Pinkerton: The Global Leader in Risk Management Solutions

Over the time, risk management processes have advanced to reflect modifications in the wider business environments, including new products, business lines, and regulatory requirements. While this adds to the complexity, it also provides the opportunity to re- think and transform processes, making them more consistent and dependable. To identify future risk possibilities along with effective solutions to keep your assets safe and secure, Pinkerton is right here for you.
In an interview with Insights Success, Rohit Karnatak, Managing Director of India, APAC & EMEA – Global Screening at Pinkerton gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by his company to take risk management to a new level.

  • Kindly brief us about Pinkerton

Pinkerton is one of the oldest and most experienced corporate risk management firms worldwide, established in 1850 by Allan Pinkerton. With headquarters in the USA, Pinkerton has a presence over 100 locations worldwide. In India, Pinkerton has been conducting operations for the last 10 years.
We work with most Fortune 500 companies globally offering risk management services ranging from Security Management, Investigations, Protective Services, Response Services, Employment Screening, and Intelligence Services. We also provide training including Crises Management, Women Safety Trainings, and a host of other areas.
Below are some interesting facts about Pinkerton & its legacy:

  • Pinkerton hired Kate Warne, in 1856 who became the first female detective in the US.
  • ‘So effective were the Pinkerton agent’s methods, that when the US Government formed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1908, it used Pinkerton’s agency as its model’- Time-Life Books
  • Pinkerton foiled an assassination attempt on the life of Abraham Lincoln at the site of his 1st inauguration & thus, Protective services entered the Private security industry.
  • Pinkerton’s collection of mug shots and methodology developed the first criminal database.
  • What kind of risk management solutions does Pinkerton provide that makes Pinkerton stand out from the competitors?

Pinkerton approaches Corporate Risk Management in an uniquely holistic way. We provide services and solutions developed and executed to address the growing multitude of threats to all the areas of a business and its operations.
We provide our clients with a clear understanding of this holistic risk environment through a risk profile analysis, represented through the risk wheel, that details an organization’s unique combination of threats, vulnerabilities, and informs them of the potential impact of adverse actions on their business. Then, with those findings, we develop tailored solutions for them to help mitigate those risks.
This holistic approach to risk management has recently also been recognized by the reputed global security industry body ASIS.

  • What are the current trends followed by the risk management companies?

The current trends can be seen in the increase in investments by enterprises to identify and mitigate risks to their business operations.
Each year Pinkerton conducts a survey and releases a report titled India Risk Survey (IRS), in collaboration with FICCI, which identifies and ranks risks that are affecting organizations conducting operations in India. The report findings this year concluded that ‘Information & Cyber Insecurity’ is the Number 1 risk. This is apparent in the increasing incidents of Cyber Attacks & fraud through phishing emails & other means using online platforms.

  • Briefly, tell us about the Managing Director of Pinkerton   

Rohit Karnatak, Managing Director at PINKERTON, has more than 19 years of experience in various domains in Operations, Client Relations and Sales, across industries. Rohit has been associated with Pinkerton for 5 years and has been vital in developing the Global Screening services across the APAC & EMEA region while at the same time providing strategic insight and contributing to Pinkerton’s traditional services including Investigations, Security Management, Protective and Response services.
He is connected to a vast network of people across the HR Domain and is well received within the HR fraternity for his focus on customer service & integrity by helping them mitigate risks related to hiring. Rohit is often covered by the media on his viewpoint for upcoming trends in the risk and background verification industry.

  • Kindly brief us about the unique tactics and solutions that are used at Pinkerton

Our focus on the below ensure our edge over competitors:

  • We are the trusted risk advisor for our clients. We have been providing security solutions, consulting and corporate risk management services for over 165 years.
  • Pinkerton has a Proven Track Record. We have been servicing a client base of 90% Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Our approach is about – Local Access & Global Reach. Pinkerton operates in 100+ Countries worldwide.
  • Our core philosophy relies on Single Point of Contact (SPOC). Make one call to your Pinkerton SPOC for all local and global needs.
  • Our Global Network of Resources helps us in making better decisions faster, with access to exclusive human intelligence information and analysis through our global footprint & intelligence network.
  • How do you work upon your long-term relationship with your clients?

As every organization is different, the risk management needs of any two firms are never the same. Here at Pinkerton, we provide our services in a holistic and connected way, to mitigate against the ever-changing risk landscape present in India.
Our core values of Integrity, Vigilance & Excellence, define who we are as an organization & guide us to deliver standardized services.
I personally believe that striving with honesty & integrity will always help retain your clients. Create an experience for the client so that they always know that you are just a phone call away. ‘We never sleep’ is a motto we take to heart.

  • Kindly brief us about the most satisfactory experience with a client. What kind of game-changing services have you provided them?

A fortune 500 company was recently shutting down one of its key operating plants in India. For similar cases that have happened in our country in the past, organizations have had to incur huge brand reputation loss, as well as, in an extreme scenario, see physical violence being inflicted upon the organization leadership on account of labor unrest.
Pinkerton was appointed as the security advisor to the said organization. We ensured that the entire business operations and employees were protected and the closing of operations was conducted smoothly. There was 24 x 7 physical protection provided; on-ground surveillance along with intelligence reports helped capture information real-time.
Social media monitoring was also provided to the organization so that both the brand and its people do not suffer any reputational losses.

  • What are the values and factors that you attribute your success to?

We attribute our success to our core values of Integrity, Vigilance & Excellence. We have evolved from a physical security organization to an organization that provides a holistic risk management approach. If one looks at the history of Pinkerton, we have always been the innovator in the industry, we have always developed things that have later become institutionalized in terms of best practices such as developing the mug shot, creating the first criminal database, inventing supply chain security, to name a few.
Just as the risk landscape is ever- changing, as an organization we are also constantly evolving, so that we remain as the trusted risk advisor for our clients.

  • What are the future advancements of Pinkerton and how well equipped are you?

We are not on horseback anymore. As mentioned above, we have evolved from a physical security organization to an organization that provides a holistic risk management approach.
Along with our history & rich experience in the risk management space, we are combining this strength with technology, so that we remain the trusted risk advisor that organizations can go to.

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