Payments Show A Starring Role In the Entertainment Economy

PayPal debuted termed the “second wave” of its Digital Goods Economy Survey in tandem with the research efforts of SuperData — and it sure seems that way.
In the interview with Karen Webster, Melissa O’Malley, director of global enterprises at PayPal, told that it may not come as a surprise, but “mobile is truly driving transactions” across a variation of end products. For consumers, she stated, mobile characterizes a preferred way not only to ingest digital media, but also for buying that media and is one of the most suitable ways to do so.
Findings from the U.S. research revealed that, with the capacity to watch or download an entire TV series, consumers “immediately become interested in it,” O’Malley stated. There’s the potential for instant consumption that is alluring, she said, stating that the research also offered insights on where and how people consume media.
Across mobile, TV and movie perspectives, smartphones are the hardware of choice worldwide. And though home seeing of movies and media to raise up images of home theaters and flat screen TVs, the conclusions show that most media streaming across mobile devices, in fact, proceed place in the living room, O’Malley told.
Drama and comedy led the mode, with more than 70 percent of respondents each selecting these genres. And in answer to the Webster’s question about payments driving comportment to get this content — which is, of course, more simply available — O’Malley told that “ease of use and processing payments rapidly” were vital across verticals, as was the craving for a quick and simple checkout process.
“Consumers will not only pay for a streaming service,” O’Malley added, but they “will also pay for extra downloads. It’s not one or the other.”

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