GESCO Healthcare: The Trailblazer of Quality Surgical Instruments & Implants

The medical devices industry has evolved significantly over the last six decades with the market, expected to grow more than 10% year on year. The market, which was initially dominated by large western players, now consists of several Indian companies. GESCO Healthcare is a 55-years-old leading Medical Device Manufacturing Company which endeavors to alleviate pain for patients across the globe.
The company focuses on the Manufacturing of High-quality Neuro, Orthopaedic and Spinal implants and a vast array of high-quality Surgical instruments. GESCO having accreditations such as Indian FDA, ISO 13485, 9001, CE marking, US FDA, WHO-GMP is a testament to the quality of products that the company offers. GESCO recently launched a new Division to manufacture Natural Remedies.
About the Rousing Journey of this Successful Enterprise
After Independence, the Indian Surgical instruments Industry was in a very primitive stage. Most of the surgical instruments were imported and therefore were expensive. Mr.Theodore George had manufacturing experience in surgical instruments, and he saw plenty of potentials as there were a huge demand from surgeons to supply quality surgical instruments at reasonable prices. In order to serve customers with affordable, high-quality surgical instruments, Mr. Theodore George founded GESCO in the year 1962.
In the year 1985, Mr. Samuel Williams George, the current CEO and the eldest son of Mr. Theodore George joined the business as a young engineer. In the early 90s, Samuel George saw a gap in the market for good quality Spinal implants at affordable prices as European and American giants dominated this market. Inspite of the heavy competition that they face in the market, their rich R&D experience, cutting-edge machinery, inherent focus on quality and innovation helps them to differentiate themselves from their competition.
Now, GESCO’s expertise leading in manufacturing on high-quality surgical instruments supplemented the production of high-quality Spinal implants at affordable prices. Today, GESCO is the largest Spinal implants manufacturer in the country.
Providing Best-in-class Tools that will Change the Face of the Healthcare Industry
Mr. George’s vision, when he founded GESCO, was to create a company that produces the highest quality of innovative medical devices, an ethos that runs throughout the company. GESCO has one of the most advanced medical device manufacturing facilities in the country. Their entire facility, including the machining shop floors, is AHU controlled and air-conditioned. Certain processes take place in class 100 and class 10,000 rooms and therefore have stringent environmental controls. The qualities of the products are maintained by employing rigorous quality checks at several stages, and the sterility is validated with the help of an exhaustive microbiology laboratory.
There are several patented products that GESCO has innovated and manufactured. The company has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Neurosurgical and Orthopaedic specialties from across the globe. Products such as GAAS, a Spinal product, and Halifax Nail, an Orthopaedic Products are highly acclaimed innovations of GESCO accepted by the industry.
“We believe in investing in the best equipment the world has to offer. We have highly advanced capital machinery from Switzerland, Germany, Japan and USA. With the help of our exhaustive Quality Management System and infrastructure, we can handle any stringent regulatory requirements from around the world. We have had recent successful audits for the US FDA, ISO 13485 and CE just to name a few,” assured Samuel Williams.
Our Secret Sauce for Success is a Very Strong Team, says Samuel Williams George
“A growing team should have the hunger for continuous learning to understand the market trends and the ability to work as a team. This will help us deliver the most value to our customers. The team should have qualified Bio-Medical Engineers with experience who can take from concept to product,” says Samuel Williams. GESCO has over 350 employees, and has marketing offices in 15 cities, an exhaustive dealer network in the country and also has its presence in over 30 countries.
The CEO, Mr. Samuel George’s vision is to diversify further thereby adding, even more, value to all stakeholders. New divisions in niche markets such as Natural Remedies and Biologics are a testament to his vision.
The Smart Solution Provider for a Smart Planet
“We always keep the value of our customers. Each customer is unique to us and makes strong bonds with each of them. Hence we manufacture unique products for specific customers. We always consider our customer database as precious, and we strive hard continuously to satisfy their needs. We have customers who are in business relation with us for more than 30 years.    We always keep customer satisfaction, customer desired manufacturing and being customer-centric as our key elements and we also strongly believe that this leads us to the success,” assures Samuel Williams.
GESCO’s Continuous Medical Education (CME) about their existing and new products in regular frequency enables them to update their existing customers and build a new customer base.

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