Put your Dry Cleaning Business on Auto-Pilot!

Technology has become a Global revolution and is fast moving to inconceivable proportions where almost everything is determined to be automated. The dry cleaning industry has not tested the formula and dawdles when it comes to automation and technology, not empowering small businesses in thinking big. Turn-around time in dry cleaning business or the manual tagging or be it the whole business process of any acclaimed dry cleaning service has often left the customer disgruntled.
There has been a perpetual demand for setting up a process in dry cleaning business that is both process dependent and satisfies customers with the services offered. In dry cleaning business however, the processes are laborious and analogous to an extent that it generally irks the customer with the comprehensive experience and moreover, it is arduous. The system is not empowering. The industry requires to manouvre to a platform which is automated in terms of customer interaction, servicing and manages on-board customers and keep adding new ones. It also should eliminate all entry barriers for owner of the business. The answer is automated cloud based business management software to take the dry cleaning business to the next level.
With the evolving of industry process maps, it is viable and efficient to shift to cloud based POS.
The technology constitutes a plethora of benefits and can be accessed remotely on any device. This process makes it easier and the tech support better than ever. All the updates are made on cloud directly.
The benefits of moving to Cloud based POS are numerous:
Eliminating entry barriers and moving to digital
SMART is in, Manual is out! Access a world full of possibilities on the click of a button. Eliminating the need to learn > develop > implement > improvise and > implement again, Cloud POS software makes it easier for even a novice to take on the so-called elaborate processes of the industry with ease. Adopt the practices developed and followed by the existing champions of the industry.
Bar code enabled garment tagging and more
Nevermore lose another garment with garment tracking feature. This means you never have to deal with dissatisfied customers and financial loss due to compensations paid for the lost garments.
Efficient customer communication and delivery
Cloud based POS is set to revolutionize customer communication which in terms of dry cleaning is highly substantial. Maintain efficient communication with your customer through in-App notifications, text SMS and Emails. Offer your customers options to make online payments and offer a comprehensive experience.
Automatic accounting and business analytics
Purchase that heavy duty machine only if you need! Cloud based POS offers business analytics that help you in deciding your next move. With multiple analyses of data, Cloud based POS can considerably improve your business decision making process. It offers automatic accounting so, you don’t have to spend your late evening counting cash or calculating your daily earning. Everything is at the tap of a button!
Cloud based POS offered by Quick Dry Cleaning Software (QDC) came into existence 8 years ago with a clear intent of helping you manage your business in a competent and profitable course. Quick Dry cleaning is the brain child of Rachit Ahuja, a third generation dry cleaner and Vivek Saini, who are technically tuned in with the process of the industry. Their technology acumen combined with industry prowess has led them to develop a competent cloud based solution that not only caters to entry problems in the business but offers effective management in every vertical of business processes. QDC offers a comprehensive suite of software module that helps manage different aspects of dry cleaning business:

  1. Store Module: A cloud based software to manage store/ collection center operations.
  2. Workshop Module: A cloud based software to manage workshop/processing unit operations.
  3. Mobile POS: Mobile application for pick up boys for pick-up & drop.
  4. Customer App: A white labeled mobile app for customers to connect seamlessly with dry cleaner.
  5. Business Dashboard App- For remote management of business.

QDC operations are spread across 35 countries including Canada, Dubai, South Africa, Australia and many more. QDC’s ambition to help laundry business owners maintain a healthy work life balance was a communal effort.
With invariable industry specifics it has become critical to adapt to novel and transforming business ideas of which on-demand cloud based POS is one recourse. While the dry cleaning business has a multitude of opportunities to offer, it is also crumbling under person dependent business processes which can be transformed by adapting to such new initiatives to simply change the way dry cleaning is done. Cloud based POS offers you to make time for every other process than just maintaining tiring records. Weigh in these options and you will consider moving to cloud based POS because it is not just easy but tremendously effective!

By- Rachit Ahuja,

Founder & Director (Business Development)

Quick Dry Cleaning Software

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