Nurturing the Real Estate using Content Marketing

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Commercial real estate sector is thriving in India. In the last twenty years, post liberalization of the economy, Indian real estate business has observed an upturn and is anticipated to propagate from the current USD 15 billion to a USD 200 billion in the next 10 years. This development can be accredited to promising demographics, existence of customer friendly banks, increasing purchasing power & housing finance companies, professionalism in real estate and favorable modifications originated from the government to fascinate global investors.
What is Lead Nurturing?
As we all know, just having a website will never give us the guarantee that we can  get business from it. On the same note, just attaining lots of traffic, and even drawing a good amount of leads, does not mean that you will essentially get new clients either.
Fruitful lead generation campaigns –  the ones, that yields authentic business – must be comprised of all of these fundamentals; a great website, a tactical traffic generation campaign, strong calls to achieve and finally an effective lead nurturing campaign. There are three strategies which make Online Marketing successful:

  • Traffic generation- This is all about getting people to your website, whether it may be through search engine optimization, social media optimization, word of mouth or paid advertising.
  • Lead generation- It is concentrated on conversion optimization of your website and using and testing calls to stroke, to yield more leads.
  • Lead Nurturing– It is the process of increasing relationships with buyers in every phase of the sales funnel, and through every stage of the buyer’s journey. It aims communication efforts and marketing on listening to the requirements of prospects, and giving the information and answers they need.

Lead nurturing campaign’s emphasizes on building mutually-beneficial functional relationships so that when the time arrives to buy, that lead fits to you, or your business, instead of a contender.
 Social Media
While the first step in lead nurturing is making it sure you have the right contact information, it’s important to understand that consumers are spending more than a mailbox and phone to stay linked. Here are some ideas to use social media to pull your real estate leads through the buying sequence:
Using social media to answer questions– These questions are related to customer service or home buying and links to those located near your listing.
Sharing useful content on social page- Videos, blog posts and the most recent in home buyer in your area are all types of content you can use to foster leads. An exciting real estate video could be the final push someone needs to create an appointment while blog posts are an easy mode to grow social shares and new eyes on your website.
Email lets you to link with home buyers without limiting with their already busy schedules while sharing your blog posts, listings, etc. This can help to move home buyers to make a purchase by keeping them up to date using email.
You need to be sure to distinct out sales-ready buyers from those still in the early buying stages. By analyzing their clicks and interactions, you can see when they are impending the final stages of a buying decision. With each point, spruce up your content and your call to achieve so the email marketing initiative is for the right audience at the right time.
An effective lead nurturing campaign localizes you as someone who cares about each and every vision, no matter what step of the buying phase they might be in.
By having a blog accessible for people you meet and work with the view, you can create yourself as the kind of agent they’re looking for. Perhaps you can come across a number of people viewing for someone knowledgeable in a positive type of architecture or home constructing materials used. Try posting about public services in the zones of your listings pieces on community events and expansions that shape your neighborhoods.
An effective content builds trust while establishing your business as useful, authoritative industry resources. It also gives you something to persistently grow your social sphere which will possibly turn into another network of business for you.

-Sachin Bhandare

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