Ascend Telecom Infrastructure: A Single and Sustainable Platform for All the Telecom Infrastructural Requirements

Ascend Telecom Infrastructure

The technology, network, products, and services that facilitate communication and transmission over large distances, all come under the umbrella of telecommunication infrastructures. It has been evolving continuously with the burgeoning of single purpose to multipurpose networks. With the fast-paced advancements in telecom sector, increasing need of ultra-high speed data at least costs, and new developments in content delivery on the mobile media, communication infrastructure has become very significant. It is necessary for the companies in this sector to keep up with all the emerging trends in business as well as technology. Ascend Telecom Infrastructure Private Limited is one such prominent, leading-edge telecommunications infrastructure and service providing company, based in India.
Ascend is an ISO-9001-2015 certified telecom IP infrastructure technology and service provider in India. It is a PAN India level organization; its corporate office is situated in Bangalore and operations headquarter based in Hyderabad. Led by respective business heads, all the states have fully functional teams and they operate as SBUs, delivering services to all the telecom operators in the country. Ascend has grown leaps and bounds and has become a major player, setting benchmark in the industry.
Along with this, it plays a key role in the economic development of rural masses by providing connectivity and thereby bridging the digital divide, which has provided a boost to the vision of “Connected India”. Ascend is a pioneer in leveraging technology as well as green energy with minimum carbon footprints and lowest TOC (Total Cost of Operation) in the industry. It is paving its way towards becoming the best in class, in the Telecom Infrastructure Industry.
The Prescient Leading Ascend towards Success
The CEO of Ascend, Dr. Sushil Kumar Chaturvedi, is a visionary technocrat, having 30+ years of exemplary track record in Telecom/IT Industry. For his contribution to the industry, he has been awarded “President’s medal” for archetypal services in Telecommunications and “CEO of the Year” for 2016, 2017, and 2018 and International recognitions.
Ascend has hugely benefitted from his expertise and visionary strategy, catapulting from a cash strapped “CDR company” to the most preferred IP, with robust balance sheet and top financial ratings. The quality of acting proactively, turning challenges into opportunities, has made the company’s achievement under his leadership more significant.
Dr. Sushil’s trait of making “quick and right” decisions has helped him to lead Ascend towards growth in this dynamic industry with fast changing technology. “Making a bad decision is better than not making a decision at all.” believes Dr. Sushil. He is the people’s CEO, who gets people to buy into his idea. When he needs a team to passionately deliver his ideas, he engages the organization to rollout such ideas and innovations with full dedication. Along with always delivering consistent results, he has shown that he is a hard task master with a human touch. Understanding that the strength lays in the future industry dynamics and taking decisive actions ahead of the time, he adopts himself to the circumstances. Dr. Sushil’s humane approach to problems makes him a very popular leader.
Walking through the Journey of Ascend
Formerly known as Aster Infrastructure Private Limited, Ascend was incepted with the aim of becoming a leading integrated telecom infrastructure provider in the year 2002. Ascend was the first Indian company to offer the Build-Own-Lease model to mobile and telecom giants with a complete and passive infrastructure. In 2007, the company was acquired by New Silk Route, which helped it to grow both profitably and responsibly. In 2011, the company merged with India Telecom Infra Ltd., adding about 2,500 towers and 4,000 tenants to its existing portfolio of 1,200 towers and 1,600 tenants. This was a remarkable milestone in the company’s journey- enabling it to proudly operate from the remotest areas of the country. Being one of the early adopters of remote monitoring techniques, it now runs a state-of-the-art Network Operating Center. Ascend has been focused on preserving Mother Nature; continually working to reduce the environmental impacts by deploying clean and green technologies. In 2017, it received investments from IDFC Alternatives, which has helped it to maintain its high growth trajectory through the recent turmoil in the industry.
Leading-Edge Products and Services
Ascend offers mobile cell site infrastructure, which includes custom built cells, throughout the geography of India. It is a pioneer in innovation and its state-of-the-art backend infrastructure built with Centralized Tower Operation Center (CTOC) has remote connectivity from all its cell sites. It is supported by fully automated operations, real-time fault management, and renewable energy in select sites, providing highest uptimes under all the conditions.
