Aims Global Consultants: Rendering the Right People at Right Workplace

Amit Kumar Gupta Business Head Aims Global Consultants | Insights Success | Business magazine in India

A company is often as efficient as its employees. The way they work for an organisation and absorb and align to its goals, vision and mission, is critical for its success. Recognizing the significance of the workforce, companies often rely on Human Resource (HR) Consulting Companies to provide them with the best resources. An Ideal HR consulting company should be like a team containing a group of talented HR-Executives who are capable to understand the requirement of a client (Company) and cater accordingly on time. Kolkata based Aims Global Consultants involved in the field of Recruitment, Manpower Placement and Consultants Services for seven years are doing exactly this job with utmost excellence. It is involved in recruiting and placing all types of manpower in various sectors; Technical and non-technical in India (Eastern India).
People Power
Aims Global Consultants’ main intention from the very beginning was to serve its client organisations with what they want and where exactly they want the candidate to work efficiently. So, as the name suggests, AIMS i.e., a purpose or goal and GLOBAL – serving every part of the globe. The company fixes the HR concerns by supplying the right manpower to the client organisations by virtually handpicking the right candidate. It scrutinizes the background profile whether it is personal or professional with every detail playing its part in order to provide the organisation with what they seek.
Its dedication and hard work in candidate shortlisting are its flagship service. It is fully equipped and has good link-up with systematic planning for placing in good institutions and industries where individuals can get the best job offer to work in a healthy organization. It has an excellent database of skilled and Semi-skilled professionals to provide proper guidance, counselling for placement in several areas such as small, middle, high level & management cadre. It is also attached directly and indirectly with many companies and MNCs covering man & management especially in Automobile, Engineering, Manufacturing, FMCG & FMCD, IT, Non-IT, Hospitality, Healthcare, Logistics, Real Estate, Retail, etc.
A Hands-on Leader
Aims Global is currently headed by his Business Head, Amit Kumar Gupta. He is not only an active member of the company but also a human being par excellence and down to earth. He gets involved in each and every assignment that the company’s HR executive deals with. He even takes up the workload and is always ready to lend his helping hands. His qualities make him an example for others and inspire them to:

  • Get clear on the big picture. …
  • Hold the Company culture and values high
  • Share the vision for the company with the team. …
  • Hold everyone accountable for acting on its priorities, stated goals, and values

People at Aims Global Consultants
Aims Global Consultants’ highly expert and experienced team of consultants is always ready to take care to source the best candidates from all sectors and groom them effectively. They are highly talented in their field of work and perform their task with utmost dedication and sincerity. This unique combination of talent and sincerity makes them unique in the industry. Below are some of the qualities of Aims Global Consultants’ HR executives worth mentioning:

  1. a) They have a firm educational foundation regarding the functions of human resources.
  2. b) They can capture their audience’s attention, maintain their engagement, and deliver the message in a positive and effective manner.
  3. c) On an average workday, they can deal with one client’s personal complaint one minute, answer a maternity leave question the next, and then develop an effective recruiting strategy for a difficult to fill the position after.
  4. d) They have a strong sense of ethics when it comes to following company policies and maintaining confidential information.
  5. e) They have strong communication skills both in written and oral communication skills they are clear, concise, and effective to individuals on all levels of the organization.

The employees are vested with all the benefits and advantages that one should get. From proper working environment to timely Salary to bonuses, all are offered to them.
Keeping up with the Industry and Future
Across the globe, HR teams adopted technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Analytics to streamline work and make the hiring process more efficient. Recruiters are utilizing the power of AI to carry out job-candidate matching, a process that is a leg-up from traditional, commoditized hiring practices. Through job-candidate matching, the skill sets demanded by a particular job role are meticulously matched with the skills possessed by candidates, leading to smarter hiring decisions. Recruiters can, therefore, cast a wider net while searching for candidates and rest assured that only the best and most suitable ones will finally appear for face-to-face interviews. Aims Global Consultants is reaping every bit of it. It is planning to introduce new services like Professional resume making, Background checking, Grooming and so on of the candidates. All in all, the company has set its aim to be in the top position in the list of placement companies in India.

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