Oxygen Consulting Services: Assisting Smart, Effective and Sustainable Risk Management Solutions

Risk is a part and parcel of entrepreneurship. In the complexity of the modern business environment, there are more sources for risk and more threats than managers can easily envisage. Opportunities may well be outweighed by risk as recent crises across industries demonstrate. Risk management today has evolved into an important aspect of corporate strategy and should be in the repertoire of any good managing team. Oxygen Consulting Services assist businesses in putting in place risk registers and instruments suited to their activities as part of their overall strategy and operational framework.
Founded in 2007, Oxygen Consulting Services provides consulting and services primarily in Risk Management related to Information Security, Risk based Systems Audit, Business Continuity Management, IT Governance, Data Privacy, Cyber Security and Quality and serving customers in Banking, IT, BPO, Manufacturing, Government and many other entities. They provide training on Risk Management related topics and certification to form the essential skills for its client business.
Oxygen Consulting has a team of people who are certified CISA, CGEIT, CISM and many other certifications like ISO27001, ISO22301, ISO9001, CISSP etc. The companies risks consultants are part of international best practice organizations like ISACA, BCI, ISC2 and work with and subsidize to the profession globally.
The Fascinating Leader of Oxygen Consulting
Sanjiv Agarwala, CEO &MD at Oxygen Consulting,  has around 2 decades of Leadership, Business and Technical hands-on experience in areas like IT Governance, COBIT, Information Security, CyberSecurity and Business Continuity Management, Information security audits, VAPT, application security, ISO27001/ISMS, Data Privacy and Infosecurity Governance.
Sanjiv is a member and volunteer of many international best practices organization and has International Security certifications like CISA, CISM, CGEIT, MBCI, ISO27001, and CISSP and is also associated with professional bodies in Information Security and BCM. He is a volunteer with ISACA, USA and General Secretary, BCI Pune forum. He is an invited speaker on various topics related to Risk Management at Conferences and other professional forums.
Aiding Unique Solutions in Various Business Arenas
Risk Management services and solutions are usually treated as costs/liabilities to the organization and sometimes some industry industries have had a difficult time to perceive the benefits of proactive risk management. This is the greatest challenge to convince the management to spend adequately in this area.
They have professionals who are globally recognized, certified and have vast industry experience. Their team is very agile and flexible and can start working on the client requirement with little turnaround time. Top Management reviews the deliverables making sure that there are no lapses in Quality of deliverables.
Considering that Business is gaining overwhelming importance as more and more trends are embracing technology to meet its business needs, it is important to consciously take effective measures for various risks that may impact the business. Oxygen Consulting approaches the subject from the IT Governance standpoint wherein risk management is one of the key requirements for effective Governance.
If any organization needs support for designing and implementing the Business Continuity Management Program, the company provides consulting to support the program activities. It also provides consulting in other planning processes like disaster recovery plan and crisis management plan. They provide consultancy for BS25999/ISO22301 standard and other BCP framework based on client organization’s specific requirements.
Productively Satisfying Clients Needs
Oxygen Consulting offers in-depth solutions to numerous problems based on extensive and continuing research. Oxygen Research Lab (ORLAB) concentrates on Technology and Business Innovation, resulting in an end product that is highly reliable.
Some of the areas of research in ORLAB are:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing tools and techniques
  • Application Security
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Mobile Technology
  • Cloud Computing
  • Emerging technologies and Industry challenges in areas of data security and privacy

Oxygen Consulting has published technical whitepapers, presentations, and write-ups at various seminars and professional events. Some of these have been shared for the benefit of larger masses.
Future Expansions
A Proper understanding of client’s pain points, proactive cost-effective solutions and constant awareness and education on this topic are the prime concerns of Oxygen Consulting for increasing the future horizons.
Oxygen consulting is now working on to become one of the admired companies in the world by providing value-added consulting and other services. They are very passionate in what they do and strive to help businesses in getting the maximum out of their investment. Their new research is helping to improve/develop new ways of doing things and delivering value.
Oxygen Consulting strives to deliver quality professional service as per requirement and its commitment committed to delivering and they make in ensuring sure that it adheres to their integrity and do business honestly.
They respect the organization culture of its client wherever they reside. Each person involved in this journey will be respected irrespective of status, race or nationality. For future, Oxygen Consulting is learning from each and every engagement and every experience where that they come across and will research on new technologies, tools, techniques, methodologies to ensure learning and growth for all involved.
The company knows that the Risk Management is an elementary requirement of any organization and with time, the organization will comprehend the benefits of proper risk management and definitely this industry is going to improve in future. With the increase in the variety of risks, organizations are going to re-think on the risk management.

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Risk Management Solution Providers

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