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As the clients’ exposure to consulting services increases, they are becoming more demanding. They expect value for money. With this mindset, Mumbai based Performance Enablers was incepted in January, 2017. It all started with the mission to unleash people potential for mutual good of individuals, organizations, communities and the society at large.
The firm strongly believes that designing and instituting changes in a client organization requires deep understanding of its culture, ethos and mindset of the key stakeholders. To have a grasp on all of these requires close engagement with the client organization over a period of time and leveraging of the internal networks. The firm therefore, focuses on long term engagements and works as an external arm of the HR function of the client organizations.
“Humility, keenness to learn, authenticity, co-creation of solutions with the clients, fairness and commitment to value addition, are some of the values that define us.” says Dr. Pramod Solanki, the Founder.
Meet the Profound Persona
Dr. Pramod Solanki, the Founder of Performance Enablers, began his career as Research Staff, in the Organizational Behavior (OB) Area of IIM Ahmedabad, the premier B – School of India. The job involved assisting the Professors at the Institute in Teaching, Training, Consulting and Research.
Subsequently, he joined the faculty at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. There he discovered his passion for the practice of HR and moved to the corporate sector. He has worked with Tata Consultancy Services, Larsen & Toubro and Sun Pharma for his assignments. He acknowledges that whatever he is today is because of all that he has learnt as a student at Delhi University and the career he has had with these great institutions.
The Voyage
After three decades of association with some of the best institutions and corporates in the country, Dr. Pramod began his journey as a consultant. He is very thankful to his mentors and friends who encouraged him to pursue this track and that’s how Performance Enablers was born
“Working under the guidance of some of the best – known faculty and HR thought leaders and, interacting with some of the brightest students of the country and corporate leaders who came to the IIM Ahmedabad, was an enriching experience and laid the foundation for the rest of the career.” states Dr. Pramod.
The firm partners with organizations- for commercial and not-for-profit, to help them leverage the HR. It aims to be a preferred partner for organizations to address people related challenges. And, for that it is working hard.
As his experience had largely been around design and implementation of people processes to address identified challenges, he has been focused on taking up assignments in the same domain. Though it took some time for the clients to repose the trust required to handle such assignments by an external person, once the work began, the demand has only grown. Since then, there have been exciting assignments across the HR spectrum.
The Breadth and the Depth of Services  
The services of the firm cover entire gamut of HR work- from hiring to exit. With rich experience in HR, he also takes up the role of Consultant Chief HR Officer (CHRO) for some of the mid-sized companies. Most of the time, these are long term / ongoing assignments. Though the nature of the assignments is driven by the need as communicated by the client or as identified through the diagnostic work, these broadly fall in the domain of Organization Development (OD). More specifically, the interventions have been around Executive Coaching, Leadership Effectiveness, Employee Engagement and Design of processes across the HR verticals. Further details can be found on the website:
The firm keeps abreast of the developments in the consulting space by participating in the professional events, conferences and workshops.
The Major Challenges in Consulting
The consultants who drive improvement efforts, particularly in the HR space, need to draw upon not only on their domain expertise. But, it’s also on their ability to quickly understand the social and political networks in a client organization. This is necessary as any change effort cannot succeed without the buy-in of the key stakeholders. This requires time and continuous engagement, which can be a challenge when a consultant is chasing revenue targets, to the exclusion of value addition to the clients.
Then, there are pricing pressures as many new consultants would reduce fee for their services just to gain entry into the space.
Technology Impact on the Consulting Market
Like any other business, consulting has also been impacted by technology and different organizations are at different stages of maturity in usage of technology.
There are organizations that leverage technology for speed, accuracy and eliminating the drudgery in the consulting work so as to use that time to reflect deeply on the issues and bring greater insights to the table. There are also others that flaunt the technology they use with little or no integration with the human effort or purpose of the assignment.
Future Plans
In the coming future, the firm sees itself emerging as service provider of choice in HR space.  And, for that it is continuing with its approach of long-term engagement with the clients. This is what ensures that it delivers value to the clients. 
Clients’ Voice
For the firm, the biggest milestone or award is its clients’ acknowledgement that they benefitted by partnering with Performance Enablers. Below are some of the excerpts of what clients have spoken about Performance Enablers.
Amar Amin
Founder & CEO at MatchpointGPS, Inc. and TrackpointGPS Pvt Ltd.
I feel happy to write about Dr. Pramod Solanki who has been working with us since July 2017. He has been providing leadership to our HR function ever since. During this period, our HR processes – from recruiting to exit, have been fully streamlined, from design as well as execution standpoint.
With his support, we have successfully manned all the leadership and other critical positions in the organization, with quality talent. I have no hesitation in saying that for a fast – growing organization like ours, Pramod’s role in organization building and injecting requisite seniority, mentorship and direction to our leadership team has been instrumental.
I wish him continued success in all his endeavors.
Vinit Asher
Head -Family office of Asher’s 
Dr. Pramod Solanki has been working with us since last one year and a half. He began with us as an executive coach for my younger brother who takes care of my software business (Techease Systems Pvt. Ltd). Seeing his passion and commitment to the task at hand, we engaged him as an adviser for our software business.
In the last one and a half year, Pramod has not only streamlined the HR function in our software unit, he has improved some of our key business processes like sales review and interface between sales and deliver teams. Our software unit has benefitted tremendously from his process improvement inputs.
Besides his professional insights, Pramod stands out for his passion and total commitment to add value. I am sure he would be an asset for any organization he works with. 
Santosh Jagdhane
The Head-CSR at Dorf Ketal Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Dr Pramod Solanki is providing voluntary services to our Educational Development Project being implemented in partnership with Navdrushti, an NGO in the Govt. Ashramshala, Dabheri, Taluk- Jawahar, District- Palghar, Maharashtra and Sumitra Public School, Babai, Taluk and District- Hoshangabad, MP, India. The goal of this project is to develop holistic personality of tribal and rural students by providing them a quality of education.
In a nutshell, Dr Solanki is ‘THE DAILY DRUCKER’ for us. His well-balanced advice on project management, monitoring, evaluation, capacity building and training & development has helped us considerably to take our project at next level. He visits to our remotely located project sites and enthusiastic participation in our monthly review meetings and helped us progress of project and also helped us improve our Plan-Do-Review Cycle with love, passion and compassion. He is a free fountain of knowledge and experiential learning for us. He has simplified our understanding of Human Investment and its importance which has helped us to align our goal and vision with our project implementing team.
Dr Solanki is a leading role model for many consultants. Like him, other consultants should also develop the NGOs and help build our country. May God bless him with health and zeal to serve our society.

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