Organic Marketing on Social Media is not DEAD! AdEngage™ Gets 1, 00,000+ organic Contest Entries and Shows How it’s done!

AdEngage™ Gets 1, 00,000+ organic Contest Entries- Insights Success

AdEnagage is one of the pioneers in performance focused digital marketing in India. It has emerged as one of the leading brand-building agencies in this highly competitive space with its unparalleled creativity and zest.
Digital marketers, analysts and brand promoters around the world make this point that organic marketing is simply DEAD on social media, especially Facebook. This makes clients spend a huge amount on paid promotions. It is also observed that the interaction ratio with page audience gradually decreases once the AD spends are over. The engagement ratio sometimes falls even below 1% of the total followers and it leaves everyone bemused. So, how does a brand engage consumers and build audience on social media spending little or nothing at all?
Well, if an agency is good in content creation and knows how to engage niche audience, then certainly organic marketing will elevate brand-customer engagement ratio without burning a hole in the client’s pocket.
Mumbai based AdEngage decided to take this as a challenge. They tapped into the core customer base with 10-11 micro-contests (Contest Theme: Last Comment Wins) for some of their clients in F&B and Education industry. The target was 1, 00,000+ entries without Ad spends and the deadline provided was 20 working days. Sounds Impossible? Well, let’s hear from their team on how they made it happen! 
 Sr. Marketer James Singh shared his thoughts about this initiative that lead his team to success. “The process demanded an understanding of the target market and filtering niche audience accordingly. It was crucial for us to retain the old audience and build new audience effectively for progressive participation. In short, understanding the customer psychology and maintaining the hype consistently throughout the contest period was one of the key elements for the success of this game-changing effort by our team.”
Social Media Marketer, Nimesh Pardeshi expressed his view, stating “The process behind this was tough to execute as you’ve to manually reach a lot of audiences and I mean a lot, but I’m happy that our team had the will to continue with the same energy and passion after every milestone we had set internally. In-short we were able to pull this off successfully. This is the reason I recommend to trust organic marketing. Though results may be slow, but in the long-run, it adds tremendous value to your brand.”
Sr. Marketer Pankaj Shingte further adds “We’ve taken organic marketing on social media to a whole new level. The audience loved the contest which also made them share the content with their family, friends and network. We certainly believe that creating engaging content is the backbone of organic marketing. We are working towards strengthening organic marketing for all our clients. We are extremely happy and blessed to have clients who are never shy from experimenting or challenging old norms in digital marketing. Like we say, with AdEngage performance is guaranteed.”
Social Media Marketer, Aakash Debnath also expressed his view “I was thrilled with the idea of 1,00,000+ contest entries and that too all organic. It’s always special to achieve what you envision. What also worked for our team was the perfect timing for publishing the posts. Evening slots of 5 PM to 9 PM works great for this kind of marketing activity. However, one should always check page insights before concluding what may best work for them”.
Director, Namrata Banerji shares:
“It started with a belief that the future of social media is going to be about good content & organic marketing. Various reports and research confirm that organic marketing is completely untapped. Someone had to experiment on a larger scale, and we took the risk. As they say, ‘fortune favours the brave’ and we achieved massive 1 LAKH contest entries on our social media contests which were simple, relevant and highly engaging and all this without any AD spend. The clients were extremely happy and satisfied with the results.
I remember clients telling us that they received non-stop calls from participants during the contest requesting them to consider their entries. It’s a great learning about how impactful organic marketing activities can be. We believe such passionate participation happened because of our one-to-one approach with all the participants. It gave the much-needed understanding of the brand, the contest rules and made it more approachable. Just what social media marketing needs to achieve”.
When asked about what one thing that stood out to achieve this kind of overwhelming result, Persistence was the key in this initiative”, says Managing Director, Pancham Banerji 
The success of the contest clearly shows how brands can leverage social media and engage with customers organically. One good suggestion for brand marketers would be to focus on creating engaging video content & explore new-ways in organic marketing. Many good contests have taken place on social media before. But this “Last Comment Wins” contest will remain an interesting case-study and motivation for all the social media marketers out there.

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