Ascend has successfully developed a bouquet of solutions to meet all the requirements efficiently and competitively. With periodic upgrades of technology and hardware, it has maintained the entire passive infra-network very young and healthy. Excellent maintenance programs are predictively planned to provide least cost of operations and excellent ROI on the investments. Infrastructure facilities created by Ascend have been made scalable and future-proof to meet both core telecom needs and associated value-added services. Ascend provides the lowest energy consumption per unit of load by intelligent automation, highest efficiency, and with perpetual improvements in technology, data analytics & interpretation, thereby providing operations at a lowest cost.
Vision and Core Values Inspiring the Employees
Ascend’s vision is “To be a competitive and prized asset management company. The values of the company are its heart and soul and are dedicatedly believed in by all the employees. ‘Customers First, Always’ is one of the most important values. Dr. Shushil quotes, Customers talk, we listen, we look for every opportunity where we can exceed our customer’s expectation and create customer delight.” Excellence, Ownership and Accountability, Team Work, Human Capital- Valuing the employees as the most important asset, and Ethics and Morality, sum up the other core values of the company.
Accolades and Recognitions
Ascend Corporate Governance framework and policies have ensured compliance with the laws, regulations, and codes of best practices in India. Focus is on profitability keeping Employee Health Safety and Security, Social Management System, Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity and Inclusion, and Code of Ethics as the key drivers. The accolades and recognition by various prominent media companies and well-known platforms that stand as a testimony to this effect are: Organization with innovative HR practices, Customer Services Award 2014, Innovation and Technology Leader 2016, Employee Engagement Award 2017 and 2018, 10 Most Promising Technology Provider-2017, Sustainable Green Energy -2017, and many more.
Differentiating Aspects of Ascend
“With fast paced technology evolution, ever increasing expectations of all stake holders, and hyper competition in the industry, organizations need to be resilient by being proactive and adaptable. Forward decision making, accountability and the conviction to outperform will differentiate men from the boys. The collective mindset aligned to excel and not mere survival, would be the key differentiator.” asserts Dr. Sushil.
Ascend has based its employment philosophy upon the values like Freedom, Entrepreneurship, and Fun. Understanding that people are its key resource, they persevere to hire, train, retrain, and retain talent. The work environment at Ascend provides immense freedom to operate and encourages employees’ participation, without any form of discrimination. For employee learning and development, Ascend has leveraged captivating and cutting-edge platforms, like Virtual Reality, mobile-based simulated training, webminars, and so on.
Understanding the developments in the technology as well as the industry and being compliant to the needs has been a part of the innovative culture at Ascend and this has helped them to be in the frontline and lead the business always. Ascend has successfully taken up advanced and smart solutions to make their tower and equipment designs more flexible, scalable, and highly cost effective. It has developed cost-efficient, small foot-printed designs to meet 4G and 5G network needs, ensuring to stay abreast with the recent technological advancements.
Valuable Feedbacks of its Customers
“We are deeply grateful to your operation team led by all those, whose enthusiasm and energy transformed our vision into reality. Your commitment and sense of mission moved us.”– Vodafone
“We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated, and the way you extend your support as a whole. We look forward to continuing this relationship. I, once again would like to congratulate you for your hard work and dedication. I wish that you continue your spirit in the upcoming projects also. Wish you all the best and good luck ahead.”– Reliance Jio
“Very appreciative performances by Ascend Team, especially long pending issues are successfully resolved and restored the lock sites. Expecting the same in the future.”– Idea
All Set for a Beaming Future
Ascend is future ready, armed with experienced and motivated highly skilled team and backed with financial support from promoters. They are targeting aggressive Organic and In-Organic growth to exploit the market opportunities. Diversification into ISP, IBS, and actively managed services is being pursued to enhance profitability by monetizing their tower base. Ascend is firm on strengthening its position as the most preferred service provider of choice by all the Telco’s, with its innovative infrastructure deployments in smart cities and a target of 100% green portfolio. “In the next 3 years, Ascend would be a Green Towerco, with an accretive diversified portfolio, delighting the customers and shareholders.” says its CEO.
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