Outsourcing: The Modern Buzz of these Days


Outsourcing the internal functions of an organization significantly reduces the costs and also offers multiple benefits, which makes outsourcing a profitable prospect. With expensive trade of knowledge and the deep roots in the industry, the outsourcing companies are among the best people to share your workload and minimize the overhead.
Outsourcing refers to the way in which companies allows different business processes of functions to external vendors. Any type of business process can be done from the offshore location which can be further outsourced. It includes many important functions such as payroll, transaction processing and inventory management to name. In addition to this, there are many call center services which are outsourced in the best possible manner. The supreme visible and obvious benefit which is related to saving costs with the help of outsourcing. You can get your job done at affordable rate and high quality with the help of outsourcing.
In the issue of “The 10 Most Admired Outsourcing Companies”, we have presented the innovator in the arena of outsourcing, who have accomplished trademark by providing state-of-the-art outsourcing solutions and are well equipped for continuing the outsourcing-industries future. Doubtlessly, all organizations are continuously playing a vital role in Outsourcing modernization.
We have listed; Ascent Consulting Services employs a matrix of technology, domain expertise, streamlined business workflow, and highly skilled people to create tangible, measurable, performance improvements throughout the client’s organization. Citrus Informatics is a leading industry player providing quality IT services and innovative technology solutions. Consystent Infotech is a leading IT and Business Process Outsourcing services company – integrating the best in human resources and technical expertise to serve global companies & Indian corporate giants. CNC Transcend Management Services (CNCTMS) is a management services firm that specializes in business strategy development and execution, along with leadership coaching for growth phase companies. Eben Telecom (P) Ltd, provides quality service with the use of state of the art technology & infrastructure and in turn ensuring Customer Delight at all levels. Gretis India Private Limited has been in the industry for several years now and has developed a sound understanding of the industry best practices. No one understands Human Resource Management and outsourcing employees related issues better than us. New Horizon is an HR process consulting company having its expertise in wide areas of HR Services. Osource India provides advanced solutions to a wide range of large, medium-sized & small sized enterprises including many leading blue-chip multinational firms/setups. Smartshore specializes in Outsourcing Services which includes IT Staffing, IT Application Development IT Infrastructure Management and Knowledge Process Outsourcing. TransForm is a BPO company with world-class execution offering global clients customized services and exceptional customer engagement since establishment.
We have covered expert view on, “Outsourcing – Your propeller into a tech-enabled future of emerging technologies” by Rishi Khanna, Founder and CEO of ISHIR,
We have an existing corner of Interview with Insights Success with Open Mind Services Limited a premium Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company meets the outsourcing demands in varied fields such as Tele Health Help Desk, HR Back Office, Facility Management Helpdesk, Vendor Management, Lead Generation, and Call centers.
Also, we have encompassed, “Outsourcing: An Efficient and Cost-Effective Alternative for the Business World” scripted by our in-house editors in the wonderful pages of this magazine.

So flip through the pages of our magazine and explore interesting insights into the world of Outsourcing revelation!

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