Raghukul Constructions Pvt. Ltd: A Rising Brand in the Real Estate Horizon

Raghukul Constructions

Brief note on journey- Company, origin, inception, early challenges, success stories, major mile stones:
Myself  Dilip Raghunath Bharade  is   from an average  middle class family, after graduating in civil Engineering, joined a government service  where due  to  lack of job  satisfaction and lesser opportunities to grow, thought of doing something of my own.
While continuing job, I started undertaking some petty construction works but the joy of doing such works never lasted long due to various reasons mostly because I was eyeing for something different and bigger. Concept of doing anything new was difficult to digest to the parents for two reasons one is mindset & another is finance.
For any activity your mindset needs to be built accordingly. Since there was no financial support from family to be an entrepreneur, I started searching opportunities where a barter deal can be struck. Mean while my friends who have just entered in the real estate sector, helped me a lot in building a moral and mindset suitable to venture an activity of my own.
After a little wait but rigorous efforts , I got barter deal in which the land owner agreed to assign me development rights in lieu of handing over him two constructed flats. Since no monetary transaction involved, it was a great opportunity to launch my first project named “Saptak”. For getting the building plan sanctioned, I could manage to get a personal loan of Rs.5000/- from a local cooperative bank which helped me starting Raghukul Constructions in the year 1989 in my mother’s name Nalini Bharade. Commencing a real estate venture with a capital of Rs.5000/- is an impossible task but with strong will power, determination and tremendous hardwork, it made  me possible.
After completion of first project well in time, got another one and since then there is a consistency in projects launching and completion.  Later family, family members joined the activity to form a partnership firm. I must mention the support from family, friends and colleagues who helped a lot and all of them have taken and treated my work as priority.
Fortunately by virtue of sincerity, hard work and quality consciousness, Raghukul Constructions slowly entered into home seekers’ heart and carved a niche for itself.
Later on 2010, Raghukul Constructions Pvt.Ltd was incorporated under Companies Act.
Brief about Founder of company:
Dilip Bharade who is a civil engineer is the founder /key person and Director of the company, who has sound knowledge, experience, planning and techno managerial skills. Under his leadership and hardwork with strong and dedicated technical team, Raghukul has completed more than ten lakh square feet of R.C.C.construction . Shri. Dilip Bharade is associated with CREDAI and also has excellence in interpretation of DCR and always keen in offering vital inputs to local bodies where ever necessary. He personally looks after the planning and budgeting of new projects, sales and keeps close eye on quality and timely completion. Soft natured and well mannered, Mr. Bharade  gets into personal bonds with the flat buyers to the extent that the relationship continues for future.
Mrs Maithili Dilip Bharade is another Director of the company.
Shri. Sandeep Shelgaonkar , also a civil engineer, is the C.E.O. of the company. He is associated since early days and looks after project management, execution, quality of construction, purchases and labour management. He possesses extra ordinary skills in situation handling with ease and temperament.
Exclusive Services offered by company that distinguishes from competitors:
There are many more aspects that make Raghukul a distinguished destination………
In view of the real assessment of the work done, The most important and unique aspect here at Raghukul is, the projects are never advertised, neither a hoarding nor a display is posted anywhere to the extent that no boards are put at project sites. The genuine buyers do approach, get their dream of a residential apartment fulfilled with lot of ease and confidence and in turn become our brand ambassadors. Even after devoid of publicity, no flats remain unsold and the inventory at the completion is very few.
The exclusivity of Raghukul lies in fair transactions, full transparency with humanity, quality & timely completion of project. We believe that the house is built once in life time and therefore we offer entire freedom to our buyers as regards choice of their specifications and interiors. We strongly value the life time investment of a buyer and always see to it that his satisfaction is our top most priority.  Buyer friendly and suitable payment terms add Raghukul to the choice of the apartment buyers. A qualitative post sales service , quick redressal of teathing troubles in the building and formation of managing association while handing over possession make living pleasant and homely. With completion some Redevelopment projects, Raghukul has earned name and confidence in the segment of redevelopment as well.
Some of our  recent projects are  Shree Mohini Raj comprised of  luxurious  flats of 4200 sft & 3500sft ,  Krushna Kunj had a combination of  2900 sft & 1700 sft flats, Samarpan comprised of 2200 & 1900 sft, and  Smruti  has 3000sft  &  1900sft flats etc. All these buildings are luxurious and are located in heart of the city.
Silver Estate, Silver Glory, Heights and Meadows all have two and three  bed room flats  in the vicinity of airport.
The Vision and Mission of the Company:
The vision of the company is to the continue and  double the volume of activity and turnover in coming year  and the mission is to provide services to the home seekers to their entire and utmost satisfaction without making compromises at any level. We also intend to enter the affordable segment of housing with the same commitment of quality and timely completion. A sustained and promising growth is the salient feature at Raghukul.
At Raghukul, a team of spirited personalities having full faith in thoughts, actions, creations and completion, work constantly day in and day out.
