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From phishing to malware, there are a number of ways hackers are breaking into our online data. And for entrepreneurs, not only is their personal data in danger, so is their businesses. Half of all cyber-attacks happen to small businesses. That’s why it’s important than ever to take extra steps to secure your online privacy and ward off any criminals. We can predict the dream of a Digital India where cyber security becomes an integral part of our National Security. A premier independent company AAA Technologies has taken the initiative to fulfill the dream of Prime Minister BY providing Accurate, Reliable and Innovative services to their clients at a reasonable cost and thus makes security affordable too.
AAA Technologies, an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 Certified Company is a leading sovereign company specializing in IS Audit, Information Security, Cyber Security and IT Governance for as long as 17 years. AAA Technologies is a CERT-IN and RBI impaneled auditing organization. The top team of their organization is professionals who are members of international bodies such as ISACA, ISC2, IEEE, ACFE, ICAI, CSI, CSA, etc. with person-year experiences ranging between 20 and 35 years individually. The mission of the company is to speed up the awareness of cyber security towards industry, organization and individual.
Creative Mind behind the Company
The erudite leader Anjay Agarwal, Chairman and Managing Director of AAA Technologies, is an imminent security maverick serving both the National and International security community since 20 years. He holds prestigious 25 certifications in several domains, from various countries with specialization in Information Security. He is the 55th person in the World to get COBIT Certified Assessor Designation.
Anjay was the 1st person from Asia to be the Chairman of Governmental and Regulatory Agencies Board (GRA Board) of ISACA, International. Currently, he has been associated with ISACA, International since 2002. Anjay was previously a co-opted member in Information Technology Committee for the year 2003-2004 and he was also the co-opted member in the WIRC department of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in the year 2002 and 2008. Anjay has been a Jury Member for the Maharashtra IT Awards conferred by the State of Maharashtra for several years. Till date, he has been involved with 10,000 assignments in Information Security Area.
Unique Services and Solutions can Eradicate the Cyber Threat
Many organizations implement best of their technology, but to be really effective, it has to be configured properly to meet the business needs of the organization. AAA Technologies provides the assured services to ensure that the cyber security solutions are secured, effective and meet the business objectives of the organizations.
AAA Technologies provides a whole range of independent services in the area of IS Audit, Information Security and Cyber Security, IT Assurance and IT Governance. Some of the services provided by the company are:
IS Audit – AAA Technologies covered Operating Systems Audit, Database Audit, Networking Audit, Firewall Audit, IDS Audit, Web Application Audit, Data Center Audit, ATM Audit, ERP Audit, Internet Banking Audit, Core Banking Audit, Performance Auditing,  Forensic Auditing, Application systems – Functional review, Compliance with IS policies and procedures and Data Migration Audit.
Information Security and Cyber Security
In this area the company providing is innovative services like Penetration Testing, Application systems – Security review, Review of IS Controls, BS 7799/ ISO 27001 Implementation, Formation of IS Security Policy, Compliance with IS policies and procedures.
IT Assurance –AAA Technologies gives one-stop solution for  Business Continuity Planning, Computer Crime Investigations, Training in Information Technology Compliance with IS policies and procedures.
IT Governance – The Company offers COBIT, ValIT, Balanced Scorecard, IT & Business Maturity Models.
Competition helps them to Upgrade their knowledge
Anjay acclaims, “All professionals in cyber security fields are my friends. The more we share knowledge, the more we would gain. Actually, we believe that sharing knowledge and spreading the awareness of cyber security is more important.”
Technologies Innovation Can Make the Better Future
AAA Technologies believes, change is part and parcel of life and people have to accept it. Changes come with some risk and challenges and challenges always come with shades of opportunity. Their experts contribute at both National and International level in the field of Cyber Security and are involved in future technology. A combination of all these helps them to adapt to the ever-changing technologies. Anjay added, “To secure the Cyber Assets of the Country is their only future aspect.”
Cyber Security Industry with Anjay
Now cyber security leaders accept that lot of opportunity in the area of cyber security is available in India. Actually, the Government Regulations and Ransom-ware attacks forced people to understand the importance of cyber threat and have greater awareness about it. Organizations are looking to safeguard themselves against Cyber Attacks. Hence, cyber security is not a trend it is a need of the hour for all organizations.
 Clients Benefit – Priority of the Company
Anjay expresses, “Clients are able to secure their Information Assets and have a Peaceful Sleep. They also come to know of the risk that they are facing, including their criticality which helps them to reduce or mitigate the risk at the earliest”.
Source :- The 10 Most Trusted Cyber Security Companies in 2017

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