Ortho Care: Proffering Prominent Orthopedic Healthcare Solutions

Mobility is a rudimentary need for humans. Loss of mobility can either be caused by accidents or ageing. Although accidents can be prevented, old age cannot be. Degenerative and inflammatory diseases of bones and joints are some of the most common orthopedic problems. Resolving these problems requires surgery, which in turn, requires orthopedic devices to be implanted inside the body to replace or support the damaged entity.
Ortho Care, founded in 1994, is a leading company which manufactures, exports and supplies orthopedic products. It is a US FDA 510K and CE certified company with manufacturing practices and facilities conforming to the ISO 13485 guidelines. Ortho Care produces an array of quality implants which are affordable and are trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across the world.
Ortho Care is constantly introducing innovations and focusing on the quality mission to make the life of a patient better. Ortho Care stands for quality, competitiveness and accuracy.
Rajeev Chhabra, Founder of Ortho Care, took up the business in trading and manufacturing of Medical Equipment and Instruments in 1985. After the inception of Ortho Care, he was dedicated to Orthopedic Implants and Instruments. Rajeev is the first president of Orthopedic Implants Manufacturers’ Association in India and also closely works with CDSCO, NPPA and the Ministry of Pharmaceuticals for the betterment of Orthopedic Industry in India.
Keeping You Strong… Keeping You Healthy… Bone Care for a lifetime…
This has been Ortho Care’s belief since its inception in 1994. It began as a small Indian enterprise, and today is a force to reckon within the Orthopedic Industry in the Indian & Global horizon. This philosophy is imbibed in all the services and solutions it offers and also forms the basis of every product it produces.
Ortho Care’s first and foremost priority is patient safety and accurate manufacturing of implants so that the surgeons do not face any problem during surgery.
Ortho Care has developed several highly acclaimed products. Their most admired product is the Locking Plates which are regularly being used by many orthopedic surgeons in India with accuracy and great results. Ortho Care implants are widely accepted by leading hospitals and surgeons all over the world.
Ortho Care produces a comprehensive range of products in orthopedic segments such as trauma, joints, spinal implants and instruments. Bone screws, bone plates, interlocking nails, hip prosthetics, external fixators, spinal implants, and power systems are some of the implants Ortho Care provides.
Apart from this, general instruments; from Drill Bits to Plate Benders and bone cutting Instruments Small & Large fragment Instrument sets, are offered by Ortho Care. Instruments for hip prosthetics, Spine implant Instruments, and Duksh Interlocking nails & instruments are also delivered.
Cranial Maxillofacial Surgery often involves manipulation of bone, though it is not tissue-specific, it deals with bone, skin, nerve, muscle, teeth, and another related anatomy. Ortho Care provides Cranial Maxillofacial Systems which makes this complex procedure relatively efficient to perform. Ortho Care also provides Modular Hand Implants Systems and Sterilization Boxes which makes surgery proficient.
Vision, Mission, and Values
Ortho Care believes that maintaining their values have helped them carve a niche image in the industry and build a long-term sustainable relationship with their partners. Unparalleled growth and an obsession to take the company to the forefront of the Orthopedic Industry in India with a huge presence across the globe is Ortho Care’s vision towards the future.
To create an innovative and sustainable medium for the development of high-impact, safe and affordable orthopedic implants for the masses and especially for the developing countries were the main motive behind the inception of Ortho Care.
Ortho Care strongly believes in striving to achieve the highest quality standards that are the hallmark of excellence. It trusts that all their efforts and resources shall be channelized towards meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Furthermore, they aim to have consistent achievement of set business and realize opportunities for accelerating growth.

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