Origin to Future Consultancy Services: Re-shaping the Telecom Landscape with State of the Art Network Engineering Services

Origin to Future Consultancy Services

Forming the backbone of the ever changing and dynamic telecom industry, Network reliability is one of the key factors in delivering the voice and data for effective communication between humans and devices. To accelerate the growth of network technology, network engineering plays a significant role by ensuring network performance and secure wireless access. Origin to Future Consultancy Services (O2F) is an eminent and leading provider of network engineering services and solutions in the Indian telecom sector. Leveraging its domain expertise, across not only PAN India but down the line globally and with – a vast resource pool of skilled manpower, it serves all the leading telecom networks and OEMs to bring voice and data connectivity to billions.
The company was formed in 2006 and year after year it has strived to expand – its geographical footprint as well as the portfolio of its services. Today, it offers leading-edge services and solutions across network planning, telecom implementation (radio network, FTTH, In-building solutions, Wi-Fi, small cell), turn-key services, network optimization, benchmarking, and O&M services. O2F has remained an integral part of the most ambitious telecom rollouts in the country.
The Torch Bearer of O2F
Mr. Ravi Sondhi, Managing Director and CEO, is an alumnus of IIT (Roorkee) & FMS, Delhi. After completing his education, he has successfully worked with leading telecom companies such as Nokia, Nortel Networks, Bharti Airtel, and Siemens, both in Indian and international telecom markets, before donning the entrepreneurial hat. Mr. Sondhi has hands-on experience in some of the largest telecom projects in India, across globally most challenging customer environments. He has handled diverse responsibilities spanning across end-to-end business management. Being an astute businessman, he asserts, “My earnest belief is that if we learn the right lessons from our mistakes, the future will be less expensive”.
As an entrepreneur, Mr. Sondhi has successfully mentored O2F to achieve its current market reach, client goodwill, and financial strength and enabled it to embark onto new horizons. Under his stewardship, the company is also setting sails into the allied sectors and aiming to replicate its success story.
Pacing the Story of O2F
After inception, O2F spent its formative years to establish itself in the South Indian markets of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In 2010, it made its first foray in North Indian telecom landscape. In 2012, with Mr. Ravi Sondhi coming onboard, the company began consolidating its presence in all the four regions of India. Adding to this, the company began expanding its portfolio from telecom installation & turnkey services to value added network planning & optimization, in-building solutions, Wi-Fi, small cells, FTTH, and EMF audits. Today, the company has established a strong position as a full capability partner for all telecom operators and OEMs on PAN India scale, diverse end-to-end services portfolio, and the ability to attract and retain best in class human capital. Along with this, the company made its first foray in the U.S. and North American markets in 2013 and is poised to expand its global footprint further in APAC, MEA, and African and European markets.
Differentiating Services of O2F
Through the years, O2F has constantly endeavored not only to remain at the forefront of technology but has also has driven innovations, leaving a mark on the telecom market landscape. As an integral part of the technology innovation ecosystem, it has partnered networks in market trials and helped to commercially deploy the prevailing and upcoming technologies such as 4G LTE, 5G, IoT and NB-IoT. In addition to this, O2F has earned an unparalleled position as a reliable network services partner who has never abandoned any project midcourse. It has executed several projects and continues to do so across the toughest of terrains – be it the remote corners of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, deserts of Rajasthan, or the North East. Its full service capabilities coupled with unbounded project execution expertise are the key differentiators, which set O2F apart from the peers.
O2F Aims to be the Best-in-Class
The goal of O2F is to be the most preferred network services partner for the telecom operators and OEMs. Its aim is to achieve this by constantly embracing technological innovations, focusing on quality, being a preferred employer of choice, and ensuring financial soundness. O2F remains an Equal Opportunities company, cherishing the diversity of its workforce, remaining in compliance of OHS good practices, and strongly valuing its ethics and corporate social responsibilities.
The Best Earned Price is the Customers’ Goodwill
The biggest and the most enduring reward for an organization is when its clients unfailingly entrust their confidence and faith in its delivery capabilities. O2F has had the privilege of being rewarded with this trust many a time. “We take pride in the fact that our clients reserve their toughest network challenges for us and have confidence in our capabilities to surmount them. Our increasing business volumes with our clients, year after year, are a testimony of this strong trust.” says the CEO.
Treading Forward with Advancements in Technology
Telecom technology today has transcended beyond connecting humans to connecting man-machine, and machine-machine. IoT and connected devices have given an unprecedented and virtually infinite growth prospect to this sector. According to O2F, the best part of this industry is that it continues to evolve itself every few quarters and raises the bar for prevailing technology standards by a few notches. The increasing customer appetite for improving data speeds, continuous improvement in devices, availability and growth of digitized content, and the robust competition amongst the market players will ensure that the telecom market remains buoyant for the foreseeable future, and O2F sees this as an opportunity to grow further. As an active partner of the operator-OEM-service partner ecosystem, O2F always remains abreast with the latest technological developments and market evolution.
Outshining the Competition with Integral Qualities
Addressing the growing competition in the industry, Mr. Sondhi says, “There are no shortcuts to succeeding in this hypercompetitive and globalized business environment; it requires a lot of grit and determination”. The company maintains a close-connect with its customers’ needs – ability to anticipate, scale up or down and delivering with unflinching reliability, quality, and responsiveness, which are the paramount qualities of O2F. It also has speed as integral part of its entire delivery proposition. Financial strength, resource management, partner, and alliance management are the other cornerstones of the success of O2F. Although these are the significant qualities of the company, the CEO asserts, “Human capital is the biggest differentiator in today’s world. An organization’s ability to attract, grow, and retain people is the most vital element for success in its journey”.
Future Endeavors
The growth plans of O2F are strongly intertwined with the growth plans of the telecom sector; and the company is confident about its higher-than-the-market growth in the future. While O2F is already the one-stop-shop offering all network services that operators and OEMs rely upon, it is eagerly looking forward to enhancing its presence in the FTTH and O&M markets further. O2F has plans to enhance its presence in the overseas markets as well. Mr. Sondhi is assured about the future of the company and strongly believes, “The O2F of tomorrow will have a strong global footprint yet retain the closeness, availability, and reliability for our customers, virtues that are a hallmark of our delivery capabilities even today”.

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