PostBox Communications Unleashing the Power of Digital Media

With the engaging and competitive environment prevalent in the communication space in India, every organization needs to ensure their brand receives the maximum visibility and active customer involvement.
Considering the dynamic aspects of advertising and digitization of media, the Internet is an invaluable tool for customer engagement, sales revenues and public relations.
To execute an effective digital media plan, the success lies in getting more people to “talk” about the company/brand/business within the digital media space, interacting, resolving, and researching the target audience.
Although there may be several agencies and organizations promising brand growth, sales and visibility, one needs to choose wisely – after all, marketing can make or break a brand.
PostBox Communications(PBC) – a Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency, under the umbrella of RainCheck Networks Pvt Ltd is a renowned digital agency in the SME arena. Their expertise lies in advertising, marketing, app and web development, strategy, media (planning and buying), Campaign Management, Search (SEM and SEO), web design and creative, with specializations in interactive marketing related technologies advertising, social media (marketing, strategizing and management), designs and creative- web, graphics and marketing, print solutions.
Who They Are And What They Do
PostBox Communications, offers 360o digital, marketing, graphic, development (web/app), consultancy and advertising solutions laying its practice on principles of creativity, talent, creative direction, and excellence.
PBC is driven by its strong work ethic, transparency and dynamism in ensuring constant success with clients Leveraging on its expertise, innovation and experience, PBC delivers solutions associated with strategy, design, development and timely execution.
PostBox Communications truly believes that an integrated mix of mediums, budgets and content is required to build successful brands and companies. This solution works to create a user experience across various mediums like web, interactive, video, social media and print. PBC’s approach to brand communications is supported with a deep understanding of the client’s brand communication.
PostBox Communications empowers its clients online to give them an edge in the digital realm of Internet (websites/digital marketing and advertising) or Mobile (apps/games) with customized and integrated brand promotion.
Oracle behind PostBox Communications
An entrepreneur’s journey is one of great experiences and learnings. The whole experience is an amalgamation of events, opportunities, decisions, intuition and luck that defines a reality that is much more complex. Ashish Gandhi’s story is of one such experience.
Ashish Gandhi – Director (and Co-Founder) at PostBox Communications, is at a constant conflict with the conventional systems. Overlooking and strategizing on innovative ideas, creative ad campaigns, social media challenges and applications in web and gaming, Ashish is always “hands on”.
Through his 15 years of experience, Ashish has effectively headed verticals of marketing, operations, branding, solutions, training and IT. With Ashish, PostBox Communications has become an agency of repute defined by the passion and aggression to set the standards.
With a keen eye for detail and an OCD for perfection, Ashish spearheads a team of 40 who like him, are committed towards the digital media space. Guiding and growing with his team, Ashish has promoted an environment of learning, creativity and innovation.
Ashish is passionate about constructing idiosyncratic “Brand Cultures” for organizations to enhance brand value and visibility in the digital arena. His practicality, decisiveness and action-oriented approach has helped nurture high performing individuals with skill sets and challenges to help deliver better.
Ashish, who when not caught up with gaming, automotive racing and designing, enjoys brewing his own exotic coffees and experimenting with stellar dishes in culinary circles. Ashish has a profound passion for gaming, art, car accessory development and designing. At other times, the RainCheck Networks Pvt. Ltd. Co-Founder and Director is busy conceptualizing product and service innovations across sectors and brewing new Strategies for Digital growth.
Need Of The Hour
PostBox Communications has effectively understood the lack of professionalism within the media and advertising industry. Generating an audience interaction at affordable packages that are client- oriented, systematic and engaging, providing exposure across platforms is what business PBC operates with.
Although ‘likes’ or ‘hits’ have become a measurement standard on social media sites, it is important to drive an organic following that is of deeper value and potential in the future and PBC is keen on developing holistic solutions driven by this mission.
They Learned The Hard Way
It’s always the hard way! There’s no fun in having things easy – less learning, less exposure, less experiences.. always results in a slump and for many, fatality. There’s no easy money- there’s always hardships and always hard work that’s needed to go hand in hand, but that’s part and parcel of what every organization must go through, unless of course heavily funded from start.
For Raincheck Networks Pvt. Ltd. proper planning, strategizing and having a firm, rock-solid foundation is essential; only then can our clients be happy with the work and results we produce. We rather spend time concentrating on our clients’ growth over and above ours.
PostBox Communications started from scratch, and very proudly, from a 2 man army with zero funding, has grown fast without losses to a team of 40 in a 1300 sq. ft. well established office. Expansion is vital, but not at the cost of losses, debt and our own brand value. It is in the process of becoming an agency of 100 employees by the end of 2016, but slow and steady wins the race. It is also venturing into new ventures, platforms and branches of the digital and marketing world which should be in operations by 2017, by when it will become a team of 200 strong individuals.
Industry As They Foresee
Social Media Marketing and Advertising is reaching a saturation point. PBC foresees the typing and messaging trend to disappear with consumers moving to more video based conversation. It also predicts the “Next big thing” in communication to be mobile marketing and brand incorporated gaming, which has slowly trickled into the industry.

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