OMNIA DIGITAL LLP: Leveraging Data Analytics to Formulate Result-oriented Digital Strategy

Omnia Digital
Shwetha Prasad, | CEO & Founder | Omnia Digital LLP


To expand one’s customer base by utilizing digital media, a company, apart from putting meaningful posts, must also analyse the kind of reaction those posts get. Analysing customer behaviour through data analytics gives an insight into what is working with the customers and what is not when it comes to a business. Based on the results, a digital strategy can fetch much better results than random postings.

Omnia Digital, a four-year-old full-service agency, is a team of growth hackers with the solitary goal of exploring unconventional avenues for growth customised to suit the client’s cadaverous marketing spends. It achieves this by going all out in the creative aspect and opting for inexpensive and innovative ways to grow the client’s customer base. Team Omnia channels the modern-day marketing, combined with creativity, digital engineering, analytics, and technology for various brands.

Data-Driven Services

Omnia is a Digital Marketing and Advertising agency driven by creativity, backed up by advanced insights and data analytics. It breathes life into the marketing cycles starting from branding to digital marketing campaigns and then analysing and enhancing the same. The delivery of efficient positive results with the quickest turnaround time is the go-to motto for team Omnia.

With digital innovation in its DNA, Omnia’s brand-specific and efficient strategies cover everything from choosing the right platform to the audience and demographic segmentation, effective content placement, analysis, and enhancement. Its services cater right from branding to digital asset building focused ensuring ROI is reflected. With a team of experts who live and breathe data, Omnia ensures that data is monitored, analysed, and managed before, during and at the end of every campaign to optimise efficiency and drive favourable business outcomes.

Technology – The Lifeline

Omnia vehemently believes that anyone who fails to travel abreast with the industry’s trends will find themselves out of the picture. Omnia Digital encourages its team to set aside an hour every day to learn and research the new industry trends. Even Shwetha gets hands-on with campaign execution, design, and strategy to be in touch with the dynamic trends in technologies and platforms.

In an industry like digital media, as cliched as it sounds – change is the only constant. To secure the position on the top we need to stay on our toes and ensure our work and ideas are relevant and as dynamic as the industry. Digital has come a long way from where it has started. The future definitely is entirely data analytics in digital.

The Pandemic Effect

The COVID -19 pandemic did take a toll on Omnia’s client base because like we all are aware, the global economy took a hit. Omnia paused operations for certain brands and in certain cases engaged in the minimal operation, for instance – the hospitality sector. Meanwhile, it also banked on the fact that digital screen time was at an all-time high and utilised this for a couple of brands. The increase in digital screen time allowed Omnia to accentuate brand awareness and visibility for its clientele. “We did not follow a blanket strategy for all brands but customised it to every industry segment,” adds Shwetha.

Simplifying Businesses in the Future

Team Omnia is excited about tools and software that aid in data analysis and processes the same. A particular software that the team is looking at developing is something that helps them process all the data feedback that they get from across all platforms, instead of analysing it platform-wise used by consumers. The data shall be curated and analysed for you to improve targeting and to achieve better ratios. This when devised into existence will surely be cutting edge.

In terms of talent acquisition, Shwetha handpicks her team and ensures that the most passionate people with the interest to learn and grow with the company are on board. The team is constantly motivated to be informed about the latest innovations in their field of expertise by educating themselves through courses. The power of knowledge will automatically reflect on the revenue growth and client base.

The Anchor of Omnia

Omnia Digital is completely bootstrapped by its CEO and Founder, Shwetha Prasad. She is a remarkable woman with a passion and inclination to empower business through various digital transformation services. She is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. She has had hands-on experience building and leading startups where she was the youngest core member having to handle key departments from accounts, operations, tech etc. She was the COO in an established agency delegating and managing almost 70 people under her.

During this tenure she realised that digital was her true calling. Through Omnia, she is in the process of building a digital transformation approach that is sustainable and accessible for brands ranging right from startups to large corporates. One vital thing that Shwetha tries to imbibe in every member of the team is that, it is not all about business and making money but to make a mark and care about the client and their business, which will inadvertently bring about results and ROI.


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