PiLog: Experts in Master Data Management

Established in 1996, PiLog Started developing & implementing solutions, while offering various programs of SAP like, Application Development, Application Integration, Data Migration for SAP customers in early 2000, PiLog has been a SAP partner since 2011. A well-known name in the industry, reputed for its industry expertise in master data management, PiLog has become SAP’s Co-Innovation partner for SAP- Master Data Governance solution.

The only Co-Innovation partner for SAP Master Data Governance for Material, PiLog’s Add-On modules bring in ISO 8000 quality data into Master Data Governance with the help of Taxonomy/Dictionary of material master. PiLog also embarked on the journey to work with SAP on S/4 Data Cloud platform where-in PiLog would provide the taxonomies, dictionaries, pre-catalogued & pre-verified material master specific golden records from PiLog’s preferred repositories which has millions of unique material master records.

Excellent Services by the Experienced One!

PiLog has been in the master data business since 1996, with a large customer base around the globe and having presence across various industry sectors, this year marks 21 successful years of PiLog Group’s existence in the market, PiLog India is also celebrating 10 Glorious years of consistent innovation & persistence this year.

PiLog offers Master Data Management, Governance Solutions & Services to medium and large enterprises. The solutions are wrapped by the data quality standard ISO 8000 which is the standard for Master Data Quality; its material and service master dictionaries are ISO 8000 & ISO 22745 compliant, this is how the company packages the data quality within its solutions & services. The thing that makes PiLog unique is its Master Data Governance solutions that are ISO 8000 certified, pre-tested, pre-configured, with proven industry BEST practices ready to deploy with SAP ERP6 or S/4 HANA systems.

The Master Data Governance Solutions & Services enables businesses to acquire, clean, build, structure, replicate/distribute, migrate & maintain the master data right through its lifecycle with tight integration into SAP solutions, PiLog’s Add-on/Accelerator the extension for SAP MDG-M has embedded industry standard content and ISO compliant processes that can accelerate the implementation of SAP MDG-M with the best practices.

PiLog’s Master Data Quality Manager (MDQM) V10 solution integrates with SAP NetWeaver and smoothly exchanges data with SAP ERP applications for various master data domains such as material, service, vendor and customer master data. Solutions that are powered by SAP Net Weaver can be more quickly and easily integrated into SAP solution environments.

The SAP MDG-M Add-On Package is pre-built, pre-configured, pre-tested, pre-validated with all the material master data practices pertaining to governance which includes the SAP MDG Content Accelerator, exposing Master Data Governance Services as SOA (micro-services). This enables subscriptions running to various enterprises and orchestrating them with ISO 8000 compliant services by PiLog Data cloud that integrates the Master Data into On-Premise/On-Cloud SAP ERP systems.

Imad Syed, Instrumenting Expertise for Company’s Success

Imad Syed, Chief Information Officer of PiLog Group of Companies, is a senior executive with vast experience & expertise in conceiving, designing & building enterprise solutions for medium to large corporates; designed SaaS, Data Analytics, Data Governance, Cloud & On-Premise business models.

He has managed & strategized research, Innovation & Development of strategic products & solutions in the field of master data governance, management & data transformations.

Imad has worked extensively in various senior executive levels across multi-national teams internationally, a team player, innovative thinker & go-to market strategist. Imad has strong leadership skills with an ability to build & lead performance oriented teams, passionate to drive rapid business growth.

While narrating the challenges PiLog has to face every coming day, Imad asserts, “As a SAP solutions & services provider, we always must be on our toes, since SAP has taken the market by storm with the introduction of S/4 HANA platform. We had to quickly adapt to the demands from the IT sectors across the globe and move forward.”

Best Practices Offered to the Customers

As custodians of Master Data, PiLog committed to provide best MDM practices via the master data governance & quality solutions to all the customers. Its governance solutions are certified by SAP and have tight integration with SAP ECC as well as S4/HANA 1610.

In the recent years PiLog has implemented its solutions in India for Adani Group, Cairn India, Welspun Group, Jindal Steel & Power, Ultra Tech Cement Sector, Vedanta Aluminium Sector, MP Birla Group, Nuvoco (formerly Lafarge) apart from other large corporates in Middle East, US, Russia, Europe & South Africa, and many more.

PiLog has developed the Add-On solutions, that are certified by SAP Labs. These Add-Ons will hugely help its customers to improve their processes and the Master Data Standards by reducing the implementation times

Imad added that, PiLog India is closely working with SAP under Co-Innovation program where-in the latest SAP technologies have been adapted for development, implementations of the master data solutions. PiLog’s mission is to transform all its solutions to S/4 HANA platform & help customers move to S/4 HANA platform sooner than later.

Being Future Ready

PiLog India is pragmatically growing in the field of Master Data Quality Solutions & Services. PiLog India has become the epicenter of entire PiLog group, having the R & D labs for the entire group at Hyderabad, India, it is 10 years of consistent innovation & persistence that has taken PiLog India to new heights, new strategies to penetrate the ever-growing SAP market has been developed & practiced with utmost sincerity, hence PiLog group is looking at the heights that haven’t been achieved to-date.

Being the SAP Co-Innovation partner for SAP – MDG, PiLog do have a huge advantage in the market to offer the solutions to the SAP customers globally as its solutions are multi-tenant as well as multi-lingual.

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