Om Gajanan Packaging: A Robust Innovator in the Packaging Industry

Vilas Bisne | Head | Sales & Marketing | Om Gajanan Packaging
Vilas Bisne | Head | Sales & Marketing | Om Gajanan Packaging

One of the most evident responsibilities of packing is to protect the goods throughout transit from the manufacturer to the retailer. As the product lies on store shelves, waiting for customers to buy it, packaging serves as a type of protection. Packaging is the ‘dress’ on the product in marketing and market development, and it can influence whether the product sells in a new market or to new clients.

First impressions are crucial, and packaging is the consumer’s first encounter with your product. Thus, manufacturers place significant importance on product packaging. Packaging goes a long way toward establishing a positive first impression and fostering long-term brand loyalty. Brands are identified just by looking at the packaging. Because of these reasons, the packaging industry got a boost and is evolving with time to provide a package that protects the product and makes it look appealing as well.

Om Gajanan Packaging counts among one such company that has created a mark on the packaging space with its quintessential services.

Visionary Genesis

OGP was formed in 2006 in Pune to offer quality and intelligent packaging solutions. For the past 15 years, OGP has been offering packaging solutions to food, beverages, pharma, and other significant industries throughout the country.

Today OGP is associated with one of the largest beverage companies, one of the largest dairies, and one of the largest pharma companies in India.

Products and services offered by OGP have been accepted throughout the country across industries. OGP emphasises after-sales service to a large extent and has a suitably trained staff to support the customer.

An Influential Leader

Vilas Bisne (VB) possesses extensive domestic and international experience in the packaging and service industry. Due to this blend of experience of products and service industry, VB has placed OGP with a well-balanced product portfolio, in various industries like food, beverages, pharma, e-commerce, automobile, and other industries in India. VB has guided the team to offer exemplary service support to its customers, which results in long-term association ranging for more than a decade. VB was also associated with CII for a brief time .

Beneficial Surprises

Packaging industry is a vast creative and innovative industry.The fact that a single packaging product can be associated with multitude of industry in different ways is mind boggling.In today’s scenario with the growth in ecommerce,changes in consumer preferences ,technological advance has increased the demand for packaging especially sustainable packaging .In the growing concern of today’s world the need of the hour has been environmentally friendly,recyclable pocket friendly sustainable packaging.And this has opened many new doors of opportunities.

An Array of Services

OGP offers complete lines for beverages in PET, glass, and cans. OGP has extended its portfolio by adding quality products like Vertical form fill seal (VFFS), Pick fill seal (PFS), Horizontal form fill and seal (HFFS) machines for the Indian producers who wish to use the flexible packaging. We intend to expand in the area of machinery.

Starting in India in 2006 after an international stint was to search for the gap in the local market. Also, to create a synergy between the company’s strengths and customer requirements. This place was conveniently acquired by giants in the industry.

Surpassing the Pandemic

During the pandemic OGP was definitely hit as the new investments dried up. The uncertain situation was also pushing existing customers to defer their expansions. During the initial relaxation provided, some of the customers did start operations wherein OGP was offering them online support. It even helped one of the customers to install and commission a medium size machine through video calling. During the pandemic, while studying the current scenario and speculating the future packaging styles, OGP introduced the primary packaging machines, namely VFFS, PFS, HFFS machines.

These machines are essential for industries like rice, sugar, wheat, Indian namkeen, ketchup, mayonnaise, and many more. Even today, it is guiding its customers for non-touch packaging, which will be a standard packaging style of the future. Automation on existing lines has also been a keen interest area for customers during this period.

Words of Wisdom

“I would personally advise young innovators to work out ways and means to create eco-friendly plastic while considering the future and make the world a better place to live,” says Vilas.

Future Endeavours

“In the long run, I see OGP as one of the leading brands in the country that not only provides quality value for money machines but at the same time, provides sustainable solutions,” says Vilas.

“Providing sustainable solutions is mandatory today, but at the same time, we should not disturb the current ecosystem that the industry is working on. This will help provide eco-friendly packaging with the fractional increase in price, but eco-friendly packaging will not disturb the current production practice. Hence no need to change the machine,” adds Vilas.

Also, this fractional increase will encourage people to buy these without pinching their pockets along with preserving jobs and creating value addition to the product.

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