Powerful Hacks for Overcoming Procrastination for Employees in an Industry

Every day we all hear a common phrase “I will do it later,” and this form of chronic procrastination of employees is the end result of numerous distractions around them like; social media obsession, prolonged chatting with fellow employees over trivial matters and so on.
Procrastination kills productivity, and results in actively putting off tasks which are really important over other activities that are rather enjoyable or more comfortable doing. Thus, negative consequences start creeping in when employees slowly get eaten away by procrastination.
Employees tend to put off task over and over and slowly it becomes a destructive habit. So, here are some of the powerful hacks to destroy procrastination and build interest in doing some constructive work.
Re-framing the to-do List
The technique of being able to cross out every task from one’s to-do list is to not fill it with too many tasks at a time. Limiting items in the to-do list won’t overwhelm, thus decreasing the temptation to procrastinate.
Identifying the Root Cause
It is important to recognize if someone is procrastinating, and even more significant to find out the root cause, so is to address the problem properly. Organised people tend to work seamlessly without many distractions, and their well organised to-do list is the reason behind it.
It is self contradicting to say if perfectionists are often chronic procrastinators, but research says yes they tend to be the same. They often influence themselves to ponder upon different methods of doing the task, and find out the best approach to proceed further. But usually it ends up with not doing the task, as they think they do not have the necessary skills to do it.
Even poor decision making skills often prove to be a hurdle in the path of success, If an employee is unable to decide what to do first and what to do next, and end up doing nothing at the end of the day. Then it’s high time to make strategies and start practicing wise decision making skills.
So, the amalgamation of self-organization, believing in oneself and practicing will not only help to find out the root cause, but also it would help to eradicate the same.

Sagar Bhattacharjee


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