SmartDocs: Place to Get Easy to Use High Quality Software

Having expertise in the art of easing out complex workflow configuration problems with its robust Process optimization platform built with SAP native technology advantage while combining the Cloud edge, SmartDocs provides a quick ROI for the customers and lowers their Total Cost of Ownership.

SmartDocs is a global enterprise Software Company offering several product lines which covers established market spaces Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and the emerging market space of Enterprise Bots that helps an organization bringing conversational user interfaces to both internal and external audience.

SmartDocs, Working on the Technology Front

A visionary company with right investment into technologies that shape the future, SmartDocs is putting efforts in bringing out platforms that use AI technologies, which in turn help in addressing the automation requirements of its customers using its BPM and ECM platforms. SmartDocs is one of the very few companies who will be offering wide spread technological advantages in the BPM and ECM space.

SmartDocs has recently launched Synapse – a platform that brings in Bots to Enterprises. This new platform harnesses the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) to bring in software robots that can be used by any organizations.

Furthermore, SmartDocs specializes in SAP Certified add-on solutions that integrates into SAP system landscape and provides easy to use high quality software focused on optimizing business processes for customers committed to SAP technologies.

  • SAP Certified Software Partner specialized in Business Process Optimization.
  • Leader in SAP Workflow and process Integration technologies
  • Out of the box solutions built using best practice input from SAP customers
  • Expertise in modeling and optimizing business processes in all SAP modules
  • Offers SAP workflow administration services and other technical support

SmartDocs is the first company to offer a cloud based content management system for SAP systems. Its solutions provide Content Management capabilities to your core SAP systems without complex software and hardware requirements within minutes instead of weeks and months.

  • Move paper based processes to electronic processes.
  • Add early and late archiving capabilities to SAP
  • Add scanned document processing capabilities

Shravan Chintapatla, Growth Enabler of SmartDocs

Shravan Chintapatla, MD of SmartDocs India, is one of the founding members of SmartDocs. Shravan has a masters degree from North Carolina State University. He oversees all the operations for APAC region including customer delivery, R&D and Support. He has helped several large organization both Indian as well as international MNCs optimize business processes across multiple regions. Shravan’s expertise in helping organization streamline complete business processes to bring efficiencies and reduce redundancies is well acknowledged in the industry.

Offering Services for Customer Benefit

SmartDocs brings in a bunch of benefits to its customers. Firstly, the customers need not go on a spending spree for new hardware in order optimize their Business Processes as SmartDocs platform brings in a native technology advantage for SAP users.

Secondly, the solutions that SmartDocs offer help customers in making their SAP run as a process centric system rather than transaction oriented. It helps it customers in achieving Digitization and process management benefits hand in hand seamlessly.

Shravan shares, “For an example, we had a Large Chemical Manufacturing Company, who wanted to build a world class shared service center for handling their Accounts Payables activities. They had pretty tight timelines to achieve this and want a solution which leverages their existing IT investments as well. As we offer a Native solution, we were a right choice for him as our implementation cycles are almost 1/3 less than the most prominent players in this area of expertise, with native integration advantage.”

At SmartDocs, Employees are on Top of the Priority List

SmartDocs is Global software firm with headquarters in Silicon Valley. The work culture is same across its US and India operations. All the employees have a host of benefits including unlimited vacation policy (no limit on the number of vacation days as long as they can work the details of their time off with their teams), flexible working times, good laptops, fun work place with game room and other benefits. SmartDocs management truly believes all the associates are the key to the success of the firm as a whole and try to create an environment that is super cool and at the same time challenging.

Future vision of SmartDocs

When asked about the challenges faced by SmartDocs while marching towards future, Shravan explained, “Actually, from business process perspective and digitization perspective, the requirements from different industries are fairly similar. Though the business terminology is different in different industries, the basics of process optimization and digitization are almost same. SmartDocs teams help our customers harness the power of digitization and process optimization to bring efficiencies.”

At SmartDoc, the belief is that competitions spurs an Industry’s Growth and Companies strive to bring innovative technologies to address various business challenges the customers face. At SmartDoc, they have a very good team which is pretty visionary in understanding the BPM and ECM industry needs of the future and they always strive to bring products that help in meeting these needs and are always a step ahead in giving this advantage to its customers.

Shravan adds, “Future looks pretty Green for us, as the world is moving towards Optimization, Digitization and Automation. And all the three are our Core Strengths of our Offerings.”

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