ODIGO: Enhancing Productivity of Hierarchical and Distributed Workforce in Organisations

Gauravendra Shukla, Founder & CEO and Sandip Yuwanati, Co-founder & COO, ODIGO

Workplace technology is emerging as an indispensable part of the business. In India as well as globally, the enterprises are investing substantially to adopt workplace technology to enhance workforce productivity. The enterprises have been grappling with ever increasing digital innovations and inadvertent adoption of open social media tools by its workforce for easier connectivity and collaboration. However, such unsupervised adoption at workplaces without business sanction and mandate has created compliance and data security risks for enterprises. The popularity of consumer social networking platforms has been stimulating demand for similar communication and collaboration technology for use by businesses.

This is the precise gap addressed by ODIGO, a secure enterprise messaging and tracking platform for a distributed workforce. With a vision to simplify the life of every field representative through innovation, ODIGO was incepted. ODIGO is offered by Bengaluru- based technology start-up TalentBridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It offers two critical differentiations over the open messaging platform i.e. hierarchical and confidential interaction in a secure and scalable environment.

At the Helm

ODIGO was set up with a mission to enhance the productivity of hierarchical and distributed workforce in organisations. Today, the company has reached to the newer heights with Gauravendra Shukla, Founder & CEO and Sandip Yuwanati, Co-founder & COO at the helm. Both the co-founders have been instrumental in conceptualizing and shaping ODIGO as an enterprise SaaS product of global class and global scale.

Integrated Module

ODIGO ensures hierarchical (vertical as well as horizontal) engagement amongst the workforce with the total confidentiality and security of the content shared. Users can not copy/download or forward any content shared on platform unless authorised by the enterprise. The enterprise can manage and track the large distributed field representatives/workforce effectively with every activity and interaction being geo-tagged and time stamped. The field reps can plan their entire day visits. While attendance management aided by face recognition technology ensures validation of field rep’s presence in field, ‘LIVE VIEW’ shows the current location of all the field reps on the field with individual details. This feature will also display the ‘Planned Vs Actual’ route map of the field reps while on the field.

Lead assignment/engagement module assigns lead to field reps, basis to field rep’s LIVE LOCATION considering the proximity of field reps to lead (client) location. Field reps can manage the entire lead (client) interaction/engagement seamlessly with complete audit trail. ODIGO can also be easily integrated with existing CRM tools. Recently, launched customer engagement modules enables field reps to engage in instant video calls/video conferencing with customers as well team members.

Delivering Contextual Personalisation

‘Contextual Personalisation’ is one of the distinctive features of ODIGO which makes the interaction more personalised or contextualised imbedding text/audio/video in product/sales/marketing collaterals (Doc/PPT/PDF) to be shared for the specific field rep group. Field reps can also seek clarification on specific elements of shared documents in the same text/audio/video mode. The Document Approval workflow lets the user to share the file(s) with one or more user(s) for their approval before the file(s) being shared amongst the group. With ODIGO, enterprises can assign tasks, conduct surveys and assessment, collect data with enormous ease.

Offering Complete Visibility of the Workforce

However, what makes ODIGO compelling for enterprises with large distributed field reps is the complete audit trail of activities and interaction on the platform available to enterprise and ownership of data related interactions/activities rests with the enterprise.

ODIGO gives complete operational control of field force wherein the enterprise can easily reach out to field reps and get quick response, collaborate with field reps in secure and confidential way ensuring precise and accurate data collection/reporting.

To contain service delivery costs and remain nimble, every enterprise with distributed workforce needs the ability to locate the field reps, track the status and progress of the work at hand, and send other relevant information back and forth. ODIGO offers complete visibility of the work force in the field.

ODIGO ensures an efficient and effective use of contract workforce (use of third party for service delivery and to augment their regular workforce) to manage variable demand, special projects, or expansion into new geographic areas. This offers great agility to an enterprise to manage the variability of its operations.

Addressing the Issues of Distributed Field Force    

According to ODIGO, the current pandemic has triggered unprecedented measures by private enterprises which forced its workforce to adopt to such measure. Though lock-downs had put break on almost all the economic activities barring essential services, some of the industry sectors as well as government entities particularly IT services could still operate due to ability of its workforce to work from home with use of software products and video conferencing/video calling tools. However, most of these video conferencing/video calling tools are free tools and are not authorized by business/organizations posing the same challenges on data sovereignty and data security.

Though ODIGO address the issues of distributed field force, the businesses were quick to adopt it as enterprise communication collaboration for its workforce operating from home. With ODIGO, enterprises could keep a tab on the workforce, know about their whereabouts, receive quick responses and collaborate seamlessly.

Feathers in the Cap

ODIGO strives to deliver every element of value promised to deliver. It has been recipient of distinguished recognitions/awards including:

  • Recognized as India’s Greatest Brands 2019-20 Award by AsiaOne
  • One among Iconic Brands of India 2020 by The Economic Times
  • Recognized as Most Trusted Enterprise in India 2019 by Business Connect
  • One among winners of HDFC Digital Innovation Summit 2018 with 135 entries from India, US, Israel, Germany and Singapore.

ODIGO has been helping leading enterprises in Telecom, Banking/FinTech, Advertising & Marketing Execution to manage its distributed workforce effectively with complete operational control and visibility of the field workforce.

For ODIGO, innovation is continuous process to build a customer centric product. The simplicity and fundamental utility of the product for users is a focal point for future of ODIGO.

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