Sincere, hard working and down to earth, our group with sound knowledge bank and updated technical knowhow, is committed to deliver. Having completed over a ten lakh sq.ft. of quality construction with fair transaction and timely completion, Raghukul is a brand in itself in the Real Estate horizon of the City of Nagpur.
Humanity is the key word for Raghukul and  have a  faith that Landmark, legends and legacy are created by hard work, pursuance and perseverance with true and fervent sense of submission to ever supportive ALMIGHTY!!!
Kindly introduce us to the current projects you are working on:
We are working on three projects presently, one is Amrit Kalash at Bhagwaghar layout Dharampeth Nagpur, comprising of three bed room residential apartments of approx. 1500 sft. The project is nearing completion.
Second one is Amrit Sarita at 92 Shivaji nagar Nagpur with a combination of three bed & four bed room apartments, Three bedroom flat are appox 1700sft & four bed are 2600 sft. super built up area.
Third is Kanchan Geet at 57 ,Park Road, Shivaji nagar,which has 32 ,  four bed room flats of 2135 sft constructed in a tower of 17 storied high rise building. The projects having area of approximately two lakh square feet are also in pipe line.
There are a few redevelopment projects are also under proposal stage.
All these projects are luxurious and with A class specifications mostly in heart of the city and are  mend for luxurious living  with locational advantages. All   projects are RERA registered.
How the real Estate Industry has evolved in Maharashtra in last ten years?
The real estate market has evolved excellently in last decade. The concept of apartment planning and quality has gone  substantially up and the high end and elite  class who use to live in independent bunglows, now prefer to move in flats because of  luxuries offered, Security , sharing of common expenses and amenities available. Over the years, it is observed that the prosperity is getting at all levels in the society to the extent that the single bed room flat owners  are looking forward to go for a double bed room, the double bed room flat owners are  going for three bed room flats and the owners of three bed room flats are opting for the bigger and luxurious one. The quality of construction has improved a lot and over all one may conclude that there is increased awareness is observed amongst builders & buyers as well.
The govt. has introduced recent reforms and policies like RERA. How do you see the impact of these reforms in the real estate industry in the state?
We at Raghukul were use to follow the system like the RERA since long for ourselves which has now mandated by govt in more explicit manner. The reforms in real estate sector are good adaptable and may help industry to grow. At present there is an era of transition, however in the long run the provisions of RERA & other reforms are helpful to buyer & developers as well. Every market has a cycle accordingly,  reality market is sluggish now a days, but with certain changes is GST rates & structure we may envisage a growth in the  reality sector which would be  realistic but  would certainly good for end users. As such the activity may turn out to be turn over based, rather than holding & waiting for appreciation. Very soon the industry may witness boost in affordable and luxurious sector, hence reforms may turn out to be Win-win for all.
How technology and innovations has has helped real estate industry to transform from the earlier years?
The technology and innovation always help increase work, workmanship & culture. R.M.C. HAS MADE CONCRETING VERY EASY & less cumbersome.  The digitalization has made planning, accounting, submissions and approvals fast and easy. Mobile & internet accessibility help communicating field engineers, their office counter parts at fingertips. The mobile cameras & what’s app have made trouble shooting very easy and pin pointed. It has increased over all efficiency and effectiveness of the men, material & machinery.  The geotechnical investigations, testing of concrete and other construction materials and its  results  enable the designers also to provide more sustainable and safe designs .
What kind of future advancements you expect in the real estate industry and how well equipped are you to face that change ?
With affordable housing projects, Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana may offer boost to reality industry  which may necessitate adopting prestressed, post tensioned/stressed and precast construction practices in near future. The never ever focus on housing by govt. is bound to open up new opportunities for the players in the industry who are work focused and quality conscious.
We, at  Raghukul are the technocrats at core and  are always open to adopt all advancements with due care , analysis and diligence. We have our team of technical and analytical engineers who seldom look technology as a tool of progress and are always keen to adopt the same, once it is proved worthy.
How are you moving forward or contributing to keep environment clean?
As regards keeping environment clean, we prefer to go for less dusty, less smoky and less noisy construction practices. The concept of solar power and rain water harvesting are also widely implemented at our project sites though the construction of green building has not been adopted as a whole but our endeavor to provide green cover, energy efficient lighting and water conserving  appliances is perpetually on.
What is your take on “green buildings” and “smart cities”?
As I said concept of green building and its construction is really good but to follow the same in apartment building is arduous due to plot sizes, its orientation and commercial viability in city areas. In large townships the green buildings can be constructed which may result energy efficient and environment friendly living spaces. The smart cities are taken up with an initiative  to provide a digital , techno savvy, service efficient and environment friendly living conditions, is most appreciable project which may change the concept of city and city living in years to come.

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