Genes2Me Pvt. Ltd: Delivering Advanced Molecular Diagnostics Solutions

Neeraj Gupta | Founder & CEO | Genes2Me
Neeraj Gupta | Founder & CEO | Genes2Me Pvt. Ltd.

Diagnostics services play a pivotal role in defining the medical path for any patient. As the integrity of the reports is the sole criterion to decide the future treatment, it’s quite important to have such diagnostics centers that truly align with the medical ethics and global standards.

Indian scientists, medical experts, entrepreneurs, Government, and other dedicated institutions are on the trajectory to explore new technology and treatment therapies in the healthcare industry. One holistic diagnostics services provider that has surpassed all expectations and has risen to the spotlight is Genes2Me Pvt. Ltd. The company is committed to transform the diagnostics services that will be a step ahead in shaping the future of the healthcare industry.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Genes2Me is a leading company in Genetic Screening and Molecular Diagnostics services and is offering world-class services since last four years. With a vision to transform “Genetics for the Billion”, GENES2ME aims to create a center of excellence in precision genetic testing and analysis by continually improving its services. An NABL accredited and ISO certified lab,  accuracy, and reliability is what the company banks on.

The Progressive Leader

As the Founder and CEO of Genes2Me Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Neeraj Gupta is a man with multi-faceted excellence. Being in the business for over two decades, he has excellent knowledge about the market, products, and customers. His proficiency on a variety of subjects and expertise plays an instrumental role in the organization.  Being at the forefront of managing Genes2Me,  he also holds a position in the Board of Directors in Imperial Life Sciences Pvt Ltd.

Neeraj has travelled extensively throughout the globe and has been the business partner for global brands like Thermo Fisher, Nanostring, Perkin Elmer, Oxford Nanopore, Pacific Bio, Merck, Agena, etc in India. He is also an active speaker in FICCI and CII healthcare and technology conferences and meetings. An affluent speaker, he is regularly invited by different media houses to speak on topics like the future of Healthcare, personalized medicines, Technology, etc.

With a mission to bridge the gap between resource limited areas with advanced healthcare technologies in India, Neeraj has laid the foundation of Genes2Me.  His natural flair for thinking big, robust and never exhausting energy, belief, and willpower to achieve are chiefly responsible for the sprouting of this unique concept. Additionally, his close association with the cream layer of the Industry, wide exposure all around the global market and propensity to envisage the right business opportunity – have complemented his vision.

In order to build a viable model, Neeraj knew that he had to embrace the thoughts of market experts and align his idea with the medical fraternity. Alongside the heads of Hospitals, Health care Institutions & Medical Universities, he also interacted with the Doctors, faculty & students. These valuable discussions gave him a better understanding that helped him to shape his project. Under his leadership, Genes2Me modernized its genetic diagnostic services and eventually has a presence in more than 145+ cities in India.

Services for the 21st Century

Genes2Me is a diagnostic company with a focus on genetic testing and is trying to transform the paradigm of “One size fits all” approach with its unique solutions in the preventive healthcare range. It majorly has 4 segments: Genetics, Mother& Child care, Diagnostics and Oncology. It has created an innovative model of healthcare that impacts the economic and social fabric of human lives and leads to a profound and lasting change in health standards.

Genes2Me’s services empower an individual to take better control by providing a complete and futuristic perspective of their health. Its customized diagnostic solutions are a step towards the next level of diagnostics by harnessing the power of genetic testing. Genes2Me tests are truly preventive and personalized solutions for one’s well-being.

Using an innovative approach in personalized genomics, Genes2Me has created a milestone in the healthcare domain. The genetic tests such as Genes2Fit, Genes2Health, and Med4Me provide a personalized blueprint of an individual’s own genetic information. Popularly, these tests can be denoted as “Tailor made” genetic test for an individual.

In its endeavour to be the best and deliver the best amongst all, the business fraternity has also applauded and acknowledged the efforts of the company.  It is recognized as Best “Genetic Diagnostics Laboratory in India for 2019” and awarded the “Advanced Genomics and Clinical Diagnostics Lab Transforming Healthcare” at the India Leadership Awards. It also received recommendation for its unique Genetic Test for Beta-Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anemia included in National Screening guidelines in 2018.

The Future Roadmap

The company carries an optimistic outlook for the future. It believes that the adaption of personalized Genomics in every family will be a reality. In the coming days, Genes2Me will continue delivering new and innovative diagnostic solutions towards critical diseases affecting the Indian population with its vision to transform Genomics for Billions.

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