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Citrus Informatics

Living as we do in a radically changing and competitive world, with young minds and startups bringing exceptionally brilliant ideas and creative solutions to the table, you have only moments before a customer loses interest in your solution. With people always looking out for differentiators or solutions that are unusual, it is extremely difficult to catch the customer’s eye.
With the aim of bringing innovative and niche solutions to the market, Citrus Informatics officially started its operations in January 2010. Being an information and communication technology (ICT) company, Citrus Informatics uses creative thinking combined with cutting edge technologies to bring their solutions to life.
Citrus informatics does not believe in a one size fits all concept. They believe that every customer is unique and every project they undertake is unique. Each project is seen as a new challenge where experienced engineers decide on the best technology to implement a solution. Every solution is also given a creative flavor by the “User Experience” team of Citrus before the solution is put forward to the customers. Simply adding flairs do not bring value to a solution unless it meets the business objectives of the customer in terms of time, budget and scope. Citrus aims at adapting to the changing customer requirements while providing high quality, reliable and affordable solutions that are delivered on time thereby bringing value to every solution they deliver.
Staying on top of the latest technologies has always been a part of the Citrus culture. This allows them to harness its power to enable the clients to seize opportunities and respond to change with agility.
The company provides IT consultation and software development services to a wide variety of clients in Project management, Healthcare & Fitness, Logistics, Educational, Non-profit, Broadcasting, Semiconductor, Device Integration, Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare Networking, Risk management and Real estate space.
Citrus has a state-of-the-art, and professionally managed offshore development facility with nearly 100 engineers. It has an in-depth expertise in trending technologies extending from enterprise, desktop, and web to hybrid and mobile.
The thought leader behind Citrus Informatics
Founder and CEO of Citrus Informatics, Sarji R Mohammedali, has 22 years of diverse experience of spearheading large IT Divisions spanning Program & Project Management, Infrastructure & Operations Management, People Management, Research, Product Development & Engineering, Technology management, Application development, Information security and Quality Management across a broad spectrum of verticals in the IT industry in USA and India.
Sarji began his career as a lecturer in Computer Engineering and moved to the IT industry and worked with Avenir Inc., Atinav LLC and UCI Technology in India and USA in the capacity of Senior Vice President – Technology, Head of Projects & Operations etc. prior to Citrus Informatics.
Apart from Citrus Informatics (India) Pvt Ltd, Sarji Mohammedali decisively serves three different IT companies. Since 2010, he has been serving Netspective Communications LLC, USA as Director of Engineering; since 2009, as Offshore Head of TCTI Inc, USA; since 2010 as IT Advisory to RGB Broadcasting Equipments, Kerala, India.
An Arduous Journey to Success
In 2009, Citrus Informatics began its life with baby steps. For almost a year, Sarji worked as the only full time employee of the company with a few freelance engineers trying to identify the right customers. Like all startup companies, one of the biggest hurdles that Sarji had to overcome was to gain the trust of customers. With almost no online reputation, it took a while for Citrus to catch the customer’s eye.
Sarji always laid importance on delivering high quality products that required little or no maintenance in the long run. During the initial days he refused to accept payment was only accepted from customers until they were totally satisfied with what was delivered. Once people started noticing the value that Citrus gave them with their simple yet robust solutions, there was no turning back. Requests kept pouring in from customer referrals as well as from existing customers, with whom, Citrus by then, had established a deep relationship.
A Qualified Team of Creative Professionals
No product or service ever leaves Citrus without it being quality tested for perfection.” – is the motto that the QA team follows at Citrus.
Every member of Citrus Informatics is chosen by a rigorous process where they are evaluated in terms of their professional skill, attitude, drive and creativity. Knowledge alone is not power. Unless every team member is willing to use their knowledge to bring notable ideas to their peers and think innovatively, Citrus Informatics would just be another startup company. What sets them apart is the process in which an employee is recruited to Citrus and the environment where their skills are nurtured to bring the best out in them.
Every team member is encouraged to contribute confidently and think differently. They are provided with ample opportunities to work with the latest technologies and interact with customers from around the globe. Timelines are strictly adhered to and the entire development cycle is made transparent to the customer.
Experienced Service Providers
With expertise in providing solutions for healthcare, cold chain, logistics, real-estate, nonprofit and e-commerce domains, Citrus Informatics is familiar with the standards, protocols and regulations applicable in each of these spaces. This kind of knowledge cannot be taught but it can only be learned through practical experience working closely with people in these spaces, making Citrus Informatics, an even more valuable organization.
The company provides a wide array of management and engineering services including IT Consulting, Project Management, Technology Management, Product Management & Engineering, Architecture, Application/Solution Development, Mobile Apps, Database Design and Administration, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, UX Design, Testing and Quality Assurance, as well as Digital Marketing.
Their expertise in Application/Web Development using proprietary as well as open source technologies is exceptional. Security/Penetration testing and Performance testing are other services that they can boast of. Citrus Informatics is proficient in working with multifunctional and multiple technology solutions and has in-depth experience in integrating third party APIs, applications, solutions, services and Social Networking platforms.
In terms of infrastructure management, their expertise with leading cloud environments is commendable with the capability and experience to provide services of Server/Service Optimization, Hardening and Security, Identity Management, Optimization & Performance Tuning, Monitoring, Operations Support etc.
Looking back, Citrus Informatics has come a long way from when it started back in 2010 to a company providing high value solutions to lots of organizations round the globe.
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