Open Mind Services Limited: Introducing an Extensive Innovation in the Arena of Outsourcing

Open Mind Services

Innovation, new technologies and global competition are the constant driving forces behind growth and expansion in the global business process outsourcing industry. Addressing this extensive knowledge of business, Open Mind Services Limited, a premium Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company meets the outsourcing demands in varied fields such as Tele Health Help Desk, HR Back Office, Facility Management Helpdesk, Vendor Management, Lead Generation, and Call centers.
In an interview with Insights Success, Naveen Gulati, Founder of Open Mind Services Limited gave some insightful views highlighting the influence of outsourcing trends which help the companies to explore the diverse ways of outsourcing industry.

  1. Kindly brief us about your company.

    Open Mind Services Limited is a dedicated inbound Call Center BPO, with excellent experience, self-motivated trained staff, plentiful resources, and a keen eye and wherewithal to adapt to changing technologies to ensure that the inbound call center service of our clients transcend expectations and yield coveted results in the form of deeply enhanced customer experiences.
    We pride ourselves as amongst the most trustworthy Knowledge Process Outsourcing organizations in the country. Our services can be classified into the following 5 broad categories:
    Patient Helpdesk, also known as Tele Health
    b. HR Helpdesk, under the name HR Bridge
    c. Outsourced Customer Support Helplines
    d. Facebook Messenger based Chatbot for Application Management
    e. Inbound Communication center
  2. Kindly share about some unique services provided by Open Mind Services to attract clients.

    The bulk of our business comes from word of mouth- a gracious gesture of our past and present clients. Apart from that, we trust email marketing and social media marketing that have helped us in gaining a firm foothold in the hyper-competitive Indian market.
  3. Briefly tell us about the CEO/Founder of the company.

    An engineer by education and training, Naveen Gulati, Formed the company after gaining extensive experience in his family business.
    He used that valuable experience and wisdom in integrating resources, people, processes, and technologies to design and improvise outsourced service offerings to grow a small BPO, Silver Lining, established in 2003, to a strong Public Limited Firm, Open Mind Services Limited.
    Today, Open Mind Services Limited retains a prominent status with a well-established name in the field of Help Desk Services, Patient Relationship Management, HR related KPOs and BPO Consultancy and Chat Bots.
  4. Kindly brief us about your strategy to tackle the competition in your sector.

    We believe in doing the great quality of work in our domain, at an interesting price point and providing zero-compromise services to every single client, every single time and at all times. We have discovered that the easiest way to achieve our goals is by listening with an open mind, and delivering what we promise to the T.
    Every client comes with seemingly similar looking problems but each problem that looks deceptively similar is uniquely different when you dig deeper and focus on reading between the lines. To accomplish that purpose of understanding before promising, our team of empathic leaders keeps their knowledge and wisdom at the top of the game by subscribing to the latest views and developments in that industry.
  5. What are the key values that helped the company to overcome the roadblock/challenges in your career?

    Empathy, readiness to learn and transform, acquiring and elevating wisdom, meticulous time management, and old-school values of ethically conducting business with a steady eye on the long-term goal inspires us to keep giving our best to achieve client satisfaction.
    Fortune, Fortitude and Tenacity. I’m a strong believer in the maxim that destiny only wants the best for us; we just need to follow the path with determination and persistence in the face of adverse challenges. Like most people, my journey to is scarred with failures and setbacks, but the strong support system in the form of my family and my friends have helped me immensely in weathering the difficult times and coming out strong every single time. Of course, I’m human and make mistakes, but thankfully have pushed harder every time I was in a corner. Sometimes by myself, at other, by my better half.
  6. What are the benefits gained by your clients while doing business with you?
    An insightful journey into their own businesses! Jokes aside, we take every opportunity as a brand new challenge to take a trip deep into a business to understand what they really need to implement and modify such that their customers receive the same, predictable quality of excellent customer support whenever they need to contact them for any pressing problem.
  7. Describe about the pivotal elements which makes your company best and what would you attribute your success to?

    Best is a relative term, and for us the beginning of the voyage to being better than the previous day. Our competitive advantage originates from our desire to listen, comprehend, reflect, and then respond. No template solutions for us. Each organization comes with its own set of concerns and consequently, each of them deserves a customized delivery solution.
    I believe success is an offshoot of determination. The more time we spend in grasping and inventing solutions, the more we reach a position of satisfaction, gratitude and a superior customer experience. That for us is the success.
  8. What inspired Open Mind Services to enter the outsourcing segment?

    The catalyst was a few concurring bad experiences from naïve customer support executives that acted as a motivation to trigger important and gradual changes in the process of providing a rich customer experience that are now being followed widely.
  9. What would be your golden words for the younger generation dreaming of entrepreneurship?

    Learn to be realistic and don’t try entrepreneurship just because you want to be your boss. Once you have decided to take the plunge and are ready with a plan to fulfill your dream, be prepared to face the real test of your character. Frustrations come thick and fast, threatening to cloud your vision and push you towards the easy path. Hang in there with unsurmountable Grit. Grit is the one feeling you ought to develop in abundance if you want to make your dream come true.
    Don’t just dare to dream; Dare to change. Your plans stand for nothing; your dreams mean zilch to anyone unless you can show them how it benefits them. You are guaranteed success as soon as you start viewing a problem from your user’s or client’s perspective. Make that transition rapidly.
    Finally, remember that you need to master man management skills than anything else.
  10. What can be expected from Open Mind Services in the upcoming years?
    Oh well! There is so much happening I can’t wait to share! But then, it’s prudent to reveal plans after you launch something, right?!
    For starters, we will continue to set new benchmarks in providing Customer Support Services for our outsourcing clients while meeting the existing ones with the same level of competence and excellence.
    You can expect to hear much more about the OpenMind FB Messenger chatbot as we sharpen the AI based bot to understand more about your needs and make the Appointment booking process as easy as saying Hello.
    Another excitement is brewing in all our premises- something that has the potential to change how the outsourcing industry works in India. Keep watching while we promise you surprising new developments.

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