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Ascent Consulting Services

Manpower is the key differentiator in today’s industry and managing people or meeting their expectations has become a challenge in all verticals of industry irrespective of size, volume of business or geography. Every enterprise therefore is keen on focusing on its core while it aspires to have an industry standard solution for people management as a non-core function. Here arises an opportunity for companies engaged in HR Service delivery with the same commitment as an organization would wish to extend to its employees.
Ascent Consulting Services is a HR Solutions company providing 360 degree HR Management Solutions that addresses growing business demands. The solutions are industry agnostic while meeting specific needs of clients. The company always makes larger efforts aimed at improving organizational efficiency and not just creating incremental change. Having established a significant market share in India and counted among the leader board in H R Service delivery in India, it has strived to expand the reach to another 31 countries across the globe until now. While the major part of the business is driven at this point of time from India, Ascent Consulting is confident of flipping the market share in favor of the overseas business in the next two years.
Passionate and Confident Entrepreneur
Subramanyam S, the Founder and CEO of Ascent HR is a corporate lawyer and a Fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He had close to two decades of experience in Finance, Legal, Tax and Business Management, having worked in these areas in various corporates as a passionate professional before venturing to be an entrepreneur in setting up Ascent Consulting Services Pvt Ltd in the year 2002.
At Ascent, Subramanyam believes that by offering own solutions to the clients Ascent Consulting Services has the advantage of being adaptable, an option which would be lost to them if they had used inflexible third party solutions. Therefore, flexibility, agility and adaptability are something that Subramanyam has keenly brought to the table and this has been something that has helped the consultancy overcome obstacles. It also has the advantage of providing solutions in a short span of time.
Ascent provides solutions, rounded completely for all needs of a comprehensive HR service delivery. It offers several services that are unique and not offered by many of the competitors. It has a full suite of products or services for HR Service Delivery which covers enterprise HR Management System on the cloud supported by an efficient managed service of Payroll & Benefits administration in addition to compliance management & consulting support, which are managed services. All of these tools and services complete the transactional and strategic part of HR service delivery which sets the consultancy apart from others.
Ascent’s HR Automation Suite
In addition to Ascent’s HR Outsourcing strengths, the company has a HR Automation suite that is built over a knowledge base of vast experience and real life scenarios. Its HR Automation suite comprises of different applications such as PowerHR which is a fully integrated comprehensive real time enterprise HR delivery system covering all aspects from Hire to Retire. Stohrm, an efficient and easy tool used for HR hygiene management of small and medium business enterprises and includes an interactive employee or manager self-service. Payroll processing application i.e., PowerPay which has multi-country, multi-location, multi-currency and multi company capabilities while addressing regulatory environment of each location or country. A comprehensive compliance management application of Ascent, PowerCMS which is used with specific focus on H R Compliances.
Initiatives to Ensure Benefits to the Gratified Clients
Ascent Consulting Services is a powerhouse in managing people and ensuring people practice which is industry standard and benefits organization in all aspects from hire to retire. The managed services comprises of services like payroll & benefits, consulting & compliance powered by automation tools for an enhanced HR service experience. Traditionally, the consltancy is into HR services outsourcing which means that it tries to take enterprise clients and manage services which has been the storyboard so far. In addition to that, it provides services in the form of staffing and training. We also have value addition in terms of our new SMB solution, i.e. Small Business Solutions, which is more like a software service in the cloud that is thus unique in terms of its approach. This has been born out of the experience that we have dealing with enterprises because of which we are familiar with the pain points, the challenges and the tough tasks that lie ahead of the HR Service Delivery. These initiatives coupled with the satisfied customers would help Ascent Consultant Services in accomplishing the goals for the year and in scaling the worldwide presence.
Ascent Consultant has implemented a very large H R O solution for an enterprise which has more than 65,000 employees ensuring the capability in handling large companies. This is a unique experience as far as India is concerned.
Aspiring and Delightful Future
Ascent Consultant positions itself as an Asian competition to global players and is confident of becoming an Asian solution to global needs in HR Service delivery in the near future. It has significant footprint in 31 countries and is looking to expand the reach through further expansion both organically and inorganically. Ascent Consultants aspire to be covering the global footprint covering relevant countries in all continents in the next two years. It believes that it is necessary to put themselves in the shoes of the client to deliver HR services and hence try to be accurate, adaptable and accountable in everything it delivers.
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