Online seller makes changes to suit Pandemic amid Prime sale days.

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Amazon would be kicking off its first Prime Day since the coronavirus outbreak at a further time this week in India and would be modifying almost everything about the retail bonanza to navigate the realities of a new era. Reports state that Prime Day would have the customary deep discounts on hundreds of exclusive products along with new launches and cashback offers. But in a profound departure from the past, the global retailer would have a virtual operations room instead of a real one, with thousands of employees coordinating the sale from their homes, and stringent hygiene protocols for its armies of packers, sorters and deliverymen.

India has been a test case for the e-commerce pioneer and founder Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person. The U.S. version for the similar Prime Day has been postponed from its usual spot in July, with the new date yet to be announced.

“After a lot of conversations, we decided to go ahead with Prime Day,” said Akshay Sahi, head of Prime at Amazon India. “Life has to go on. Sellers have to get back on their feet.”

That Amazon is holding its 48-hour sale despite the pandemic underscores the intense competition in the country’s online retail sector. (Source : Financial Express)

Flipkart has announced its own Big Savings Day, clashing with its rival’s dates. The sales events have overlapped for years, vying for the attention of both shoppers and sellers listing on their platforms.

This year’s Amazon event will be devoid of the usual Bollywood dancing and the endless supply of Indian street foods, foot massages and costume parties. Instead, hundreds of employees would be planning and coordinating the sale from home.

This online retailer has also stated that it would be making over a hundred such process changes in its buildings, stipulating new rules on face coverings and daily temperature checks. Hand cleaning is mandated no less than eight times during a shift. Even the slightest sign of elevated temperature requires a worker to remain at home for three days. When a delivery person arrives at a customer’s door, he is required to ring the door bell and then step several feet back.



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