Sandhya Group: Illuminating the Chemical Industry of India

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The Indian Chemical industry has been the mainstays in contributing to the GDP of the country along with being a major employment source. The knowledge-rich and capital intensive chemical industry play a key role in driving India’s agricultural and industrial development and with latest reforms, initiatives, and increased investments, this growth is phenomenal. As per experts, this is the most viable time for the industries to thrive and expand as the Indian economy is growing at a massive speed. Following the current trajectory, India promises to be a strong contender to control the world market in the coming times.
As one of the premier Industrial states, Gujarat is a well-known hub of the Indian Chemical industry, contributing to over 50% of its production.  Termed as the ‘Petro Capital’ of India, it has been the leading state in terms of attracting investment for the industry. It contributes significantly to the country’s Petrochemicals production (62 %), chemicals production (51 %) and pharmaceuticals production (35 %). Its business-friendly policies have made it the first choice for investors.
The Inception Story
This story encapsulates the inspirational journey of “Sandhya Group of Companies” that was conceptualized in the year 1984 with a vision of serving Phosphorous Based Speciality Chemicals and Agrochemicals. Having an even mix of young minds along with the experienced professionals in the management team, it assists the entity to respond to the ever-changing market trends and demands in the agrochemicals & speciality chemical industry.
It has a strong product portfolio, strong brand presence, and a wide distribution network has helped Sandhya Group to explore the untouched domestic and international territories and increase its prominence in new markets. Apart from having four-state-of-the-art manufacturing units spread across Gujarat, it has marketing offices and warehouses at strategic industrial locations that empower the company to be prompt to the customers and be a dominant player in the industry.
Headquartered in Mumbai, the journey initially commenced with four members and was very challenging, however with grit and tremendous efforts from all quarters, today Sandhya Group stands as a family of 600+ professional. The group has amassed experience of more than two decades offering a wide range of products – phosphorous based Industrial Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, and Agrochemicals. Over the years, with a significant investment towards building quality infrastructure has ensured that lifeline moves rapidly towards becoming Sandhya Group as a manufacturing conglomerate across the country.
An Inspirational Leader with Relentless Determination
Mr. Kantilal Koli is a far-sighted visionary who believes in hard work and dedication. Right from the inception, he was on a mission to play a dominant role in the chemical industry and to move past his peers in the industry.
As the Chairman and Managing Director of Sandhya Group of Companies, he has steered the group to attain new heights of success. Creating a stringent foundation by adding his knowledge, experience, and relationship and further adding a layer of hard work helped him to develop a deep insight into his responsibilities.
Mr. Koli walked the extra mile to understand the core concepts, technologies, market strategies, and customer’s requirement that eventually opened the flood gates of success in the latter years. His aggressive and competitive nature compelled him to pursue success and determined to evolve as a leader rather than a boss, Mr. Koli has always insisted on making a meaningful impact to the business and society.
Exclusive Products & Services that Makes the Difference
Over the last 34 years, Sandhya Group has made a measurable impact as a passionate advocate for all the products under its flagship. Having a state of art manufacturing plants with large storage capacity it has matured over the years in terms of quality and quantity and in manufacturing of Phosphorous Trichloride (PCl3). Following the system-oriented process and embracing industry-best practices in its operation has allowed the Group to be the preferred choice for its client all cross globe. It uses sophisticated testing equipment for analysis, complaint handling mechanism, CAPA, a team of R&D to develop new products as per customer’s requirement.  Meeting with the Regulatory Compliance as per customer needs is a mandatory process that has always been implemented in Sandhya Group. Below are few of the regulatory compliances followed by the group:

  • Gujarat Pollution Control  Board  
  • Goods and Service Tax [ GST ]
  • Bureau of Indian Standard
  • Central Insecticide Board
  • Employee Provident fund
  • Employee State Insurance Corporation &
  • Factory License

Impact of Technology in Today’s Changing Business Environment
The advent of technology and innovation has brought a sea-change and being a part of the tech-drive is a necessity, rather than just an option for today’s business. As industries are in a constant state of change, the chemical industry is one of the top industries that are prone to changes and mergers. Many companies are thoughtful about how to quickly integrate acquisitions to release promised synergies and onboard new revenue sources, how to reduce complexity? Streamline workflows across the entire global value chain; how to resist commoditization by embedding themselves more intimately within customers’ innovation and operations cycles; how to rapidly enter, differentiate, and win in new markets.
The new-age technologies are bridging the gaps and are providing innovative solutions that are helping the chemical industry to be progressive. The digitalization of the business has already made a huge impact and yet carries the potential to simplify countless hurdles. Specifically, the Internet is itself the biggest boon to the industry as it enables professionals to reach out for the best. ERP solutions like SAP has been the most favored application for the chemical industry has it optimizes and collates data from every unit and maintains an online repository that reduces manual effort to a great extent.
Core Elements That Defines Success
Aligning to the old school of principles, Sandhya group has taken the hard road to success. It has always adhered to key elements that have resulted in having prosperity and success in the business. Embracing values like superior performance, integrity, entrepreneurship, respect, customer-orientation, and co-working, the entity is expanding its horizon at a rapid pace. Along with key values, the vision and mission of the group are listed below:
Defining the Vision-

  • Sandhya will strive for customer delight by continuous innovation and integrity of purpose in all actions.
  • We shall be committed to achieving consistent growth driven by superior performance, empowerment, and speed of action.
  • To remain an independent company and operate as one global team.
  • We visualize Sandhya Group as a company that pursues its corporate goals related to manufacturing & marketing of world-class products at much competitive price with timely delivery.
  • We can only achieve our goals through excellent and constant communication, creativity and setting clear objectives at every level.
  • We will continue to be an ethical and responsible company.
  • We shall work together as a team in an open and learning environment.

Defining the Mission-

  • Grow a diversified global business
  • Deliver more products of value
  • Simplify the operating model
  • Sandhya will reach out to its customers through business associates, supported by quality extension services.

CSR and the Road Ahead
Giving back to the society is a priority as well as a responsibility for the business houses and Sandhya Group is committed to playing a matured role in this regard. With a focus on education and women empowerment, over the time it has numerous activities and programmes covered under CSR initiatives.

  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Construction to avoid major accidents and loss of life
  • Building Computer lab in Govt School
  • Free Eye Camp
  • Distributing Artificial Leg for handicapped
  • Distribution of Bicycle to the needful
  • Free Scholarship
  • Free Distribution of Books and Computers to Govt School children
  • Heath marathon for all ages.

The Group carries an optimistic outlook for the future. Along with the current products and services, it is going to launch 120 agro formulation products by the end of this year or by the first quarter of 2020. The Group is also working on agro intermediates which will be launch in the year 2020.

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