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Harshit Parolia | Founder | One Diagnostics[Diagnostics, Diagnostics Center,Diagnostics Center Kolkata, healthcare Services, Quality Assurance, diagnostics industry]
Harshit Parolia | Founder | One Diagnostics

Today, pathological investigations play a pivotal role in patient treatment. With superior automation and newer technology, the diagnostics industry is rapidly evolving leading to early detection of many diseases which remained undetected in the past.. The major challenge faced by the Indian diagnostic industry is awareness and affordability in Tier II and Tier III cities.

However, there are professionals and organized players who are rolling out quality solutions to quench the needs of the customers and to generate awareness for health and health checkups. They are making consistent endeavours to bring the best to the table and be at the helm of ‘Affordable Healthcare’.

One Diagnostics, which started operations in late 2016, is a one-stop-shop for Competitive and Quality healthcare services with its central excellence located in Kolkata. Under the aegis of the Founder Mr Harshit Parolia, the organization offers a menu of super speciality blood work teststing solution to a plethora of partner labs and hospitals. It helps them in embracing a larger pathology menu for their patients and doctors and helps them get accurate reports in a shorter time span as compared to the same sample being sent outstation to players in Mumbai and Delhi.

One Diagnostics is a NABL accredited laboratory that has been successfully passing External Quality Assurance programs from Bio-Rad – USA, CMC – Vellore, and AIIMS – Delhi to name a few. The organization focuses on providing super-speciality pathology testing facility in the fields of molecular biology, neonatal screening, oncology, clinical biochemistry & immunology, immunofluorescence and prenatal screening. Ensuring accurate reports with the best-in-class turn around time has helped One Diagnostics grow in a market dominated by the likes of Dr Lal, Metropolis, etc.

Today, the dedicated efforts of Mr Parolia and his core team has helped One Diagnostics to extend its wings across West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Assam and North East. With over 700 collection points and over 80,000 tests being conducted each month at the central referral lab, One Diagnostics has become a preferred choice for the customers.

A Leader who Acknowledged the Need 

Mr Parolia holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on the undergraduate level and a Masters in Finance from the Cass Business School in London. At One Diagnostics, his primary goal has been to offer affordable healthcare to enable doctors an opportunity to treat and diagnose a patient at an early stage of the disease. He has been instrumental in taking prominent decisions and initiating breakthrough enactments for the organization.

His curated acumen and exemplary expertise have played a pivotal role in boosting the overall growth of the organization. Acknowledging lower affordability in healthcare in rural areas, he, along with his team, consistently strive to bring down the overall cost by optimizing logistics and introducing automation wherever possible.

The Success Saga

Surpassing challenges to withstand the complexities of the market was not an easy task for One Diagnostics, but an automated, IT-driven workflow system has played a crucial role in ensuring consistent reports with speedy delivery times and has gained a loyal following from customers all over East India.

Disrupting the market flooded with dominant players alongside providing accurate reports became one of its major priorities to create a prominent niche. With the passage of time and Mr Parolia’s fidelity, the industry started recognizing its efforts and the brand started getting repeat customers who would get consistent reporting at a fraction of the cost at One Diagnostics. Backed by an expert pathologist team, One Diagnostics has been able to achieve an exceptional growth month on month and is touching new heights every quarter.

Today, it has benchmarked its presence across its segment and stands tall as one of the fastest-growing pathology chains in East India with a growth plan targetted at being a Pan India chain by 2025.

What’s so Distinctive?

One Diagnostics’ service ambit is a professional blend of affordable healthcare and super specialty testing. Its affordable healthcare basket comprises of economical health packages for customers encouraging them to get themselves tested at least once a year to detect abnormalities in their bloodwork at an early stage, reducing chances of the disease progessing undetected. It also offers discounts on repeat testing for conditions like diabetes, etc to encourage timely follow up of chronic diseases.

Its super-specialty testing services comprises of tests that are difficult to conduct at smaller labs and hospitals due to lack of advanced infrastructure or skilled manpower, that also are conducted at much lower rates compared to the competitors, that is made possible by automation and streamlined workflow management. This healthcare imperative plays a significant role in encouraging its partner labs and hospitals to provide competitive wholesome treatment facilities to their patients.

Aiming for Better

The wildfire of the digital era has helped raise awareness for health check-ups & monitoring and unlocked countless possibilities for the diagnostics industry. Industry players are leveraging proactive R&D operations and infrastructure with advanced logistics taking the centre stage. Considering this, One Diagnostics is on its toes to launch four state of the art excellence centers in East India within the next three years being located in Patna, Bhubaneshwar, Guwahati and Lucknow . These centers would not only focus on providing affordable services but set an example across the diagnostic industry by showcasing accurate and timely reports using digital pathology and centrally monitored quality systems being run from the primary excellence center located in Kolkata.

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