Prakash K.V: Breaking the Grounds in the Fabric Care Industry

Every industry needs to evolve and struggle to meet the market demands and stay in the mainstream. Innovation drives industries further and commercial laundry is no exception. Enhancing smart laundry technology through efficiency and optimising the resources is biggest trend revolutionising in the commercial laundry services. We always look upto the annual turnover of a company to decide it’s success ratio. But we miss acknowledging the contribution of the leaders!
Here is an abstract that showcase a journey of one such professional who has been on the edge of various paradigms executing the responsibilities with diligence and persistence. The Managing Director of Vaskleen laundry Services Pvt Ltd(VLSPL), Prakash K.V is here to stay as an ideal example who has revolutionized the fabric care industry at a national level. Being a multi-linguistic proficient, Prakash K.V is an Alumnus of University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, with specialization in Aquaculture and Fisheries. Initiating his career as a trainee in corporate culture, he became a successful serial entrepreneur of first generation.
Through wax and wane, he culminated a successful career organizing the Aquaculture industry in India and overseas. His contribution and endeavour has listed VLSPL among the top 5 service providers, the only Gold Certified service provider under all segments, and the “best MSME” awardee. VLSPL is soon to get an ISO certification. Appreciation of the quality by the clients and timely rewards has made him a strong competitor. Being a visionary personality he has set a strong foundation so that no element of the business or department can derail or destabilize the pillars and platform of the organization.
Vashkleen Laundry Services: A commercial appearance
First of its kind in India, Vashkleen Laundry Services offers mechanized and premium laundry services employing scientific washing methods, to institutions in the hospitality, households, and, healthcare. The clientele comprises premium hospitals, hotels and, airlines. Equipped with world class infrastructure and machinery, VLSPL facilitates the life of garments processed by it. Employing 230 people, the commercial laundry operates all the 365 days. Energy efficiency, use of biodegradable chemicals and optimization in resource utilization with its technologies to conserve water through recycling and reuse have laid the cornerstones of Vaskleen Laundry Services.
How crucial is technology for Vashkleen laundry Services
Mr. Prakash elaborates that exploring IOT system adoption to have better system control and technology implementation in recycling the grey water has been of a great boost to the quality service in all segments. Technological advancement like IOT, customized washing machines, usage of biodegradable chemicals is paving way in the laundry industry. Blending digital infrastructure for smart tagging to optimize wash cycles has benefited the commercial laundry services. He says, though technology up-gradation has happened in all the departments of the laundry sector, customization of such technologies is necessary to suit Indian markets. As a result, new challenges emerge much more frequently than expected, but since he’s passionate about exploring challenges, he loves to tap new models.
Challenges: Never to respite
For Mr.Prakash, every aspect was a risk considering the domain challenges in Indian context. Constant top line growth without getting into negative bottom line was the key to overcome first mover drawback. Yet, financial and market instability is always a hurdle for every person aiming to form a strong business foundation. Selling family properties for developing VLSPL was challenging but sacrificing shorter gains for bigger dreams and taking risks as opportunity kept on making the foundation stronger and better.
His advice to the budding entrepreneurs
He feels that opportunities are plenty as India is a beginning market for the fabric care industry. Mr. Prakash explains that present scenario of the finance segment is ideal to take logical risks and expand the business without any geographical limitations. But avoiding duplication and repetition on research and surveys should always be taken into consideration as many have spent or wasted resources in the past for the same. For him laundry business needs visionary and proven platform to scale at national and international levels.
On a concluding note, he shares the vision and mission:

  • To be the most sought after brand in the respective service segments.
  • Organize the current unorganized arena through technical advancement.

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