Mr. Mohar V: The Unstoppable Tech Leader

Mr. Mohar | Co-founder & CEO | TECHVED
Mr. Mohar | Co-founder & CEO | TECHVED

With new technological advancements, consumer expectations are constantly changing with the way of doing business and reaching out to customers. Year after year digital transformation continues to reshape the world and simultaneously unveils plenty of opportunities. We living in the world of instant gratification where everything is expected within the snap of a finger. Thus, to fulfill the expectations it is important to have a more dynamic and flexible ecosystem in the organization that quickly learns, adapts and delivers technological improvements. One should embrace the discomfort, be agile, and proactive in delivering these technological advancements. In other words, to endure this, one should be a multitasker.
With such multitasking capabilities innately built, and the desire to lead from the front has made Mr. Mohar V, a leader and trailblazer in the tech industry.
In the following sections, we will have a look at the important leadership lessons and traits that can be gleaned from the experiences and enormous successes of Mr. Mohar. We will delve into the choices he made as a business mogul in order to better understand how his passion and dedication can be emulated by anyone looking to enhance their own leadership skills.
A Short Biography
Mr. Mohar is the Co-founder and CEO of TECHVED. His breakthrough came with his fascination in designs which he thought could bring a lot of difference to digital businesses and improve the lives of millions with cutting edge digital solutions. He has an experience of more than 20 years in digital strategy, UX/UI design, innovation, I.T. management including SAP ERP implementation, software development, databases and project management. As a young entrepreneur, Mr. Mohar discovered that he was keenly interested in professional acquaintances and transforming digital product experiences. This interest made a positive impact and his extremely hard work apparently made him a business evangelist, digital transformer, design thinker, and an inclusive leader.
Those who never stop at anything to make a positive change in peoples life keep him professionally and personally inspired. Spiritual masters and great business leaders like Shri Shri Ravishankar to Jack Welch, and Michael Dell motivate him to continue the strife. Mr. Mohar aims to make TECHVED the world’s leading and most trusted digital transformation consultancy by creating awesome and delightful experiences for the clients globally.
Motivating the budding entrepreneurs Mr. Mohar says,“Lead from the heart and soul– go above and beyond what is expected. Lead with courage and compassion.”
Walking the talk
The journey of TECHVED started in 2007 under Mr. Mohar’s leadership with a clear focus on UX/UI Services. Educating and making the clients and employees understand the benefits of UX/UI or the hype and branding the specialist services were some of the challenges. Yet his tireless endeavour made TECHVED accomplish it as a thought leader in the UX/UI industry.
Mr. Mohar’s consistent diligence has made TECHVED a globally acclaimed digital strategy and a design powerhouse. The human-centered designs that keep the clientele strong and the qualitative services offered by the firm marks its disticntion in the industry. Completing a decade and more in operations, TECHVED has served over 500 clients exceeding 11 domains. It has expanded over the years into different technologies such as AR/VR/IR, IoT, Chatbots, AI, and Web Accessibility.
His good leadership role has made TECHVED win many prestigious awards across Indian and Asian Forums. His company has been nominated for Business Excellence in Innovative Website Design by Times Research, Top 5 UX/UI companies in India by Silicon India, Digital Excellence Award by CDO Converge, Super Quality Crown Award by AIESAC Summit, and many more.
Expert Thinking
Mr. Mohar deems the company’s growth, expansion, and innovation globally a crucial aspect. He envisions to come up with services ahead of its time and the industry moving to an era where it will influence people’s lives even more significantly. He states,“Instead of interfaces being part of life, digitalization will become a part and parcel of everyday routine where TECHVED would continue to play a leadership role”.
According to him, India’s diversified financial sector is undergoing a rapid expansion both in terms of strong growth in existing financial services and new entities emerging in the market. Many sectors like commercial banks, insurance companies, non-banking financial companies, other smaller financial entities, etc have undergone these changes. Mr. Mohar feels blockchain technology, upgraded ATMs, mobile and digital banking, cloud computing, advances in robotics and AI are some fields in which these sectors must excel to stay at the top. He believes with technology as the driving force in the future, the finance industry will be able to redefine business sector to be more competitive and responsive to market needs.

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