshakti Bioenergy ensures that every farmer is aware of the benefits of bio-fertilizers. It conducts workshops, one-on-one talks and interacts with farmers about the same. “We conduct ‘Farmer meetings’ and Road show promotion to reach in every corner of districts and villages. We perform awareness programs to literate the cultivators on various aspects of cultivation and make them aware of all the latest trends in the present market,” shares Mr. Jalan.

Aligning to its mission, this strategy of familiarizing farmers about ‘poison free’ and bio fertilizers, the company ensures that the strategic distribution of its products are seamless. All that one has to do is log in to the company’s website and find products addressing their crop issues and place the order.

Following to this the company functions on a dealer-distributor network system, wherein the products are supplied to the dealers of distributors who further supply it to the retailers.

Another greatest advantage that the farmers get while using Nivshakti Bioenergy products is that it allows to verify all its products. “We give free trials to our users to grab confidence in our products,” emphasizes Mr. Jalan.  ‘Trust what we say and Verify what we do,’ is the central philosophy of this company.

A Peek into the Shop floor

Having described about Nivshakti Bioenergy, let us now look at the company’s methodology that enables seamless production and distribution of its products.

In-house Designing Facility: The Company’s team of dedicated professional designers, understand the client’s requirement and designs the label / box according to the product portfolio with dynamic new ideas.

Supreme In-house Packaging Facility: The company has best supplier of HDPE bottle, high quality Aluminium Pouches, Corrugated Boxes to pack its products. These bottles and boxes are made by the best quality raw materials with many shapes and options.

Re-packaging & Labelling:  Nivshakti Bioenergy manufactures Liquid, Powder, Granule products. It has highly equipped machineries for refilling, labelling outer packaging. The company can also supply material/ product in client’s own brand name if desired.

Transportation Facility:  This company provides best transport facilities which arranges the shipment according to the destination with the best suitable means of transport (Road, Rail, Sea, Air). It also provides the facility of tracing the shipment with the regular transporter and ensures timely delivery to its respective clients.

Regulatory Affairs:  Nivshakti Bioenergy has a separate department to look after the Regulatory Affairs which includes preparation of Dossiers, Physio Chemical Data, MSDS, Custom Clearance etc. as per the requirement for registration in any country.

Making Lasting Differences

We had claimed that offering comprehensive conclusive solutions to farmers is the prime goal of Nivshakti Bioenergy. Though we are familiar with its bio-fertilizers, the company has conceptualized bigger and grander plans.

Considering how technology is being used to offer real-time and customer-centric solutions, Nivshakti Bioenergy too has designed an app that enables farmers to avail customized solutions. This will help farmer on recent advancements and even solutions to all their farming, production and crop yielding related queries This can be download from google app store

Further to this the website, provides farmers with inputs in competitive price. Furthermore, the website also acts as an aggregator of all distributors, suppliers and even manufactures who can with and either promote or sell their products. This will help manufacturers to showcase their product to nearly 7lac farmers and 1.5 lacs distributor in India. Further to this in 25 country nearly 20,000 related organisations.

Towards a Poison-Free Cultivation

From the all the above we can be certain of one thing which is, using bio-fertilizers equals to producing organic crops. And thus, the continuous endeavour of Nivshakti Bioenergy to promote using bio-fertilizers and the growing demand of organic food will soon lead the world to use ‘poison-free’ products.

While prioritizing the actual goal, Nivshakti Bioenergy is also scale up for major organizational changes.

We definitely eye on overall growth of company and every individual related to this organisation. It is one of the toughest challenges. The success depends on your efforts to grow profits using various methods. From employee training to marketing, every aspect of your business deserves attention. Rapid growth does not happen overnight.

We strongly focus on our vision to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by providing Cost Effective Bio Products by means of our Transparent Business Practices. In course of time we would like to see Nivshakti Bioenergy’s presence in the entire globe and nurturing with organic products to keep safe this mother earth,” adds Mr. Jalan.

The future plan for the company also includes launching a portal where it will connect farmers to Manufacturers. This portal will help farmers to get quality products in competitive prices, and on the other hand the manufacturers can reach customers pan India as well as 25 additional countries.

Nivshakti Bioenergy has a database of 7 lakh farmers and 1.3 lakh Distributors / retails / agents. will be a platform where everything is available on single window including real-time consultations. The consulting app can be downloaded from the play store and the website will be live by middle of next month.

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