Moksha Media: Threading Together Your Versatile Efforts to Create an Enduring Brand

Digital media is continually evolving. With each and every digital platform that’s built, there’s an opportunity for marketers to share their message with a new audience. The marketers that refuse to evolve will find recurring challenges at every corner. The marketers that are agile and embrace these changes are the ones that will remain on top.
Moksha Media, with these competencies, works in the space of Digital Branding and helps organizations to grow and enrich their online presence. They work with the businesses to assist them reach their targeted customers with more accuracy and finesse. This they do, by creating a distinct identity for their customers which sets them apart from the competition, and creates an indelible image of their clients in people’s eyes. They help the clients realize their potential and undreamed possibilities by ensuring, they look at every single aspect of their digital presence.
Moksha offers three primary services in the areas of Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Brand Communications. They look at these aspects of Branding to help their clients in the ideation, planning and execution of their digital branding goals. Moksha works not just to create an online presence for a brand but ensures the client’s brand message has been communicated in the best possible way through the most applicable and latest digital mediums. Currently Moksha’s niche is Healthcare industry, and some of the best and biggest hospitals are their clients.
 Ethical Leadership at Moksha
Anu Veledandi. P., Owner of Moksha Media, forayed into the world of branding, post an MBA in Marketing and International Business in 2002. A highly-motivated individual, she then decided to explore her love for branding and digital marketing by launching her own company. Moksha Media was formally registered in 2007. From then, Anu’s work over the years has helped many organizations, particularly in the healthcare domain, establish a robust presence online.
Moksha Media is a leader in its own right for its advocated strategic digital marketing when few people took the online experience seriously, unaware of what was coming in the years ahead. And with the ushering of the Digital age, companies are now more enthusiastic about the online space and Moksha has helped many organizations create a unique identity for themselves in the digital media – web, social and mobile.
As someone who has been in the digital and branding space for years, Moksha knows the pulse of the industry and how it is constantly evolving. As the online space is dynamic, Moksha ensures that it keeps up with the pace of the media. Also, their team consists of individuals who are the best in their field of work and Moksha offer them the flexibility to work online from wherever they choose to.
Furthermore, when they work with a client, they are truly involved in their company and growth story. They believe in working with clients as partners. This changes the equation from being that of a client-vendor to one of trust and commitment. This helps them understand their needs better and thus consistently deliver better results than expected.
“One of the most important things we have learned during these years is to be confident about ourselves and our ability to achieve our dreams. If you don’t believe in yourself and your ideas, you really can’t expect others to! We also place tremendous value on integrity and being ethical in the way the business runs,” remarked Anu.
She added further, “And here I would also like to stress on the value Moksha places on its employees. We see ourselves as one large family and importance is placed on every individual’s ideas and opinions. Focusing on the welfare and growth of our employees is an intrinsic process and has helped us grow immensely over the years”.
Dedicated focus, unwillingness to compromise for anything but the best, on-time deliveries, transparency, a motivated partner; these are some of the benefits clients get from Moksha.
Moksha, Responsibly Futuristic
 Moksha Media is focused on taking their strengths to newer clientele and newer industry domains. Their aim is to ensure that they are the best in the business. Providing great service and ensuring customer satisfaction is the essence of team Moksha Media.
“Another notable aspect of Moksha Media is our focus on giving back to society. As responsible citizens we must serve in whatever way we can and hence Moksha using its proficiency in the digital space is working on creating a Geriatric portal for the elderly citizens. This portal will help them find assistance and advice in areas of health, legal work, financial advises, etc. The plan is to also create a Mobile App for their assistance especially in times of emergencies,” desists Anu.
Though Moksha’s current focus has been on Healthcare, they are hoping to expand to other industries with clients spread across the globe. Their focus, thus is on attracting new clientele, both start-ups as well as established companies.
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